Chapter 33: A Simple Decision

“Michael, what do you think about this world? How do you feel about Earth… your ‘homeland’?” A beautiful elven woman, with obsidian skin and eyes like literal stars, was standing before the naked Nephilim.

He glanced around at the thousands of holographic screens that surrounded them on all sides. Displayed upon those monitors were videos of real-time events that were happening at that moment, in various ‘corners’ of the planet.

“Disgusting… pointless? It has its moments, but I definitely like Arcana much better… Life is always like a game, because games mimic reality; yet, my old reality was horrible and the majority of humanity had it a lot worse than I did, hehe~. Well, I’m sure you already knew how I felt though, right Kana~?” There was a devious smirk on Michael’s face, as he watched a man being beheaded. It seemed as if he felt absolutely nothing when watching that scene, though when he glanced over a little bit, he clenched his fists and grit his teeth.

The Goddess giggled, asking “I have never been able to understand people with such little willpower… Shall I ‘save’ her?”

It was a video of a woman with dark-brown skin, being violently beaten, while trying to protect a partially-naked teenage girl from a group of relatively large men. Michael seethed, complaining “Humans are fucking idiots… It’s just the way they were created. There really is no way to ‘save’ them, because even if you took them out of… What is that, like, Kenya? Whatever, the point is that, they’ve already been indoctrinated to be ‘sheep’. Weak minded creatures that allow themselves to be used and abused by their shepherds… Without someone to lead them, they won’t even know what to do with themselves. If they really wanted to, the two of them could easily kill those other four. Aside from that, there’s that useless piece of shit in the back, cowering and crying like a bitch; he may be physically frail, but he has a knife hidden behind his back. He’ll probably slit his daughter’s throat to prevent her from being ‘dishonored’, rather than trying to fight.”

Arcana grinned, whispering “You understand them surprisingly well… You are correct though, that is the course of events that would transpire assuming that no outside influences were to intervene. Hmmm, I have always preferred females…” Suddenly, the furious girl couldn’t stand to watch her mother suffer any longer, so she stood up and attempted to fight back against that group of skinny men.

She felt as if there was an intense energy burning inside of her chest and abdomen. Gathering that power into her right fist, she punched outwards and a fiery explosion erupted from in front of her knuckles.

There was a huge directed blast, which not only incinerated the four men, but also lit the hut behind them on fire. However, it was at that moment, when her father gathered up his ‘courage’, ran over and slit his own daughter’s throat. The light drained from her eyes, and immediately following that, the old man stabbed his wife in the heart, before breaking down into tears again.

Michael started laughing hysterically, pointing and yelling “See! Even with goddamn superpowers, she still died in the end!”

“W-where am I? What is this place?” A bright-red ball of fire was floating in front of the Nephilim. She wasn’t actually speaking at all, so he obviously ‘heard’ her telepathic message as English.

He snickered, explaining “You died, dumbass. That was a nice punch, but kinda pointless. Well, if it makes ya feel better, I’ve died like thirty times so far.”

“A-are you ‘God’? I’m sorry… I’m so sorry for killing those men! I-I just wanted them to stop hurting my mother!” The wisp was crying and begging for forgiveness, but the naked man was actually laughing at her.

Finally, he explained “My name’s Mike, that sexy lady over there is probably the closest thing to a deity that you’ll ever meet.”

Arcana giggled softly, murmuring “For now, you should join your mother’s soul… I hope that the two of you choose to visit ‘me’ later.” as the spirit vanished from the mysterious white room.

Michael sighed, muttering “There’s too many different and horrible things happening at the same time… I honestly prefer your ‘structure’ and ‘rules’ to this reality. Once upon a time, there were probably some sort of god-like beings who roamed the Earth and ‘guided’ humans. Unfortunately, even those assholes had plenty of fucking problems… In the end, they’re most likely still lurking around, doing shit behind the scenes and forcing people to fight invisible wars without even realizing it.”

The Goddess’ eyelids were slightly squinted, as she quietly asked “Do you truly feel no desire to preserve this world… to protect it from me? Only ‘you’ have the power required to prevent me from devouring this universe after all.”

All of those atrocious scenes of hellish torment and vulgarity, were abruptly replaced by loving families, infants being born, children playing with kittens and puppies. There were also plenty of wildlife, natural landscapes and even bustling cities like New York, Tokyo, and London.

However, even watching all of that, Michael just shrugged, casually replying “Kana, when I’m this hungry, all I can see is ‘food’…”

A savage grin appeared on her obsidian lips, while her ferocious pure-white teeth were exposed. Arcana growled “Then I suppose it is time for me to start ‘planting’ the ‘seeds’ on a much larger scale!”


As Michael opened his brown eyes, he muttered “That was a really weird dream…” He could feel sharp pains running up and down his legs, along with his chest and back.

Surprisingly though, the first thing that caught his attention was the smell of fresh garlic, basil, and oregano being cooked with actual tomatoes. After lifting the black and white, checkered blanket, he realized that he was laying on a small bed that was unfamiliar, in a room that he didn’t recognize.

He was wearing a huge red and blue, flannel shirt that was buttoned up and slightly itchy. There were black boxers, but they were a size too large and barely fit. However, there were metal splints along the sides of his calves, wrapped with a decent amount of gauze.

The ceiling fan was emitting a low hum and spinning slowly, as he murmured “Grey walls, why not just go with white? Meh, whatever, I’m surprised I could even sleep with so much light in the goddamn room…” There were several large windows along the wall to his right and he could easily see the partially cloudy sky, though the sun seemed to be directly above the house.

