Chapter 133: Gratitude Is Relative

“Oh wow, that actually worked! Hahahaha~, well, I guess I didn’t really have ta cut your hands off then… Oi, stop glaring at me like that, and shut that noisy brat up!” Michael was apparently the only person who could see any semblance of humor in such a terrible situation.

The Grand Matriarch whispered “Javier, don’t cry, okay, look, everything’s fine now…” and the child seemed to calm down a bit.

Then Talia asked “What about the others? Rodriguez and Angelos, the two who were next to me, did you manage to save them as well? There were also at least fifty other people being held captive in the treasury, did you happen to rescue-”
Michael interjected “Nope, they died, but I did grab their souls… How the fuck would I know that there were more of em?! Ya should’ve just told me in the beginning, ‘I’ll be back soon.’ Damn it, ugh, there’s nothing I can do about the other ones, cause I didn’t even know that they were there. If I had known, I would have at least been able to slaughter them all and shove their souls into new bodies later… but, well, they’re probably dead by now. I mean, that bitch seemed really, really~, pissed off, heh-heh~.”

He thought it was slightly odd that the Huntress and High-Priest didn’t seem too emotional about the whole ordeal. However, when he considered their ages, it was likely that they had both experienced the loss of friends and family many times before then.

In fact, the only person that Felicia seemed to care about was her son, and once she could hold him in her arms, she seemed to ‘cheer-up’ a lot. Michael sighed dramatically, and asked “Okay~, does anyone else know a better way to remove these magical shackles? Cause, I’m just gonna cut the bitch’s hands off if there isn’t one…”

Andre quickly yelled “Wait! Stop, that’s completely unnecessary!” as he reached into his left coat-pocket and pulled out a glass key.

“Hahahaha~! Oh my god~! You dumbass! Why the hell didn’t you use that in the first place?!” The Nephilim quickly sat down in his comfortable sofa-chair and unequipped the majority of his weapons and armor.

Talia retorted “He would have, if you didn’t cut his hands off without warning! Grandfather, I sincerely apologize for my Companion’s foolishness… He has obviously been driven mad from resurrection sickness.”

Michael asked “Oi, wait, is that a real thing? Like, can I blame my case of the crazies on that and get away with shit? Cause I’m pretty sure that I was always like this… Well, I’m probably a little better now, than I was in my original world, hehe~. Meh, since I haven’t really had to worry about getting sick, my mysophobia has practically disappeared. Hell, Elina shit and pissed all over my face a few days ago and I didn’t even cry about it! It was still fucking disgusting, but I didn’t freak out that much. Also, I’m ninety-nine percent sure that Sarah’s room is infested with all kinds of horrible airborne pathogens, and toxins, so just breathing the air down there would normally be fatal; if it wasn’t for this house, I’d definitely have died hundreds of times so far.”

Talia swiftly sat down into the chair to his right, while covering her breasts with her left arm. Then she received the “Would you like to exit the Library?” message, but declined.

Once Andre unshackled the Grand Matriarch, she put her son down and glared at Michael with her bright-blue eyes. A terrifying aura emanated from her body, which encompassed the entire tower, then lightning began arcing along her arms and fingers.

She growled “Do you have any last words Nephilim?” as the High-Priest shielded Javier in the northern corner of the room.

He snickered at her for a few seconds, before nonchalantly saying “Yeah, you’re evicted.” and the woman vanished into thin air. Watching that, Talia was extremely worried, but Michael explained “Ah, she ain’t dead or anything like that; I just teleported the dumb cunt out of my territory. Hmmm, I doubt that a Storm Bitch as powerful as that shit-head will have trouble making her way back home on her own.”

The naked High-Elf breathed a sigh of relief, and asked “What about my grandfather and the child? I’m uncertain that he would be able to survive on his own; though he can fly even more swiftly than myself, he won’t be able to sufficiently protect the Grand Matriarch’s son while walking through the Forbidden Forest.”

An Arcane aura enveloped Javier, and he was quickly yanked out of Andre’s arms, then sucked into Michael’s left palm. The ‘old’ man shouted “Stop! Wait, what have you done with him?!”

Since the boy didn’t have a mana-core, he was able to store him into the extra-dimensional bag, even though he was still alive. Talia shouted “Grandfather, calm yourself!” as she utilized her own aura to prevent his from causing too much turbulence in the library.

After a few seconds, the Nephilim made two objects appear on the hexagonal, metallic tabletop. Seeing them, the Huntress was slightly startled, but Michael immediately explained “These are yours Blondie. Hehe~, Sarah did all the work, but you got the only Epic that dropped… Oh, and you should probably use those stat-points by the way.” Upon hearing him say that, she quickly placed all three into Agility and then ‘Scanned’ her ‘loot.’

“Dryadic Quiver: +36 Attack Rating, +8 Dexterity, +6 Agility, +2 Strength, +2 Vitality, +2 Endurance, +2 Intelligence, +2 Perception. Reduces the cost of creating magical arrows by 20%. Counts as a left-hand bracelet and a throwing weapon. Soulbound to Talia Aeris Ramirez. Epic Quality, requires level-20.” Its appearance was similar to a colorful orange, red, and white flower, and she wasn’t exactly sure how any arrows could possibly fit inside of such a ridiculously small container.

When she attempted to place her left hand inside of the vine-bracelet, a message popped up: “Level requirement has not been reached, unable to equip.” Thus, she excitedly ‘Scanned’ the second object that was laying in front of her: though she had easily guessed what it was.

“Longbow of Wind: +60 Attack Rating, +4 Agility, +4 Dexterity. Baseline maximum effective range is 1 kilometer. Increases the duration of magical-arrows by 10%. Counts as a two-handed weapon. Soulbound to Talia Aeris Ramirez. Rare Quality, requires level-10.” In its deactivated state, it appeared as simply a grey, rubber-like handle. However, the moment that she grabbed hold of it, her nearly invisible aura was automatically condensed into the shape of a bow.

She smiled happily, and completely forgot about the fact that she was still totally nude. Utilizing ‘Aerial-Step,’ she soared into the air and created an Arrow of Wind, which she swiftly pressed against the handle.

The Huntress aimed at one of the bookshelves randomly, before pulling back on the practically nonexistent string, and fired an extremely powerful projectile. There was a loud ‘bang’ noise, as it exploded against the indestructible wall, and then she launched a few dozen more attacks as she gracefully floated downwards.

Michael complained “Goddamn it Talia! Ugh, now I have ta go masturbate! No, no, I still have shit to do… If ya wanna play around with the damn bow, do it outside! This is a library for fuck’s sake!”

The embarrassed Huntress quickly sat back down and covered her chest with her left arm again, “I apologize Comman-er um, Sir?” Her face was slightly flushed and after a few moments of awkward silence, she finally figured out how to ‘unequip’ her new weapon. The handle transformed into a tattoo of a pure-white cloud, which appeared on her left palm.

Andre sat down across from them and suddenly vanished without even being asked if he wanted to leave. Michael sighed, then teleported outside as well, followed by Talia: who was holding that ‘quiver’ in her right hand.

Each of them appeared in Elina’s bedroom one after the other, and the High-Priest seemed flabbergasted by the absurdly advanced magical technology. He murmured “This, isn’t this one of the ancient relics from The First Era?”

Talia quickly pressed on the ‘Living-Room’ button and swiftly entered into her room. Michael on the other hand explained “Yeah, probably, if you’re talking about the old Players. Hmm~, all of the ‘furnishings’ and ‘appliances’ in this house are basically recreated from designs that ‘Otherworlders’ came up with, a long-ass time ago. Anyway~, push this~ button!”

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