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Since I won’t be posting things for a while, I decided to help people do a little bit of shameless advertising.  Basically, if you’re a new writer/blogger and you don’t really know how to get started, you just need to shamelessly post a link to your site in the comments of this post.

Once it’s there, I’ll put it on a ‘Shameless Advertisement’ page, where people will be able to go if they want to search for new stories to read.  Yeah, I know that “Royalroadl“, “Gravity Tales“, and other sites like that actually host stories, but most of these links are probably going to be for RRL anyway.

So yeah, sorry for not being able to post for a while, but… I just finished writing/posting a 295 chapter book, so I deserve a goddamn break.  It’s going to be a relatively short one, and I’ll be writing constantly either way, but whatever, that’s beside the point…

By the way, I’m not going to be picky about things.  It doesn’t matter if you’re actually a new writer or if you’re already super-famous(by webnovel standards lol) and just want to do a bit of promotion.  Hell, I’d definitely put my own stories on the page… if they weren’t already on the website.

Cats Hugging Toys?


59 thoughts on “Shameless Advertisement

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  2. I read all of op thus now in days and I got to say its really good in my opinion great job mike~!
    I also started to write my own story its called “The Demonic Methood”
    The first chapter is up, it still needs work but im a nut that doesnt care to put it up like that, just so someone will tell me if its any good 😛

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  3. K tru hmm I kinda separated on the issue of cursing. 17 and all means parents and grandparents reading and I know it’s necessary but I guess it will happen when it happens.


    • Some people love cursing, some people hate it, but most people just don’t give a shit either way roflmao. Personally, I think any story without profanity is awkward and unrealistic. However, for me, it depends on the circumstances. Like, “Hardcore OP-ness” has no cursing at all outside of the dialogue lol. On the other hand, “Immortal Soul” has considerably less profanity ‘overall’, but there is some cursing in the narration, since it’s told from first person POV. Volume 3 was written from Raelin’s POV and she practically never curses, so it almost has no profanity at all… except, there are some sex scenes from her perspective. Well, regardless of what you do, some people will love it, some people will hate it, and most people won’t give a fuck roflmao.

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  4. Good I was kinda afraid that I was “stealing your fans”. I was going to ask if I got a bunch of followers if you and me wanted to work out a schedule so we don’t really absorb each other’s fans but hell no one knows what I have to offer yet so can make such an absurd request so yeah.

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    • It doesn’t really work that way lol. People read when they want to read and it doesn’t really matter if you post something at the same time as someone else, cause even if they read the other story first, they’ll still end up reading yours either way lol.


  5. So yeah my website is:
    Im just starting but I managed to put up my first chapter of the story the monster inside the army of heroes. So please check it out.

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      • Yeah I kinda did I wanted a dark website but it would have cost me but then I found a loop hole just change the color of the text. Is it narcissistic to make the main character yourself? Also if u read on phone go to settings and put request desktop site. Btw thx I got a lot of people from you and I appreciate it. Is it bad that I’m not going to finish Hcopn until the next seasons ready?

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      • It kinda depends on how you portray the character. If the character has no ‘flaws’ then yeah, probably lol. You’re welcome, but it’ll probably be more once I start posting again. For now, my veiws/visitor count is super low. I’m hoping that once I start posting book 2 of HCOP in a few weeks, the visitor count should shoot up pretty high. At least, that’d be nice lol.


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