Chapter 129: The Start of Another Chaotic Night

Finally, Michael placed the Elite, Rank-E, Level-19, Angelic Boa of Efflorescence into the cat-girl’s inventory. Once that last, rather large morsel was fed to Goliath, she reached level-ten.

The giant turtle bellowed “Hohohohoh~, at your current pace, I believe that you may be able to start bringing me true delicacies within the next few years! To be completely honest, I’ve never seen someone who increases their level as quickly as you and your friends! You should be careful though… The Goddesses tend to become irritated when ‘mortals’ grow too quickly, hohoho~!”

Michael smirked, “Yeah, I’m not really too worried about that. Anyway, Kitty-Cat, put two points into Strength, Vitality, Endurance, Intelligence and Wisdom.”

[Companion Information

Name: Jasmine
Titles: The Heretic
Level: 10
Experience: 88/100
Age: Adult
Race: Slimy Feline Dwarf
Rank: F
Class: Gunslinger
Specialization: Ranged Damage Dealer, Hexer
Profession: Gunsmith Level 4]


Health: 30/30
Mana: 20/20
Stamina: 15/15
Mana Regen per minute: 40
Health Regen per hour: 30

Strength: 3
Vitality: 3
Endurance: 3
Dexterity: 4
Agility: 5
Intelligence: 4
Wisdom: 4
Perception: 3
Charisma: 5

Willpower: 5
Luck: 7
Aura: 6.5

Attack Power: 15
Defense Rating: 1.5]

While rubbing her fluffy ears and pure-white hair against Michael’s chin, Jasmine purred quietly. Then her eyes suddenly changed back to yellow, and she shouted “Nyah~!? What happened~!?”

She quickly squirmed out of his arms and looked up at the gigantic turtle, “Meow~, it’s so huge~! Oh, oh~! Mikey~, I wanna ride~ it! Please~ let me ride it~!”

The irritated Nephilim asked “Oi, Goliath, do you care if this brat crawls onto your head? Well, more like, can ya use your vines to push her up there? Cause I’m pretty sure that she can’t climb your face… or maybe she can?”

While he was talking, the little girl was quickly scurrying up the side of the colossal beak and singing “Climbing~, climbing~, nyah-nah-nah-nya-na~, meow meow~!”

Goliath actually sighed, “Once upon a time, I had Companion like this child… Well, he wasn’t quite as obnoxious, but he possessed the Chaos Affinity. Hmmm, is there anything in particular that you want this time?”

Michael muttered “Huh, let’s see~, oh yeah, I need an Alchemy book. Aside from that, if you have anything about Elementalists, that’d be nice.” As soon as he finished speaking, two chests were promptly laid out before the Nephilim.

Inside of the first one, was a relatively normal-looking, leather-bound and thick, tome. On the front was written “Magical Chemistry: Cooking with Mana-Cores.”

The other chest contained four separate scrolls: Red, Grey, Brown and Blue. With just a glance, he could tell that each of them was very similar to his “Protectors of Light” ‘skill-book.’

Instead of examining them, he quickly stored all of them into his inventory and yelled “Domo arigato, mister Goliath! Anyway, we’re gonna fuck-off now~… Oi, Brat, get your ass over here!” Equipping the Arcane Orb, Michael pitched it at the cat-girl’s face, and ‘pulled’ her down from the giant turtle’s head.

She was swiftly sent into his fourth Companion-slot, and he vanished into thin air. He Astral-Stepped all the way back to the downstairs bathroom, where he immediately dropped Jasmine into the Light-Shower.

It wasn’t the first time that she had experienced it, yet she still yelled “So~ pretty~! Nyah~, it feels warm and fuzzy~! Hehehe~!”

Michael walked out of the bathroom, while muttering “With this, the only one who isn’t at least level-ten is Alice, but who the fuck knows when she’ll finish evolving.” Before he reached the stairs, his mana regenerated sufficiently and he was able to Astral-Step into Elina’s room.

He quickly sacrificed ten gold coins and one of the Elite, Rank-E, Angelic Boa of Efflorescence’s mana-cores, to completely furnish the Priestess’ bedroom. As the entire space was enveloped in a blinding light, he grumbled “Shit, I’m gonna start running outta money soon… but I have no idea how to make some. Fifty Favor for one gold seemed kinda extreme. Unfortunately, hunting magical-beasts doesn’t earn me any currency, unless I sell the carcasses or cores.”

All of the wood surfaces around him, had become pure-white and completely smooth. The windows and doors seemed to vanish, while the rectangular bed became wider, until it was square.

There was no need for ‘lights,’ because everything was already ridiculously bright. There was a strange, fist-sized cube, floating around near the center of the room. When he approached it, he was able to read a different word on each side: “Balcony,” “Hallway,” “Bathroom,” “Aviary,” “Library,” and “Closet.”

