Chapter 132: Nothing Lasts Forever

“The ongoing Quest ‘Feed the Devourer’ has been removed from your log, because it no longer exists.” When Michael arrived in his living-room, he was greeted by an unfortunate message. He immediately ‘Whispered’ the giant turtle, but received another notification: “Cannot connect, target is unavailable.”

The irritated Nephilim sighed dramatically, before muttering “Well, all good things usually end eventually… Hmm~, I hope the Goddesses didn’t get pissed off at me for abusing that Daily Quest though. Nah, with all the crazy shit that seems to be happening lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if Goliath decided to stop being a lazy asshole and just find food on his own.”

Clutched in his left, gauntlet-covered hand, was a Rare level-twenty staff, along with an Epic red robe. There were a decent amount of things that he simply wasn’t able to pick-up, because he lacked the bag-space. Aside from the fifty-thousand gallons of water, he also had to destroy a piece of uncommon leather.

Michael grumbled “Why the fuck am I still carrying all this shit around with me anyway?” as he looked through all the different spots that were taken by mana-cores. They were so small, that he could literally fit over a hundred of the beads in the palm of his hand.

When they were inside of a creature’s body, they were typically surrounded by a membrane, which could be gigantic. Yet, the actual size was never more than a millimeter in diameter.

Upon noticing his arrival, Elina walked out of the kitchen and ran towards him, while flapping her wings. Most of his armor was quickly unequipped, aside from his boxers and tank-top, so the white-robed cat-girl was able to hug him comfortably.

She immediately pressed her mouth against his, and they tongue-wrestled for a few seconds, before she pulled away. The voices of Laura and Jasmine were coming from the kitchen, and he could smell some sort of seasoned meat being cooked.

The angelic woman smiled at him, “Thank you… JJ didn’t explain it very coherently, but you figured out a way to help her, right?”

Michael snickered, as he started walking up the stairs, “Yep~, the little brat definitely won’t be getting any more brain-tumors, that’s for sure, hahahaha~! Anyway~, where’s that little monkey at?”

Elina giggled, asking “Are you going to make me get rid of Tommy?” as the two of them entered into her room. He noticed the Squirrel Lemur comfortably sleeping on the middle of the huge, brightly glowing bed and pulled out a rank-G, level-seven, Silverback Gorilla’s mana-core and threw it next to the unconscious critter.

Smelling that alluring aroma, the tiny monkey swiftly awakened and grabbed the metallic bead with both of its little hands. The Priestess yelled “No! Bad boy, don’t eat… it! Michael~, why did you do that?!”

Obviously, the baby animal didn’t listen to her warning, and unhesitantly swallowed the mana-core. Then its body began growing rapidly, until it was the size of a wolf, but maintained the original adorable shape.

The race changed to ‘Giant Squirrel Lemur’ and its HP jumped to 1/15 right away. However, since it wasn’t technically a Resident, and the Companion-slots were full, he didn’t receive a message about the evolution.

Michael used his right hand to gently rub Elina’s fluffy ears, as he consoled “Don’t worry~, it’s still cute~, it just won’t die as easily now.” Then he nonchalantly shoved the staff and robe into the ‘Closet’ side of that floating cube.

She asked “What is that thing anyway? I know that it teleports you outside the room when you press the ‘Balcony’ or ‘Hallway’ buttons, but I’ve been afraid to try the others…”

While pulling the angelic woman against his chest abruptly, he pushed ‘Library’ with his left hand. Then he was suddenly sitting in that comfortable sofa-chair, and she was gliding down from the top of the room. The Nephilim muttered “Huh~, I guess it must have glitched out, since two people entered at the same time? Hmm~, or maybe it does that for anyone with wings?”

When she finally landed on the metallic silver table, she looked around and asked “W-what is this weird place?”

He sighed, then explained “Is this seriously the first time you’ve ever seen a library before? Well, I do admit that this isn’t exactly a conventional library… Those are bookshelves; you put books on them.” while pointing at the walls around them.

Elina pouted, “I know what a library is! Ugh, never-mind… I keep forgetting that you lack any sort of common-sense.” Without having to be told, she walked over to a random shelf and placed “The Teachings of Lux” at a comfortable height.

At that moment, a completely naked High-Elven Huntress appeared on the metal table. Her death had been so swift that she didn’t even understand the situation, until she read the message that read “You have died.”

She glanced down, and immediately noticed that her armor was missing. Michael glared at her, asking “Did you really fail your mission?” Even if he could see her inventory, all that was displayed were the words ‘Chest’ and ‘Sack.’

Talia made a serious expression, then shook her head, explaining “No, I was trying to dissuade you from doing anything foolish… Such as, teleporting into the room, while fornicating with that little monster! Before your arrival, everything was still ‘safe,’ but I fear that now… Wait, after my demise, did you manage to save the Grand Matriarch?”

He snickered, saying “Ah~, yeah, well, how the fuck was I supposed to know what was happening? I mean, I kinda assumed that you were in trouble, and ya did~ summon me. Hmmm~, Granny-Elf is fine, look…”

After he finished speaking, he released Felicia from his prison, and she was kneeling on the floor to his left. She screamed “Mother~! Why~! How could you let this happen!?” while both of her eyes were closed.

