Chapter 131: A Rough Night

“Grah~! Die~!” Nana’s flaming silver rapier launched out a huge fiery serpentine dragon, which soared across the room, searing off Michael’s left arm at the shoulder. However, it didn’t stop there, and continued until it reached in front of the Dark-Goblin.

The one-hundred and sixty centimeter tall lizardwoman appeared out of the infernal blast and pierced her thin and long sword, through the little girl’s left eye-socket. It instantly dealt over six-hundred damage, and Sarah’s entire body combusted, exploding and killing Talia, along with the other Huntress who was kneeling next to her.

After that, the Grand Matriarch screamed “No~!” as she watched her adopted son, have his head cleanly sliced off. However, in that moment, a huge Siegeblade bisected the same huge red-scaled Warrior, who had decapitated the child.

Michael roared “Goddamn it!” as he ‘collected’ the hysterical High-Elven Raid-Boss into his first prison-slot. Then he shoved the High-Priest of Aeris into his second slot, before kneeling down and snatching the little-boy’s corpse.

As for the souls of the dead, they had already been absorbed into his mana-core the instant that they left their bodies. There were still a handful of miscellaneous level-ten Elites, but the Nephilim wasn’t particularly worried about Warriors, since they mostly dealt physical damage.

His left arm was laying on the floor, but there was no blood pouring out of the charred-black wound. He complained “This is fucking bullshit, so I’m gonna go now-” as he Astral-Stepped onto the roof of the building.

However, a moment later, the furious woman burst through the tiles and roared “Ragh~! I’mma fuckin turn ya ta ash~es~!” He immediately hopped backwards a dozen meters and began falling down towards the masses of regular Flamescale soldiers.

Some of them tried to shoot arrows or throw fireballs at him, but they were all too low leveled to deal any damage. Two huge flaming orange wings burst out of Captain Nana’s back, as she soared at the Nephilim.

He telekinetically launched his Arcane Orb, but her fiery aura deflected it with ease, and Michael shouted “Oh for fuck’s sake! I call hax! Fucking overpowered hacking cunt! Grah~!” while a searing rapier entered into the center of his chest. It easily tore through his armor, incinerated his heart, lungs and finally caused his entire body to explode.

After his death, she flew back into the nearly destroyed office and frantically looked around, noticing that all of the corpses were gone. Not only that, but even the mana-cores from the Dark-Goblin and Talia had vanished. Carved into the charred desk was a strange word that she didn’t understand: “Pwned.”

Yet, even if she didn’t know what it meant, she still screamed “Grah~! Ya fuckin immor-ul ass~hole! Ragh~!” and proceeded to rage around, while destroying the top floor of the mansion.
“Holy shitballs, this water is way too goddamn hot!” In such a short amount of time, he obviously wasn’t able to make it very far. Thus, Michael was ‘stealthily’ attempting to escape the vicinity, by walking on the bottom of the lake.

Once he sent his wisp two miles away, he teleported into a burning forest. He had to release the fifty-thousand gallons of fresh river-water from his inventory, so that he could fit everything inside.

Each of those five miscellaneous lizard-people were Elites, so they had a relatively high chance of dropping Rare soulbound equipment. However, half of it was for him, so he only needed three slots to store ‘loot’ for Sarah and Talia.

“Arcane Hexagonal Die: +6 Defense Rating, +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom. Soulbound to Michael. Rare Quality, requires level­-ten.” The first piece was a trinket that was essentially just the improved version of the one that he already had, which he was able to be equipped along with the original.

“Arcane Gauntlet: +15 Defense Rating, +3 Strength, +3 Endurance, +3 Vitality, +1 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom. Deals Arcane damage upon contact with the enemy, depending on the power behind the physical attack. Counts as a right-hand gauntlet, bracer, and upper-arm guard. Soulbound to Michael. Rare Quality, requires level-ten to wear.” On the Nephilim’s right hand and forearm, was a crystalline gauntlet, and a thin, rubbery material even covered his bicep and tricep.

“Silver Ring: +4 Perception. Increases training speed in the Light Affinity by 10%. Soulbound to Michael. Rare Quality, requires level-ten.” It was exactly the same as the one that Elina received, but obviously much larger, so that it could easily fit around his left-hand ‘ring-finger.’ However, he noticed that it could display its effects even when it was in tattoo form, so there was no point in ‘wearing’ it.

