OP-ness Returns, Chapter 5: Noobageddon

A giant shark was struggling helplessly, while being torn apart from the inside out. It only took a few minutes for the majestic World Boss to lost its last bit of heal and collapse onto the ground. Its formerly white scales were burned black in some places, while there were also huge gaping holes in certain areas. The gills were ripped apart the most, while both eyes were perfectly intact and glaring at the two women at the end of the room. All the water had been evaporated or sucked into Elina and Talia’s ‘storage’.

“Well that was way nastier than I expected it to be…” Michael grumbled as he emerged from the mouth of that enormous carcass. On the other hand, Sarah crawled out if its other end. She was covered in rancid feces, blood and urine. However, it only took a few moments for the shadowy aura around her body to ‘consume’ the filth and transform it into Mana.

On the other hand, Michael simply used his telekinesis to rip the stomach acid, blood and flesh off of his entire body. Instead of destroying it, he stored everything in his extradimensional space, along with the whole shark body.

[Warning: The Emissary of Terra has succeeded in capturing all of the Souls stored inside of your home. If he escapes, you will fail the Quest.]

“Fuck, I guess this bitch was stalling us!” Sarah grumbled, immediately heading into the mysterious orb at the back of the room. The ball was normally pure white, but at the moment, it took on a transparent appearance. When Michael and the others approached, they could actually see inside and noticed the huge rock giant floating helplessly in the middle of the room.

“Uh, guys~! Pull me out! I got the Souls but I’m stuck!” The creature shouted desperately, but he was just spinning uncontrollably and unable to latch onto anything to gain some semblance of balance.

Talia wondered, “Why did they not send the fish or the bird into the Soul Cage, rather than this fool?”

“Honestly, I’m guessing that they’re all idiots.” Michael snickered and touched the ball, instantly appearing inside. Talia and Elina looked at each other for a moment, before also placing their hands on the orb and teleporting inside of the extradimensional space that had almost no gravity.

Unlike the ten meter tall rocky golem, Michael and his Companions all had various methods of moving within the strange environment. Unsurprisingly, it was a one-sided beatdown of the tanky World Boss.

He was so pathetic that no one actually used Identification on him, or even bothered with using any kind of strategy. Within five minutes, the creature was broken down into hundred of smaller pieces and collected into Michael’s inventory.

[Quest Complete! #&@^!^#*@(((@((!!!!((@*@&$^@*(!(@&$@^{{{{{]

“Wait what the fuck?” Michael asked, “Oh shit, do you guys feel that?!”

[Error Code 777: A massive quantity of Players are currently logging onto the Server. All Player Territories will be unavailable for Version 1.0: Noobageddon. At this time, all Beta Testers will be allowed to keep their current Stats and Spellbooks, but will be able to unlock various hidden benefits if they decide to start again from level 0. Companions will be Sealed or Released if you restart however. Please be patient while the Server is being updated. Complete Patch Notes are available, but a short Summary will be given to all Players now.]

The house disappeared. The entire structure, which included the mountain that the building was located on. Then the City of Luxiana also vanished into thin air. While the Buffs that Michael and his Companions received were also removed. The group glided to the grassy ground rather easily, but immediately noticed a crucial problem.

“Where’s Rachael and Iris?!” Elina screamed, frantically using her superhuman vision to scan through the grass in every direction. Unfortunately, the only person she could find was Jane Constantine, who had fallen to the ground and had a beer spilled all over her face.

“God Dammit Mike, what the fuck!” She shouted, looking around at the empty plain and asked, “What happened to the fucking town?!”

[All underaged Players will be allowed to grow up in the Tutorial Zone with their parents, if the parents so desire. Time within the Tutorial Zone passes 120 times faster than on Arcana. Within 1 month on Arcana, 10 years will pass within the Tutorial Zone. Please decide now.]

“I’m going.” Elina was the first one to speak. However, she actually required Michael’s permission to go…

“Ugh…” He groaned and sighed, but eventually asked: “Will you be alright on your own in there?”

“What?! You aren’t going with me?!” She glared at him, “They’re ‘your’ children Michael”

The naked Nephilim frowned, showing her ‘his’ display screen: [Error, it is impossible for Adult Players to enter the Tutorial Zone. Please select NPCs or Companions under your influence instead.]

“I tried selecting Alice for Rachael, but it won’t work either. She’s still ‘banished’ or whatever. It lets me put you as the guardian of both kids though, so it should be fine. I believe in you. Oh, and I set JJ as their other parent, since I don’t want you to be lonely…”

The moment Michael finished talking, Elina vanished in a beam of white light, then he received a message: [Your Companions Elina and Jasmine have been sent as parents to the Tutorial Zone. They will be unavailable for the next month.]

After that, he sent a message to his parents: “Hey, are the two of you okay?”

“Michael? What’s happening? Things are crazy here in the capital right now… We were playing a gig and all the sudden, people started appearing outta thin air all over the freakin place!” His mother responded first.

Then his father said, “We’re fine. Don’t worry about us. We’re doing great. Already at level five… Anyway, we gotta go, have fun! Tell the grandkids I said hi. Love you, bye!”

“Umm, yeah, love you guys too, have fun.” Michael sighed, then turned to his Companions, about to say something. However, at that moment, a fluffy green gigantic fox appeared in front of them.

“Grrr, arf!” Inari barked angrily, then transformed into a brown-skinned humanoid woman. She looked around and asked, “What happen?”

[Version 1.0 Patch Notes: Welcome to Arcana, the Realm of Eternal Magic! Whether you are just here to enjoy a few lifetimes in a peaceful and pleasant environment or you are here to try your luck to become a Deity, you are stuck here either way. Might as well make the most of it! Many Players will have significantly different leveling experiences, while some of you were actually here for the Beta and Alpha testing phases. However, like with every patch before this, there will be some significant changes.]

[Experience will now be simplified dramatically. Experience will now be set to a maximum of 100. Every level will require 100 experience, but the amount of experience gained from combat and professions will be scaled down to match this new maximum. Defeating other Players will also grant experience rewards, and all World deaths will reduce the Player’s level by 1. Thus, it is recommended to respawn in a safe area far away from where you were killed.]

[The amount of experience gained will be a base of 1 for 5 levels lower than the Player, 5 for the same level and 10 for 5 levels above. The maximum is 10 levels higher, for a total of 15 base experience. Then there will be a multiplier depending on the difference in Rank. If the Rank is lower by 2, the experience gained will be halved. If the Rank is higher by 2 than the Player, then the experience gained will be doubled. The multipliers for Elites, Super Elites, Bosses and so-on will still follow the same multiplication standards as before: Normal 1, Elite 2, Super Elite 3, Ultra Elite 4, Boss 5, Raid Boss 6, World Boss 7, Celestial Boss 8, End Boss 9, Demigod 10, Young Deity 11, Mature Deity 12, Elder Deity 13, Ancient Deity 14, Worldly Deity 15, Celestial Deity 16, Elemental Deity 17, Primal Deity 18, Ethereal Deity 19, Eternal Deity 20. When you reach a higher Age state, your experience bar will still increase, so it is recommended that Players focus on leveling before worrying about becoming Elite or beyond.]


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