Chapter 32: The Other Way Out

Michael ignored the horrible pain surging through his arm, leg and neck, as he quickly pulled the M4 off of his back. He didn’t have time to aim, so he fired a three-round burst from the hip, shredding apart the closest man’s face.

“For fuck’s sake! There should be some kinda rule where crazy fatass monsters have to wear clothing! Especially if they’re dudes! I can tolerate a lot when it comes to women, and-or anything that has a vagina, but if a dick is attached, then they should either look like elven ladyboys, sexy futanari, or be really goddamn buff!” His second grouping destroyed a huge man’s groin, which was surprisingly effective against the ghoulish vampire.

Sarah screamed “Shit, there’s a bunch of em comin up behind ya! Stop use-in that gun en just equip my sword!” in his mind, as she took control over his body again. She rolled across the ‘ground’, touching the M4 with both hands and making it vanish into nothingness. Then she did the same for the two belts and the pistols that were holstered on his sides; as for the combat knife, she just casually threw it into a tall and fat man’s throat.

“Oi, seriously Bitch, I’ve got no idea what the hell you just did, but don’t just throw away loot!” Michael complained, but she completely ignored him, while maintaining her hold over the man wearing nothing but a blood-soaked, ripped up white t-shirt and gore-covered black boxers.

‘His’ left iris turned bright-blue and the sclera became purple, as the veins all over his face, neck, arms and legs turned pitch-black. A two-foot long obsidian wakizashi appeared in his right hand, while he stood up and kicked off of the ground.

However, unlike what Sarah expected, the heavy body merely lifted a meter off of the ceiling before falling back down. Michael yelled “Okay, you have no idea how to use me, so stop it! Don’t worry, I don’t need your help killing these cunts!”

Those eyes returned to their ‘normal’ brown and white, as he winced from the pain in his ankle. Then he swiped the blade across a fat man’s neck, causing the head to flip up in the air, while he dodged the falling corpse. After that, he swiftly slashed across another one’s face, cutting through the bone with ease.

There was a stinging sensation on his left calf, so he quickly glanced down at the dozens of green vipers that were biting his legs. At the same time, there were also around ten bony, naked, vampire women who were crawling on their claw-like hands and feet, across the walls behind him.

Michael shouted “Gun! Gun please~! Sarah you bitch, give me a goddamn pistol at least! You made them disappear, so make em come back!”

“Don’t be such a pussy! Ugh, fine~, here, but I don’t really think it’s gonna be that helpful in this kinda situation…” One of the silver AMTs materialized in his outstretched left hand, and he immediately started shooting; his aim wasn’t towards the group of fat men, or the practically skeletal girls, but at the gargantuan zombified panda. That creature already had several knife wounds in its face, but it was still lumbering towards him at a steady pace.

“Fuck my life~, what the hell is happening!?” An ominous and deep creaking noise emanated from all around him, as if the metal was being bent or torn apart.


“Admiral, we need to abandon ship!” A beautiful woman, with large breasts, blonde hair, crimson eyes and black-frame glasses was sitting in front of a gigantic man. There were a few dozen others who were buckled down into their seats, with control panels in front of them.

Joseph grimaced, ordering “Fine, initiate the self-destruction sequence and separate the command hub…” Atlantis was five-hundred meters underwater when the glass biodome shattered; after ‘The Garden of Eden’ was totally flooded, the disk was uncontrollably flipped upside-down.

There was a lot of turbulence, as the twenty-meter wide metallic ball detached itself from the ‘bottom’ of that enormous ship. The sphere quickly began floating upwards to the surface, while the colossal saucer started cracking apart in some areas and wobbling as it sank.

Inside of the command hub, Admiral Cain frowned deeply, as he growled “Thirty years of my life… wasted, because that fucking piece of human garbage showed up! Damn it! The Shadow Council aren’t going to be happy about this… but then again, with the way things are going, heh-heh~, I won’t have to worry about them for very much longer. Oh well! Captain Mckenzie, set a course to ‘Aurora Station’!”

Hearing his order, the beautiful vampire smirked, murmuring “Yes, Sir…”


While the relatively tiny ‘command hub’ was speeding off to the north, Michael was still trapped in the rapidly sinking submersible super-ship, with a seemingly endless horde of starving monsters. He ran along the wall for a few seconds, then it reached the point where he was simply falling, and after kneeing a two-headed tiger in the chest, he smacked against the floor.

His left arm was broken beyond recognition and he had long since lost his AMT pistol in the mouth of a panda. The swelling in his calves and mangled ankles was so severe that he felt as if his legs were bloody balloons, which could pop at any moment.

There was suddenly a loud explosion to his left, sending shrapnel flying through his chest. Then a torrent of water sprayed inside, flooding the ground and washing him down the hallway.

Even with the ship being crushed and torn apart, there were still plenty of undead monstrosities that were trying to devour his severely wounded body. Michael roared “Sarah! Why the fuck would you make these things?! What possible purpose could they serve for you!?”

She screamed “I thought it was good idea at the time! Sides, it’s your fault for being so motherfucking weak! Ow~! Shitty dicks!” A pipe fell from the ceiling and impaled his chest, momentarily stopping his random tumbling through the corridors; however, he quickly used his impossibly sharp obsidian wakizashi to cut himself free.

There was so much blood spewing from his chest, neck, legs, arms and abdomen that he had to wonder “How the fuck is this even possible?!” It wasn’t long until the entire ship was completely flooded and the area around him was like a huge ever-expanding cloud of crimson liquid.

“Mike, I’ve got a really bad feelin! Teleport! Go! Now, you bastard! Grah~! Fine, I’ll just do it myself!” His eyes opened wide, as they transformed back into Sarah’s ‘normal’ purple and blue. Then the gaping wounds on his body instantly froze-over, sealing themselves automatically.

After that, he seemed like he lost at least fifty-pounds of muscle, sacrificing his ‘meat’ in order to generate enough mana to literally defy the laws of reality. He vanished once, ‘Shadow Stepping’ slightly above the giant broken sinking saucer-ship.

However, the ‘danger’ she was sensing still didn’t go away, so she unhesitantly ‘cast’ the spell again. Unfortunately, his legs weren’t included in the teleport, leaving Michael’s body severely crippled again.

His magical t-shirt and boxers, along with the ‘Legendary’ weapon had turned into tattoos, leaving him completely naked and unarmed. Sarah lost control and those eyes returned to their original, dark-brown luster, before slowly closing.

As he helplessly floated upwards, there was a blindingly bright radiance coming from an entire kilometer below him. It only took a few seconds for the soundwave to pass through him, causing his eardrums to rupture, lungs to explode, stomach to burst and breaking all of the bones that were still intact.

Then there was the rush of superheated gas, which caused Michael’s lifeless upper-body to fly up out of the water, into the stormy night sky. Strangely enough, it was at that very moment that a series of lightning bolts struck his back, face and chest.

A moment passed and he was falling again, but it was daytime and there was no storm. However, that naked, muscular, relatively hairy human wasn’t missing any limbs; in fact, he was completely healed.

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    • Hmmm, maybe some kinda ad? Ads are usually ‘targeted’ to the person watching them… so like, you might be getting an ad that other people aren’t, so it’s hard to find out if that’s the problem or not. Idk, if more people had the same problem, I might be able to figure out what was causing it, but you’re the first person to mention it. Also, I’m terrible at that kinda stuff, so I might not be able to figure out how to fix the problem regardless lol.


  2. Power-up?… I have no idea what launched him upwards so damn fast and didn’t disintegrate his body, but he seems to have gotten a good… 10%? Of his powers back if the lightning was his equipment, at least he has that back, right?

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