Chapter 239: The Duel for The Dwarven Republic

The conflict between The New Goblin Empire and The Dwarven Republic had been stagnant for a while, but both sides were merely gathering their forces and preparing for the eventual escalation. However, early in the morning on the day that the Battleground System finally came back online, the Empress herself had decided to make her move.

That rank-SS ogress was so powerful that only the Supreme Commander of the Dwarven Republic could contend against her. On a completely empty field of dried dirt, the two of them were ‘calmly’ facing each-other.

Empress Lorelei, was a four-meter tall, extremely muscular, dark-green skinned woman. She had a huge, spiky mohawk, which was hot-pink and those two long, pointed ears were covered in magical silver earrings. There were small white humanoid skulls dangling from her earlobes, and a necklace made from crystalline bones rested upon her giant perky breasts.

An enormous, pitch-black cape was draped around her shoulders and constantly whipped around behind her back. The ogress’ ‘chest’ armor, was a thin, black brassiere, leaving her rippling abdominal muscles completely exposed. Covering her lower-half were some loose and baggy, purposefully ripped-up blue-jeans. She had her lips, septum, both sides of her thin eyebrows, belly-button, and many other ‘more sensitive’ places pierced; there was also extravagant golden, silver, obsidian, diamond, ruby and all kinds of other jewels adorning the various accessories all over her body.

Even though it was typically only possible to ‘equip’ a single ring on each hand, once the items were more than fifty levels lower than the wearer, the ‘System’ wouldn’t stop the person anymore. Thus, it was fairly common for extremely high level NPCs to collect Legendaries and gain a significant boost in overall stats.

Lorelei’s boots were black, with golden soles, and her weapon was an enormous, six-meter long, bright-pink siegeblade. It was in the shape of a nine-ring single-edged broadsword, and even with her absurdly high Strength, she could only lift it using both of her hands.

Across from the Empress was a fourteen-foot tall suit of thick mithril armor. It’s relatively small head had a single crystalline camera-lense at the center, then a thin tubular, flexible neck, ran down into the bulky torso. There were four long and slender metallic arms, outfitted with wrist guards that could transform into short-ranged plasma-cannons.

The thick legs had dozens of rockets built into the back of them, and the metallic feet had wheels on the bottoms. Behind the shoulders were two gigantic rail-guns, which were both aimed at the distant ogress’ head. Although, the assault rifle in its hands wasn’t pointed at her, but being held in a neutral position.

A deep voice was emitted from below the robotic creature’s ‘eye’: “Lori… why are you so stubborn? The continent is vast, so why are you so hell-bent on stealing our tiny chunk of it for yourself? It’s not like your people would even be able to use our technology… Even if you couldn’t fight against that damn dragon, it’s not as if Wormwood gives a shit about your old territory. Why don’t you just go and take it back? There’s no point in fighting against us!”

Lorelei smirked, her bright-green eyes were intensely glaring at that metallic monster. After a few moments passed, she spoke in a surprisingly soft and high-pitched tone: “You sure are a hypocritical bastard, Connor… or maybe I should call you ‘Father’? I know, three-hundred years is a pretty long time to hold a grudge, but there are just some things that are a little hard to forgive. I believe the reason you abandoned me back then was because I was a mutant, right? I suppose it could have been that you didn’t want people to know about how you fucked your own mother and had a ‘hideous’ Ogre-baby, hahaha~! Mama-Granny is dead by the way, in case you were wondering… She was hunted down and killed by the previous piece of shit, Hobgoblin Emperor’s soldiers, but I guess you probably don’t give a fuck about that, huh? I don’t really understand how you’re still considered a ‘Dwarf’ anymore though…”

Supreme Commander Alexander asked “Is this really just about revenge? If so, then why are you involving all of our people in this? Why did you wait all this time? It doesn’t make any sense to me, unless… Did one of the Goddesses order you to start this war?”

She snickered, shaking her head and replying “To be completely honest, no; Mama actually made me promise to not blame you for what happened back then… but things change. If I really wanted to wipe out The Dwarven Republic, I could have done it fifty-years ago; back when I executed the old rulers of the Goblin Empire. After all, they were ultimately responsible for her death, not you. Hehehe~, of course, to deal with them, I needed help from a ‘friend’ and ‘Her’ compensation was for me to kill you. She was pretty damn specific about ‘when’ I would need to do it as well. However, she never said anything about destroying The Dwarven Republic.”

The fourteen-foot tall, mithril-plated robot sighed dramatically, telling her “Then I suppose this can only end with your death… goodbye Lori.” Both railguns fired at the same time, releasing extraordinarily loud explosive noises, along with two jets of superheated plasma.

Those forty-millimeter cannons, each launched a burst of three depleted Uranium bullets, which traveled at a speed of three kilometers per second. Obviously, since they weren’t that far apart, the attack arrived so quickly that there was no possible way for that Ogress to dodge.

Of course, that didn’t mean that she was unable to deflect the projectiles using a bit of Expert Earth Manipulation. After that, his lower-half turned around backwards and the rockets behind his legs ignited, sending his body soaring away from her at mach-two.

Both railguns were firing bursts every few seconds, while his assault rifle was constantly unloading hundreds of magical, explosive bullets, toward the violently charging woman. He was a ‘Master Marksman’, while she was a ‘Blademaster’, and each of them were exactly level one-hundred. Thus, if they entered into close-combat, Lorelei would almost certainly win, while the farther they were from each-other, the harder it would be for her to survive.