Michael wondered “Dafuck is an aviary doing on that list?” as he hesitantly pressed the button. His entire body was sucked inside of the small object and teleported onto the roof of his house.

He looked around for a few moments, before complaining “Seriously? How the hell is this a bird-cage?” The Nephilim expected there to be some sort of barrier preventing him from leaving, but he was able to easily hop down onto Elina’s balcony and enter back inside of her room.

What he didn’t know, was that while Residents could come and go freely within his Territory, animals, magical-beasts and humanoids couldn’t. If they were inside, they weren’t allowed to exit, and those outside, couldn’t enter. Of course, his Companions each had administrative rights, so Inari’s pack of wolves were able to come and go freely.

His main purpose for furnishing the bedroom, was in hopes that there would at least be a single bookshelf for him to use. However, when he entered the library, he was surrounded on all sides by hundreds of them.

Not only that, but he was in some sort of extra-dimensional hexagonal cylinder. It was at least one-hundred meters tall, yet, only about ten meters wide.

There was a silver, metallic table in the center of the floor, and six Human-sized, fluffy white sofa-chairs were set-up around it. When he entered the room, Michael was sitting at one of them automatically.

It was incredibly comfortable, but he still stood-up immediately, and walked over to a shelf that was meant to hold scrolls. After placing the ‘Protectors of Light’ and those four Elemental scriptures into the slots, he went over to a different shelf and stored the Alchemy book, along with “Introduction to the Arcane Arts.”

Then he walked back to his chair and sat down. A screen immediately appeared, asking “Would you like to exit the Library?” As for the ‘Closet,’ he just grabbed all of Laura’s clothing and her spare staff, then shoved it into the cube, without actually entering inside.

Once all of that was finished, Michael used Astral-Step to teleport into the basement. Bathing in the jacuzzi of boiling tar-like liquid, Sarah was casually watching an interesting ‘movie’ that was being projected onto her wall.

The sound was off, but he could clearly see that it was a video-feed from a castle-siege at nighttime. From what he could tell, it appeared to be a Human conflict, between relatively low level and unranked soldiers. There were large catapults, launching flaming stones, and upon the walls, a multitude of ballistas and Archers were firing at the approaching army.

He muttered “Huh~, ya know, if you want, we could go play around with those dumbasses… Not sure which side we should choose though.”

Hearing that, the obsidian-skinned girl, turned around and glared at him with those bright-blue eyes. She scowled, complaining “What the fuck is so great about that whiny pussy-bitch?”

Michael placed his right foot into the slimy oil and cringed, but still continued to submerge his entire lower body, before slowly sitting down. If he had been utilizing ‘Lightening,’ things would have been much different; however, under normal conditions, he was able to endure the scalding and freezing liquid. Of course, he still received a decent amount of damage every second, so his ‘Poison Resistance’ and ‘Immune System Boost’ were both gaining proficiency rapidly.

After a few seconds, Sarah straddled his lap and he explained “Love is weird like that… Besides, if you actually gave a shit, you would probably be trying to kill me right now. Although, just sitting in a vat of acid is pretty goddamn painful on its own.”

The Dark-Goblin chomped down on the left side of his neck and began drinking his crimson blood. Even as his flesh was being burned off and frozen, he still managed to become aroused in that situation.

As he entered inside of her, a notification popped-up: “Light Affinity Level 4: Mana and Health recovery increases dramatically when exposed to Sunlight and Moonlight. Reduces damage taken from enemies of the Darkness Affinity by 40%.”

Ironically, one of the ways for Tanks to increase their Light Affinity, was to withstand attacks from enemies of the Darkness Affinity. Thus, allowing Sarah to torture him, was actually an efficient way to ‘train.’

He muttered “Why does it feel like my fetishes have been escalating since I came to this world? Hmm~, well, whatever~, oh hey, my Aura just reached twenty-four…” While the two of them were violently splashing around in the pool of putrid, yet sweet-smelling tar, the channel on the projector changed suddenly and the sound came on.

“This is Sonya Ivanenko reporting in from the borders of Aeris Village! What originally seemed like an unprovoked attack by the Flamescale-Clan Lizard-Tribe Warbeasts from the Forbidden Forest, has now been confirmed as an all-out assault by the Ignis Alliance! I repeat, the Ignis Alliance has actually invited non-elven races into their ranks! The reinforcements sent by The Aeris Theocracy’s headquarters, seem to be prioritizing a full-scale evacuation of the town… Oh no! I’m receiving a telepathic message from a co-worker within the village but… it appears that several Fire-Elves have sabotaged the teleportation array!”

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