Though the two girls had died during combat, even in his Companion-storage, they still received their portions of the five-hundred and ninety-one experience. Both of them had managed to level-up, though they needed to invest their stat-points themselves. After storing five of the miscellaneous Lizard-Tribe Elites, along with the little elven boy, and Lieutenant Akira, he received over one-hundred and seventy gold coins.


Copper: 71
Silver: 55
Gold: 199]

He muttered “I’m gonna be so~ fucking pissed off, if Talia wasn’t at least able to grab some goddamn dishes…” as he activated ‘Return Home.’ However, once he was inside of that warped space, Michael realized “Shit! Arg~! Now I have ta wait for a whole damn hour~ with nothing to read!”
Fifty miles to the north, in the heart of Aeris Village, there was a colossal spire. It was entirely made out of mithril and had been enchanted long ago, imbued with the power to amplify large-scale Wind-magic.

Within the very tip of that massive tower, was a relatively small, silver throne, and sitting upon it was an elven woman. Coming out of her forehead and pointing upwards, was a spiral horn, and her pure-white hair was constantly blowing around.

Covering her ethereal body, was a beautiful, thin, silken gown, and there was a surprisingly calm expression on her face. Her eyes were closed tight, as she listened to the telepathic demands of a lizardman with incredibly poor diction. Above her head was written “Aiyana the Goddess of Storms, Level-100 Aeris Sidhe Stormcaller, Rank-SS, World Boss.”

She was one of the founders of The United Elven States, and along with the other pseudo-deities, she had vowed to stay out of the conflict between the ‘mortals.’ However, unlike the others, she still had a single attachment to the world.

It was common-sense to not go too far during the conflict, and try to avoid as many civilian casualties as possible. At least, it was for the Elves, but the Flamescale-Clan obviously didn’t follow the same logic.

In fact, Captain Nana had actually dared to attack the Grand Matriarch’s mansion and tried to collect a ransom from an Elven Goddess. Aiyana didn’t take it too seriously, since she was able to see what was happening quite clearly, even from fifty miles away.

Saving her daughter would have been as simple as teleporting over there and slaughtering everyone. She was even considering simply calling upon a few dozen of her level-seventy Wind Elementals to take care of everything for her.

However, her Astral-Projection was suddenly interrupted by an absurdly powerful being, whom she recognized as Arcana. A few seconds later, she felt opened her eyes in shock, “No… Felicia… kill, die, die you Goddess-damned lizard-scum! Ragh~!”

Aiyana could no longer feel the connection to her daughter, and the only possibility was that she had been killed. Thus, the normally extremely calm and rational woman actually activated the Spire of Aeris.

The entire structure began slowly turning, as if it were a colossal drill-bit. In the darkened skies above all six states of The Aeris Theocracy, horrifying stormclouds began forming.

A terrible hurricane had appeared in less than two minutes, but that was merely the beginning. Her face was contorted in fury as she ordered “My children… come down from the heavens and annihilate those filthy lizard mongrels! Then massacre those disgusting Fire-Elves as well!”

After that she seemed to calm down a bit, took a deep breath, and telepathically contacted a very old friend. From the other side of the communication, a deep masculine voice resounded in her mind “Hohohoho~, I see you’ve finally decided to release me again! Which country do you want me to make ‘disappear’ this time? Hmph, they better damn well be less nauseating than that last bunch! You know how much I hate undead…”

Aiyana quietly asked “Do you still remember the reason why we imprisoned you the first time? Well, how would you like to finally devour a Demonic God of Fire?”

13 thoughts on “Chapter 131: A Rough Night

  1. So I’m confused of what happened… Did Sarah accidentally killed those elves? Now that the SS elf is angry because of her child getting killed? To whom exactly? WHAT HAPPENED ?!? XD

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  2. Wonder how she’s gonna feel once she can sense her daughter again. Also, I wonder if the kid will be revived as a living being or as an undead. Hoping for living. Michael’ll probably get more favor from the grand matriarch if the kid is living properly. On another thought, I wonder if Nana will be invited to live in Michael’s home due to some yet unseen circumstances.

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