Chapter 130: ‘Coming’ to the Rescue?

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!” Michael was watching the report, while Sarah was under the pitch-black water. Even though all of that was going on, Talia still hadn’t sent him a message, though that was most likely because she didn’t know how.

He ‘Whispered’ “Oi, Blondie! What the hell are you doing over there? If you’re still trying to stuff a bunch of shit into bags, you’re way~ too slow!”

A shaky voice replied “I, I was arrested… for indecent exposure. I apologize for failing you… However, I would like to request that you give me a second chance! In three or four years, I shall be released and-”

“What the fuck are you talking about?! That village ain’t gonna be there for three years and holy cunt-balls… aren’t those laws a little bit excessive?! Wait, wait, were you seriously planning on… Never-mind, I understand, summon me.” Michael cut her off, but quickly realized what was actually happening and stopped fornicating with Sarah.

The Nephilim immediately got out of the hot-tub and the Dark-Goblin screamed “Hey! I was just about ta cum, you asshole! Grah~!” while latching onto him. Her hips slammed down and her tail wrapped around his left leg.

Michael yelled “Goddamn it, I need to equip my-” but was engulfed in a blinding radiance, along with the girl who was ‘riding’ him.
Aeris Village was originally a small settlement of High-Elves who worshiped the Goddess of Wind, rather than Arcana. While they were originally outcasts, over the millennia, their territory had expanded dramatically.

They were actually one of the original seven United Elven States, though that number had risen to thirty-five: before they were divided by the recent civil war. In fact, on the southern border of Aeris Village, was a county called Chicago.

When the Flamescale-Clan invaded, the hunting town of Pasadena was the first to be devastated. The beautiful forests in the area were all burning, as hordes of lizardmen began raiding the isolated communities along their path.

However, even with all of that, only a few hundred civilians had actually been killed. It wasn’t a very populated area, and even in the city, there were less than three-hundred thousand High-Elves in total.

In a huge illustrious mansion, surrounded by a lake of boiling water, a few dozen rank-F Elite Flamescale soldiers were ransacking the place. Rather than simply killing them, most of the residents had been captured, then gathered within the empty treasury.

Meanwhile, the owners and a handful of the highest leveled and ranked staff-members, had been gathered within a large office on the fourth floor. The bookshelves along the walls were on fire, and casually sitting at the desk was a relatively short and lithe woman: “Captain Nana, Level-29 Lizard-Tribe Scarlet Fencer, Rank-D, Boss.”

She was wearing nothing but metallic, crimson, bikini-like armor, with a thin silver rapier, laying across the desk in front of her. Her reptilian feet were resting on the center of the table, while she was reclining against the large leather office-chair.

Aside from Nana, there was also another exceptionally powerful man, standing to her left: “Lieutenant Akira, Level-23 Arcane Sorcerer of Fire, Rank-E, Ultra-Elite.” He was a skinny, six-foot tall, red-scaled anthropomorphic raptor, just like his captain. He was wearing a thick scarlet mage’s robe, and in his left hand was a large crystalline amber-colored staff.

Kneeling on the ground, with their wrists bound by mana-sealing shackles, were six High-Elves. Three of them were dark-green leather-clad Archers, though their weapons had obviously been confiscated or destroyed. One was a High-Priest of Aeris, wearing a bloodied white dress-suit, which was obviously not meant for combat.

Then there was a small boy, who was unranked, Classless, and level-zero. The child was wearing bright-blue, cotton, one-piece pajamas, with pictures of cartoon cats and dogs on it. He was crying quietly, as a two-meter tall lizardman constantly held two sabers across his neck.

There were also several other miscellaneous rank-F Elite Warriors and Mages around the room. Kneeling at the center of the group and gritting her teeth in fury, was the most powerful being in the room: “Grand Matriarch Felicia, Level-32 High-Elf Storm Witch, Rank-D, Raid Boss.”

However, power is relative, and just because she was statistically stronger, it didn’t mean that she could win against a melee fighter in close range. In fact, she hadn’t even tried to resist, because that crying child was her adopted son.

