Chapter 238: Offspring

“Seriously Alice, how much more ‘mana’ do I need to ‘channel’ into you? We’ve been having tantric sex for like, three days now and you look like you’re literally gonna explode… You’re in labor, so I don’t really understand why you ‘need’ to keep sucking my dick. Besides, I can’t figure out how fucking beat this goddamn, infuriating, shitty-ass puzzle-game! Ugh, anyway, I’m starting to get worried about the prospect of this extra-dimensional space collapsing and imprisoning our souls in a hell of nothingness or some such nonsense…” The Nephilim was kneeling beside the beautiful, bronze-skinned elven woman’s head; her long and curly crimson hair was splayed out behind her back. In the man’s hands was a foot wide and eight-inch tall, magical computer tablet.

Alice had her mouth full, so she could only telepathically ‘Whisper’ “Hehe~, are you already getting bored of me Mike? I know that you like my ‘normal’ appearance better, but my tongue technique is way more ‘refined’ than it was before… Ah~, I love the way your semen tastes~.”

Michael sighed, complaining “I’m pretty sure you’re just a cum-guzzling sperm-addict and if my Arcane aura didn’t get you high, you definitely wouldn’t be so desperate to give me blowjobs. Actually, even if I fuck you in the ass, you’ll still get stoned. I’m kinda surprised that you can even be affected, considering how powerful your ‘Dragon Blood’ Passive is…”

She giggled, suddenly glancing down at her pulsating belly and telling him “Oh wow, I think they’re coming out now. Also, it’s because your Aura is so much more powerful than mine; if I don’t drink your semen directly from your penis, it doesn’t really do anything for me. Who knows, maybe it has to do with love? Hahaha~ ow, ugh, this is almost as painful as when I used to lay gigantic crystalline eggs every month…”

“Wait what? No never-mind, you can tell me all about your weird dragon-girl biology later; for now, I should probably help you ‘deliver’ these little brats.” He swiftly put the tablet into his inventory and crawled over, kneeling between her widely-spread legs.

It wasn’t long before the first infant was pushed out, being gently removed and held by the Nephilim’s ‘Telekinesis’. Michael gazed down at the bronze-skinned baby, who wasn’t crying and still hadn’t opened its eyes. From the waist down was a long and thick serpentine tail, but the upper-body was elven; it had long pointed ears, short black hair, and crimson irises.

However, rather than worrying about whether it’s a boy or girl, his immediate concern was a bit more profound. He frowned, staring at the smirk on Alice’s bright-red lips and placing the seemingly dead ‘Lamia’ onto the pure-white ground.

After sighing dramatically, he telekinetically removed all the blue slime from his child’s body and dealt with the second baby. Both of them had very similar appearances, though their faces weren’t identical.

There was a total of eight infantile Lamia, but none of them were breathing and even as the afterbirth was removed from Alice’s womb, she still didn’t say anything. Michael telekinetically forced their hearts to start beating; even their lungs began taking in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide.

It wasn’t difficult to jumpstart their healthy bodies and cause them the be ‘alive’. His aura had completely penetrated their skin, bones, muscles, and brains; they opened their crimson, serpentine eyes and gazed back at him indifferently.

In a few moments, the Earth Fairy appeared as if she had never gotten pregnant, nor given birth. She sat next to the Nephilim and patted him on the back, asking “Did you really wanna be a father that badly? It’s better off this way… Now let me harvest their organs, okay?”

Michael groaned, muttering “You wanted them to be born in this place… because it’s separated from the world, right? They’re so adorable, but they give me the same feeling as that golem over there: soulless. Hmmm, they’re even worse though, because they have no programming, nothing keeping them alive, aside from me. If I don’t impose my will onto them, their organs will shut down and their bodies would definitely start decomposing eventually.”

Alice complained “I’m sorry, okay? I don’t really get what the big deal is anyway… They’re just ingredients, so stop trying to make me feel bad about this. Ugh, fine, look, I only need seven mana-cores, alright? Are you happy now? You can keep the ‘extra’ to play with or whatever the hell you plan on doing to it.”

The solemn man abruptly began smiling and then started laughing hysterically, shaking his head and saying “You’re such a fucking terribad mother! But I’m even worse! Hahaha~, oh god, we definitely can’t tell the others about this though! Ugh, it’s not like I wanna be a father… Besides, they aren’t really alive. Well, after all that ‘work’, it’d be annoying if we didn’t even get to keep one. Hmmm, ‘Identify’ them for me and we’ll pick the ‘best’… Wait a second, how the fuck?”

