Chapter 33: The World Is Uncensored

Elina yelled “Of course I wasn’t! How can you so causally touch-yourself like that in-front of a Priestess of Light?!” as her face started turning red from anger, more-so than embarrassment.

Michael snickered and said “Oh come on; how can an innocent Priestess so casually piss and shit in-front of a man she’s only known for a day? Sigh, fine, I’ll just wait till you’re asleep. Anyway, so basically, the Goddesses summoned loads of Human Players into this world back in the day. Somewhere along the line, they ended up creating a bunch of different races because of the whole evolution thing, and then they all eventually quit. They probably all got tired of dying, or watching all their loved-ones disappearing. Well, either that, or the Goddesses just got bored with it all, and decided to take away their immortality.”

She sighed and told him “Yes, that’s essentially what happened. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to get some rest; it’s been a long day, and I’m sure you’re more interested in staring at my body, than actually listening to anything I say…” as she started walking towards the riverbank. Then she turned around and handed him the bar of soap that she had been using, while winking at him.

As she walked away, he muttered “Hmmm, friendship with the perverted cat-girl Priestess seems to have increased somehow? It’d be nice if it was like a game, where relationships could be quantified like that… or not, maybe that part is better kept ‘realistic,’ huh?”

While she was trying pick-out a spot to lay down on, while casting an ‘Illumination’ spell to dry her body off, Michael approached behind her and said “Here, there’s no point in taking a bath if you’re just gonna lay down in the dirt afterwards.” In his only hand appeared a huge ‘Sabertooth Cougar’ pelt, which was completely clean and in pristine condition.

Elina just stared at it blankly for a while, before he told her “Seriously, I only have one fucking arm; are you gonna take it or what?” as he handed the folded-up fur to her.

Then she asked “Is this the only one? I really don’t think it’s a good idea for the two of us to sleep on the same pelt… especially when you’re like that.”

Michael snickered and replied “Sorry, but I wasn’t trying to sleep with you.” as he made a level-six ‘Bengal Tiger’ pelt appear in his hand.

Witnessing that, the curious cat-girl said “When did you have time to skin and tan that? What the… It say’s that it was created five seconds ago! Is this another one of your divine gifts?”

He sighed and explained “Kinda, it’s just a crafting system; I can instantly transform the full body of an animal or magical-beast, into a pristine pelt. Hehe, even if they were missing their head before that, it’s somehow reformed in the process. Anyway, you’re an Enchanter, right? How does that normally work?”

The Priestess bent over and began carefully placing her cougar-fur down, then as she took the tiger pelt from him, she said “Well, it isn’t particularly difficult. One way is free, but takes a long time, and the other is really expensive, but also takes forever.” After placing down the second ‘bed,’ right next to the first one, she continued “Enchanting an item is basically just channeling excessive amounts of mana into it, while concentrating on the specific properties that you want to endow.”

As her silken, white-robe suddenly covered her body, she smiled and told him “In order to make sure that this magnificent divine artifact never becomes soiled, I imbued it with ‘Eternal Cleanliness.’ It was a level-two enchantment, which required me to meditate almost nonstop, for a whole week. The total amount of mana was at least four-hundred thousand.”

Michael immediately shouted “Holy shit!” before asking “How the fuck is your Willpower so damn low then?”

At that question she bit her lip nervously, and turned her face away from him, while admitting “Okay, it would have taken me a week, but I kept getting distracted by… some things, and so I ended up needing a whole month. It was a difficult time in my life, and I really don’t want to talk about it.” After sitting down onto the cougar-pelt, she continued “Anyway, the second method is a lot less work, but much more costly.”

Once he laid down onto the tiger-fur, she stared intently at a certain part of his body that was still standing-up, and asked “Isn’t that uncomfortable? Actually, why aren’t you embarrassed? Did the people in your world normally walk around naked all the time, and casually touch-themselves in-front of each-other?”

He snickered and said “Nah, well, sometimes? I don’t know, I’ve seen all kinds of crazy, disgusting and fucked-up shit happen on the internet… but in reality, not really. It’s funny but, there was a time when I seriously considered getting a job on a cam-site. Hmmm, it’s mostly just masturbating in-front of an audience, and they pay you for doing it. To be completely honest, I used to be embarrassed about my body when I had acne… That’s about it though; why should I be ashamed of myself now? I’m in the best shape of my life, my skin is clear, my dick looks normal…”

However, Elina interjected “No, I’ve definitely never seen one that looks like that before. Ah, I mean, what, no, um, as an adventurer I’ve obviously been in situations where-”

Michael started laughing hysterically and told her “Calm down, I’m not gonna judge you. It’s cute how you think I actually care about your history of voyeurism.” Then asked “Anyway, do you mean that circumcision doesn’t exist in this world, or are Cat-Tribe penises really tiny and covered in spines?”

She giggled and shook her head back and forth, then she laid down on her side and said “No, they’re just usually covered in skin around the end. I’m not saying that yours looks bad, but it’s just different… Ah, before I forget; the second method of Enchanting, requires mana-cores. Since my affinity is Light, I can only create those kinds of enchantments. If I had a Darkness-type mana-core though, it would be possible to create a cloak that would allow the user to hide in the shadows. The problem is that you still have to channel your own mana through the bead, and into the item.”

Then she closed her eyes and muttered “I’m going to sleep now… Goodnight Michael, and thank you for saving me.” Her curly black hair was mostly covering her freckled face, as she used the giant cougar-head as a pillow.

The one-armed man smiled warmly, and whispered “Oyasumi nasai, little nekomimi.” while staring up at the relatively thick canopy and then utilizing his wisp-form to fully examine Elina’s body. He did notice something odd though; compared to earlier in the day, she had definitely become skinnier.

It was the result of doubling her endurance, but a lot of the excess fat on her belly, hips and thighs had thinned down. Michael muttered “Her muscles are a bit more defined too… Actually, I’m the same way. Before coming into this world, my abs had never been this tight. My arms haven’t gotten any bigger though. Well, whatever, I wish I could let the worm-girl out, but she’d probably wander off into the jungle and die. Sigh, there’s just something about that slimy red skin and ridiculously small stature that really turns me on… Hmmm, I only have three Companion-slots left, but I wonder what I should fill them with? Ugh, it would be so cliche if I ended up having a harem of beautiful women… I should probably just focus on magical-beasts.”

As he was contemplating his uncertain future, and masturbating to the Priestess who was pretending to be asleep, great upheaval was taking place all over the planet. No one understood why, but after slumbering quietly for eons, ‘World Bosses’ of every elemental-affinity began awakening.

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 33: The World Is Uncensored

  1. Ah well he did say he was bored. So it makes sense for the goddesses to just reactivate the whole world. Though I wonder if they jsut let the humans who came to their world leave or if they stripped the immortality. Here’s hoping he can keep that. Its fun. Or just get so strong he makes his own anti death skill.

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  2. Porn is banned in my country ;-;
    I used to watch some gay sex in my home country but when i came back to the country where i live in every porn site is blocked ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-;

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    • Go to a different country? lol A world without porn is disgusting, cause people would try to fulfill their fucked up fantasies in reality, rather than just masturbating like a sane person lol. Also, people are less likely to have sex in general, which reduces the spread of stds.


  3. Why does the appendix he had removed come back every time he dies but the foreskin he had circumcised not? Or does he just circumcise himself off-camera each time? That seems very painful…

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    • Lmfao, I know right? I think I even had him ask ‘himself’ that, back when it happened the first time lol. Probably because the scar tissue on his dick is so old that there’s no saved data related to it. The appendix actually serves a purpose though(making him suffer lol)


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