Elina yelped, then shouted “Michael, what did you do this time?!” as she knelt down beside a hysterical woman. The angelic cat-girl whispered “Grand Matriarch, please calm down… I’m sure that whatever happened was-”

“Oi, shut the fuck up! What are you, like a thousand years old?! Grow up already!” The Nephilim interrupted the Priestess, and even threw his Arcane Orb at the defenseless Storm Witch’s face.

Even though she didn’t receive any damage, Felicia still opened her eyes and glared at the main cause of her distress. She screamed “You! This is all your fault! Who are you people! Wait, Talia!? What is this place?!”

The Huntress swiftly got down off of the metallic table and bowed down before the kneeling woman. She yelled “I sincerely apologize, Grand Matriarch! This calamity is my own fault! This man is The Immortal One of whom you ordered me to find! I-ah~!”

Michael abruptly stood-up, bent down and grabbed the Huntress’ beautiful blonde hair, complaining “Listen, I honestly don’t give a flying fuck what you do for the most part, but this kinda shit really pisses me off. It’s a different story if you’re doing some kinda BDSM foreplay… Anyway, it ain’t your fault, and it isn’t mine either.”

He glared down at the furious Storm Witch, “This brat no longer works for you, got it? You have no authority over her, and if you really piss me off, I’ll throw ya into my prison until you calm down a bit.”

Talia pushed away from him, and the Grand Matriarch, who was wearing an illustrious bright-blue robe, ‘calmly’ muttered “Arcana… She appeared right before, the Goddess even interrupted the telepathic connection between myself and my mother.”

While she was talking to herself, Michael released the other prisoner next to her. That High-Priest of Aeris with the bloodied white dress-suit, had long blonde hair, bright-green eyes and shared a striking resemblance to the naked Huntress.

Seeing her like that, he immediately turned his face away and she quickly hid her body behind the table and sofa-chairs. Talia smiled wryly at him, while saying “Grandfather… it’s good to see that you’re okay.”

Above his head was written “Andre the Faithful, Level-27 High-Elf High-Priest of Aeris, Rank-D, Boss.” Thus, Michael couldn’t help but snicker at his race and Class combination.

The seemingly young man frowned, before turning to the Grand Matriarch and grumbling “I’m sorry Felicia, if I wasn’t in these infuriating shackles, I would have been able to revive Javier ease-gah~!”

While he was talking, the Nephilim equipped all of his armor and weapons, then viciously stabbed down with his Arcane Siegeblade. The massive sword cleanly sliced off the man’s hands at the wrists. Since he had become a Resident beforehand, Andre’s hands regrew only a few seconds after being detached.

However, the pain was still agonizing, and Talia shouted “Why did you do that?!” Elina just sighed and dejectedly flapped her wings a few times, flying up towards the ceiling, before disappearing out of the room.

Michael casually tossed the little boy’s naked corpse out of his inventory, but the head was surprisingly attached to his body. There was actually no damage at all, and it hadn’t even been more than a few moments since the child’s death.

Felicia haphazardly caught Javier in her arms, though her hands were still bound, and her mana sealed. She hugged the child tightly against her chest, while yelling “Quickly Andre! Bring him back to life!”
Yet, the High-Priest stood up and sighed, shaking his head, “It’s too late… his soul has passed on already.”

At that moment, a yellow wisp appeared out of Michael’s forehead, and was telekinetically forced into the brain of the dead child. He muttered “Huh~, let’s see if this works?” as he reached his right, transparent-glove covered hand towards the boy’s chest.

A potent Arcane aura swiftly passed the sternum and wrapped around the relatively small heart, abruptly massaging it. Suddenly, Javier took a breath and slowly opened his eyes, while screaming in terror.

29 thoughts on “Chapter 132: Nothing Lasts Forever

  1. Started reading this series about three days ago. Finally caught up. Thanks for the awesome read!

    It was hard deciding which I like better, Hardcore OP-ness or Immortal Soul. I think I might like Hardcore OP-ness a little more simply because you update it basically everyday. Must be hard to keep up that insane writing speed but since I need more, I won’t complain!

    I’m a little sad to see Goliath’s daily quest disappear. He never got a skill book for chaos, or some other useful skill books like “Advanced Summoning” or “Advanced Enchanting”. Oh well, maybe he’ll be able to get skill books in those armories? Also, what is he going to do with all those bodies he keeps collecting? Goliath was like the perfect waste disposal unit!


      • Just a little bit curious though, about the goliath quest, can michael give his own corpse or his companion corpse to goliath?
        Like, infinity exp for dying and give the corpse for unlimited time?

        Liked by 1 person

      • He probably couldn’t, but even if he could, it would still be easier to just hunt a shit ton of monsters in the jungle lol. I mean, his own corpses and his companions corpses are way more valuable for… other purposes, lol.


      • well then let me reiterate does he ever become the equivalent of a game-master if naught just in strength [not even saying he has to have the stupidly op control over everything since i know thats unlikely to ever happen unless arcana somehow ends up becoming his harem member(lol)]

        Liked by 1 person

      • Not sure if he would even want to be one of the Game Masters lol. I mean, that’s a lot of work… rofl. On the planet Arcana, level-100 is high enough for someone to be considered a God or Goddess(Like Aiyana and the other elven gods and goddesses lol)


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