She grumbled “Barging into my home in the middle of the night… Do you honestly believe that the Storm Goddess will simply pay your absurd ransom?! I’m merely a-”

“Yer da fuckin dau-er uh Ai-yanas~! Uh course day will!” Captain Nana interrupted the white-haired, blue-eyed woman, while staying reclined and looking up at the ceiling. Even though there was a decent amount of smoke being created by the burning books and shelves, it was all quickly sucked into the enchanted air-vents on the ceiling.

At that moment, Lieutenant Akira shouted “Shit! Cap’n, dis~ bitch jus sen uh mess~age ta someone!” as he glared at a relatively unimpressive Huntress who was sweating profusely at the back of the room.

Nana asked “Dafuck yous~ way-in for? Wa-ed da cunt s~ay?!” while glaring at the panicking blonde-haired High-Elf, with her fiery-red snake-like eyes.

“Uh… sum-in bout ge-in uh-ress~ed an uh… s~ay-in s~orry? Dah mess~age wus sen somewhere… A-ah~! G-g-g-god-ess~!?” As he was speaking, a terrifying aura enveloped the room and put out the flames. An illusory elven woman appeared suddenly, before all fifteen of the horrified lizard-people and High-Elves.

However, that Huntress was actually smiling, as the transparent figure turned towards her and giggled quietly, before vanishing. It wasn’t Aeris, but Arcana, and Akira was the first to realize how horrible the situation that they had put themselves in was.

Unfortunately, it was already too late to change what had already been done. The space between the desk and where the hostages were being held, rippled violently, and there was a flash of blinding light.

When the radiance faded a moment later, everyone was dumbfounded at what they were witnessing. There was a loud shout “Ah~! Fuck me harder, you stupid bastard!” as the six-foot tall, completely naked ‘Human’ slammed the obsidian-skinned girl against the floor. Yet, a magical barrier averted that bit of ‘Friendly-Fire,’ and no matter how he attempted to violently thrust inside of her, the damage was negated.

The extremely muscular man complained “Oh come on! Damn it, we ain’t in the house anymore Sarah! Just sticking my dick inside of you, is already pushing the limits of your tiny body! If I do anything more, it’ll just get stopped by the system!”

She screamed “Ragh! Fine! If we can’t fuck, then I’ll just murder all these cunt-whores and release my hatred the old fashioned way!” as all the bright-blue tattoo’s on her skin began transforming into beautiful, black, clothing.

At the same time, Michael roared “God-fucking-damn it! I was just about to cum~!” as massive angelic wings burst out of his back. His hair turned silver, his eyes became golden, and a halo appeared above his head. Then his armor suddenly appeared, along with a massive floating sword, and a mysterious orb.

The Grand Matriarch shouted “Nephilim?!” and most of the other High-Elves were glaring at the two newcomers with far more disgust and revulsion than the lizard-people who had captured them.

Sarah’s face transformed into that of an obsidian skull, and her hair became six horrifying pitch-black tendrils; her body was covered in strange, leather armor and black fabric. A tanto appeared in her right hand, and a serpentine dagger in her left, as her body vanished in a puff of smoke.

Two blades easily slid through the back of that terrified Sorcerer’s neck, decapitating him without a moment of hesitation, before the tiny woman disappeared again. It was less than a second, but Nana had already grabbed her rapier and was about to skewer the ‘Shadow,’ yet was an instant too late.

Michael held the Arcane Siegeblade in his right hand, while using his shield to defend against several ‘Fireball’ spells at the same time. He did receive a couple dozen points of damage, but it wasn’t long before Sarah teleported near the relatively weak mages, and swiftly eviscerated or decapitated them.

He yelled “Oi, you know we’re here to help the High-Elves right?! So try to avoid killing them, okay?!” as the little girl used those pitch-black tendrils to impale an unarmed and defenseless Ranger.

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  1. Do not tease the readers with how many chapters you have completed, this only makes us want more. Case in point, me. Now that I know you have finished around 170 chapters I want to see them all.
    Therefore do us a favor in the long run, do not tease us with exact numbers, just say “I have a few chapters in buffer.”

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