Of the eight, a single infant suddenly started crying loudly and broke free of his ‘gentle’ control. Noticing that, the Earth Fairy swiftly shoved the other seven into a single bag-slot, breathing out a sigh of relief. She snickered, “Congratulations, hehe~… Anyway, what did you wanna name ‘her’?”

As he picked the bronze-skinned and scaled baby Lamia up, into his relatively huge arms, Michael smiled. The newborn girl instinctively used her tiny fangs to bite down onto his left nipple, but the amazing thing, was that she was actually able to penetrate his basic fifteen-points of Defense Rating.

Rather than milk, the little critter was contently drinking down his mana-rich, crimson blood. However, he barely even felt any pain as he whispered “Aren’t you an adorable little vampire-elf-snake-girl? Hmmm~, how about ‘Rachael’? She was a character in a few stories I wrote…” The moment he ‘named’ their child, Alice used ‘Identification’ and revealed her rather impressive stats.

[Target Information

Name: Rachael
Level: 0
Experience: 0/1
Age: Infant
Race: Lamia Fairy
Rank: None
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Unemployed]

Health: 10/10
Mana: 10/10
Stamina: 5/5
Mana Regen per minute: 10
Health Regen per hour: 10

Strength: 4
Vitality: 1
Endurance: 1
Dexterity: 1
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 2
Wisdom: 1
Perception: 1
Charisma: 3

Willpower: 7
Luck: 7
Aura: 3

Attack Power: 20
Defense Rating: .5]

Elemental Attunement Level 1: Able to train 10% faster in Fire, Wind, Earth and Water Affinities.

Dragon Blood Level 1: Organs, bones, tissues and even entire limbs can be completely restored, through Health Regeneration. Immunity from all diseases, curses, poisons, and toxins within 5 levels of your current level. Negates 5% of environmental damage. Reduces magical damage taken by 5%.

Arcane Affinity Level 1: Increases mana and health regeneration dramatically, inside of Dungeons and Raids by 10%.

Vampiric Thirst Level 1: Drinking the blood or milk directly from a humanoid’s body, will cause the Aura stat to slowly increase. Stamina, Health and Mana can also be drained from the target.]

“This little baby is actually stronger than I was when I first came to this world… Holy shit! She isn’t even level one and doesn’t have a fucking mana-core! Wait, is that the reason why she didn’t turn into a soulless golem? Hmmm, well, whatever… now what the hell should we do? We could probably stay here for a few more days and take care of Rachael, or we could continue with the plan of going to separate BGs. As long as I pick an easy one, I should be able to keep her from getting hurt. In the worst case scenario, I could shove her into a bag-slot hahaha~; I don’t really wanna do that if I don’t have to though.” Michael gently caressed the tiny Lamia, that was literally laying in the palm of his left hand. Her serpentine tail was wrapped around a few of his fingers and she didn’t stop suckling his bleeding teat.

Alice was smiling wryly, as she squeezed her own right breast, reaching down with her long and narrow tongue; she slowly lapped up the tangy orange liquid that leaked from her bright-red nipple. The Nephilim snickered, using his ‘free’ arm to hug the dejected Fairy against his chest. Both of them sat next to each-other like that for a few minutes, before she whispered “You know that we aren’t going to be able to take her with us, right? I’m not talking about the Battleground… but-”

“Yeah, I know… That’s kinda why I wanted to spend a bit more time with her; though, it might be better if I don’t. Welp, I’ve ejaculated at least a hundred times in the past seventy-two hours, so I’m honestly not in the mood for a goodbye-blowjob; I’ll see you later. Love ya, adios~!” Michael casually kissed the gorgeous woman’s ruby-red lips and vanished from the Arcane Sanctuary.

She giggled, as her tiny frame began growing at an extremely rapid pace; within moments, she was a three-meter tall, orange-scaled, bronze-eyed and blue-maned dragon-girl. Alice muttered “He always forgets to wear his gear…” as a fiery robe, bronze gauntlets and golden shackles materialized onto her body. Then she chose a Battleground and disappeared.

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  1. Okay, I am confused. Alice said they can’t take Raphael with them, right? So what happened to her? Did they just leave her with the Vendor? Or did Mike take her to the Battleground?

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  2. Rather than scheduling a chapter for an hour later, I just decided to post it now lol. Also, if you’re wondering why Michael and Alice weren’t too upset about seven out of eight of their children being born without souls… Well, first of all, neither of them are human; Alice was basically impregnated and gave birth to octuplet snake-girl babies within 3 days. Most ‘humans’ don’t even realize they’re pregnant until a few weeks after conception at least. Usually, people have roughly 8-9 months to form an emotional bond with a fetus that hasn’t even been born yet.

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