As he concentrated on ‘listening’ to the various noises and sounds inside and outside of the building, he heard a deep, raspy voice bellow “Linda, ya know we can’t keep em here no more! We can barely fend fer ourselves, so how duh hell we gonna take care-uh an invalid?!”

“Daddy, we can’t just throw em out! He’ll die!” A woman or girl was yelling in response, but he couldn’t tell exactly how old she was.

Her ‘father’ sighed loudly, sternly saying “Fine, you can keep em… fer now. But ya ought not ferget are deal: If he ain’t done wake up by Friday, I’m jus gonna take em ta duh clinic, er dat der sheriff’s station.”

Michael could hear people talking outside, as well as various power tools and machinery running. He whispered “Sounds like they’re doing construction outside… Hmmm~, that accent could be anywhere from Georgia to Maryland, maybe even Texas.”

At that moment, a familiar cell phone materialized in his right hand and he yelled “Holy shitballs!” Before quickly calming down and realizing “Wait a fucking second, was all that weird-ass nonsense with the monsters, underwater flying saucer and pseudo-beastiality masturbation actually real?”

Within a few seconds, he managed to connect to wifi and access; the first thing he did was check Facenovel. He immediately saw a video that someone posted of the President giving a speech: “There, is no reason, to be alarmed… The situation in, uh, um, Baltimore, has been contained. The real issue, the uh, problem, that we are truly facing… is gun violence. These sick people, can just go into a gun store, and buy assault rifles. That’s why I, am issuing an executive order, uh, for all those hicks and rednecks, to hand in their guns to the United Nations.”

Michael snickered, pausing the video and scrolling down to see a meme of an old man, with the quotation “The reason these people are killing each other has nothing to do with religion or politics, the real problem is ‘Climate Change’.”

Then there was a comment, which said “Peace in the Middle-East.” but it was actually a slide-show of several hundred formerly prosperous cities, that were reduced to nuclear wastelands.

He sighed, “Damn, well, I’m honestly not surprised at all. At least Israel didn’t go down without a fight? Europe, China, India and the entire continent of Africa seem to be totally infested with a wide variety of mutants, monsters and zombie-like things. Well, there are quite a few places that look like they’re still doing okay, but that probably won’t last. It’s not even a matter of human population and there’s no way they can possible cure so many different pathogens and other weird magical diseases at the same time. Although, it doesn’t seem like everything is pure insanity. I mean, the president of Russia turned into a giant golden bear and mauled the supreme cuntbag of North Korea to death, but that was bound to happen eventually.”

It wasn’t until then that he finally noticed something rather important: “What the fucking twatsauce?! How the hell is it already January?! Actually, now that I think about it… What month was it when the apocalypse started?”

After looking it up on ‘Noogle’, he shouted “That’s what I thought! Shit, have I been a coma all this time?! Wait, Sarah! Hey, are you there?! More importantly, are you even ‘real’?!”


20 thoughts on “Chapter 33: A Simple Decision

  1. “At least Israel didn’t go down without a fight?”
    Man, I aint no patriot ok? But fuck, if we go down without a fight, the rest of the world is long doomed .____.
    We are a bunch of tough retarded mofos, can’t deny that shit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I mean, in the story, basically the whole world is fucked the moment that the MC arrives but… Well, it’s better to die on your feet, than live on your knees or something like that? lol


      • Well, for a half-assed living moto i’d say, yes xD
        Regardless to that though, I do think that living without fighting for what you “deserve” is just plain ‘wrong’/’boring’ or whatever way you wanna call it, basically the law of the jungle, in order to ‘survive’ and have a ‘meaningful’ and non generically boring as fuck life, you need to kick literal and metaphorical asses.
        Otherwise, it seriously is just plain boring… I think my real life moto would be “everything is relative”, since ‘fighting’ to ‘survive’ is a very, very relativd subject, which i truly believe in.
        Oh and the story? So far, purrfect, didn’t disappoint for a second 🙂 wish I had writing skills like that .-. Maybe one day…

        Liked by 1 person

      • When I actually get around to turning Hardcore OP-ness and Hardcore Legacies into books, they’ll be two separate series. I mean, it’s hard to say whether HCOP or Hardcore Legacies comes ‘first’ and they’re definitely intricately connected, but there are some pretty huge differences in the story-telling imo. Like, enough so that they would be considered two different stories.


  2. I’m assuming that very obvious Matrix reference is not just my imagination? I mean an overpowered protagonist meeting the creator in a room covered in screens showing different events on Earth and being presented with stopping the destruction of the world or to let it happen for someone/thing/place they love? Can’t be a coincidence.

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    • Yeah… sure, it’s a reference lol… I actually didn’t even make the connection until I read this comment, but yeah, you can consider it a reference roflmao.


  3. It’s very hard to portray someone’s angst and nihilism, without sounding like yet another moody teenager who thinks he’s oh-so-clever. Honestly, I don’t think Micheal’s rant really worked out well. I skipped over it.

    That being said, Obama’s gun-control stuttered-speech and Putin turning into a bear…clap clap clap.


  4. I feel like I know exactly what’s happening, but my brain refuses to process the request to understand Book 2 most of the time. I’m in denial of understanding what the hell is going on in Book 2, this is a fact now. Almost in as much Denial as Michael himself.

    In other words, I know what I read, but I seriously don’t know what I just read.

    Thanks for the chapter~

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