With that gargantuan nine-ringed broadsword almost dragging across the ground, the Ogress sprinted forward so quickly that she could almost catch up with her enemy. There were massive explosions erupting behind her as those deflected projectiles crashed into the dirt, rocks and even the walls.

Each step that she took, caused the entire ‘Killing Field’ to rumble and fissures appeared on the brightly glowing, crystalline ceiling. Unfortunately, there were far too many bullets flying towards her, and occasionally, her focus would drop; a huge chunk of flesh was torn off of her left shoulder, then the right flank, but upon making contact with one of her ears, a barrier appeared.

That depleted uranium round was instantly disintegrated and transformed into pure Earth mana, which she absorbed and converted into health-regeneration. Those gaping wounds vanished and her HP was restored to full within seconds.

The moment that she had finally caught up to Alexander, an enormous silver hand erupted from the ground and abruptly clamped down onto her legs. There wasn’t much damage, but since she was immobilized, her father finally used his trump card.

He murmured “I’m sorry Lori, but I can’t allow you to continue living any longer…” The gigantic doors slowly opened behind him, just enough for his body to fit through, and then they swiftly slammed shut.

Lorelei screamed “You fucking bastard!” as hundreds of nuclear bombs detonated throughout that whole massive enclosed space. They were spread out between the center of the ceiling and the floor, but even though she was near the edge, it was still impossible for her to survive under ‘normal’ circumstances.

In an instant, she freed herself from that giant hand’s grasp, then she attempted to use Advanced ‘Earth Step’ to teleport far away. However, the electromagnetic mana-pulse, completely dispersed her own aura. She roared hysterically, while charging towards that colossal door, slashing it open with her gargantuan siegeblade, and inadvertently causing the majority of the blast-wave to be focused on that singular weak-point.

Thus, the force of one-hundred gigatons, converged and fired towards the horrified Supreme Commander. As it melted his metallic form down into a liquid mithril, the Empress was even more severely incinerated.

Yet, before her charred and mostly destroyed body could be obliterated, a figure suddenly appeared within the inferno. It was covered in crimson plate-mail and had four enormous bright-blue, flaming wings behind his back. That Dwarven man started hugging her tightly and vanished within less than a second.

The stream of molten mithril also disappeared, before those seven rank-SS mana-cores could be damaged. Thus, the fairly short battle between the two World Bosses had come to an inconclusive end.

At that same moment that those nuclear explosions shook the entire Dwarven Republic, seven beams of light, fell from the ceilings of seven different ‘Killing Fields’. There was an angelic Oracle of Lux, an insane cat-girl Gunslinger, a tiny angry Death-Elf Necromancer, an enormous Seven-Tailed Fox, a beautiful and ruthless High-Elven Huntress, a huge dragoness Elementalist and a naked Nephilim Guardian, who was breast-feeding a baby Lamia.

51 thoughts on “Chapter 239: The Duel for The Dwarven Republic

  1. Thanks for the chapter, but i think like Mike in this point: God, I hate the time.travelling shit xD
    It´s kust so unnerving and confusing not to even slightly know what the hell is going on..
    I even stopped reading Mushoku Tensei because of that D:


  2. i wonder just how big a bomb yield they would need to actually hurt arcana if someone was stupid enough to try 😮

    my guess is about 100 exatons nuke (An exaton is 1000 petatons. A petaton is 1000 teratons. A teraton is 1000 gigatons. A gigaton is 1000 megatons.)

    For reference that is about how big of a yield one would need to destroy earth with one bomb

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      • thats……a lot of math…..and i would need to find out how much mass every planetoid in said universe had to do it…..not to mention factor in distance from the bomb…. by the way i did the math on how big an explosion it would need to be to make sure the planet could not be reformed naturally later on XD

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      • 1,000,000 mana-points is equivalent to 1 copper coin. The mana contained in 1 gold coin is 10 billion mana points lol. If you can quantify the amount of force or energy that can be created by using 10 mana to cast a fireball, you could probably figure something out?


      • difference is mana is akin to air, so previous bomb estimations for the planet are accurate only way the estimations would be off is if the mana effects the fission/explosion and or if it naturally strengthens the planet among other things.

        after all im sure if you erased the planet mana that is intangible would just disperse/scatter into the void of space no?

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      • Mana is more like Matter and Energy… It saturates and empowers Matter and Energy… Also, the physics within Arcana’s universe are designated by Arcana herself. She is the universe, and yet beyond the universe… To destroy Arcana within Arcana’s universe would be impossible, unless she allowed herself to be destroyed lol.


      • not necessarily true judging by the content you already released yourself she does fear beings getting too strong, even an elephant will die if too many ants attack it 😮 then again she can easily wipe things out or make them explode and whatnot most likely the only real risk she faces is if her daughters team up to attack her which will most likely fail anyway….. eh i digress….. maybe mike will get meta enough one day……meh…..

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      • Well, I can’t really explain it right now, cause it’d be a major spoiler lol. Let’s just say, Arcana is super OP, but power is relative :P. Within Arcana’s universe, she is practically omnipotent, but that doesn’t mean that outside of her universe, she’s an almighty deity lol.


  3. Screw it, I’m done. I read it, I understood what just happened, but I still don’t know what the fuck just happened, as usual. This story makes me question many things, but mostly makes me question if anything I just read made sense half the time…


  4. Are Magical Robot Golems considered Science Fiction? Also, I might post chapter 240 in like, 12 hours, if I can manage to write two chapters between now and then? lol

    I didn’t tag MC and his Companions in this chapter, because they’re literally only talked about in the very last paragraph rofl.

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