As you may have noticed, I didn’t write an afterword… mainly because I have no idea what an afterword even is.  Well, I’m sure that none of you actually care about an afterword either way; most people would probably skip it, even if I did write one.

Thus, I’ve decided to just tell you a bit about Book 2… First of all, the tentative title for the first book is “A Taste of OP-ness“, and the second is “Hardcore Legacies“.  I was going to go with “A Hardcore Job”, but it didn’t really sound funny enough, so I decided to go the ‘serious’ route rofl.  Well, who knows?  Nothing’s ‘certain’ yet and it probably won’t be for a while.

I still haven’t gotten around to updating the first book’s ToC, because someone said they were going to do that for me, but they never did… so now I’m gonna have to do it eventually.  Anyway, the point is that…

So yeah, since the moment I named my MC ‘Michael’ in HCOP, people have been asking me “Are the MC of HCOP and Immortal Soul the same person?”  My answer for a while now has been, no, probably not, very unlikely, or, if Michael and Michael are considered the same person, then basically every single person named Michael who acts slightly similar to each other would be considered the same person :P.

However, I’ve also said, many many times, that the two stories are very intimately connected to each other.  You could read ‘all’ of “Immortal Soul” and “Questing” and there wouldn’t really be any ‘spoilers’ in either one, in regards to what’s going to happen in “Hardcore OP-ness”.  Yet, if you did read all three stories, you could probably figure out the connections pretty easily.  “Questing” in particular, reveals a lot of deep, dark secrets about the other two stories, but there are only 10 chapters at the moment; later in the story, it will probably connect the two much more firmly.

I’ve been putting this off for a ‘very’ long time, but I’ve wanted to ‘revamp’ “Harem Reaper” for at least a year now… It’s about 100k words in total, from what I can remember, and it would need loads of editing work, which is why I never got around to it.  Ugh, do you ever feel as if there just isn’t enough time to do things?  There’s so much that I want to write and just don’t get around to…

I mentioned this a few times, hell, the MC even said it, but there were literally dozens of books that I ‘planned out’ but just never got around to writing.  There were various reasons and a lot of ‘concepts’ from the stories I never used, were incorporated into “Harem Reaper”, “Immortal Soul”, “Questing” and “Hardcore OP-ness”.

I can say for certain that the MC in “Harem Reaper” is either the same character as the MC in “Immortal Soul” or “Hardcore OP-ness”.  Which one, has yet to be decided, since I’ll probably have to change lots of things in the revamp… eventually.

I’m only 23, but I often have days or weeks, where I feel like… I’m going to die.  I don’t know why… Well, mainly because I have a lot of headaches, sometimes feel sudden shooting pains, this one time, for like a week, I kept sneezing a lot; every time I sneezed, it felt like my head was going to explode, my entire body went numb and my heart felt like it was going to burst.  Ugh, I’m also really paranoid and have that one thing, where you always think you’re deathly ill, but you usually aren’t lol.  Basically, I’m just saying that, if I just randomly disappear one day, I’m probably dead.

Honestly, I don’t have much else in my life but writing.  A lot of Michael’s really depressing rants and speeches are the kinds of things that I say… to myself, while taking a shower or whatever, because I talk to myself ‘a lot’.  Seriously though, if you think Michael talks to himself too much, you’ve probably never been alone before.  Also, it’s not really something that you get over; talking to yourself is basically an addiction lol.

Fuck it, I’ll do a ‘teaser’ for Book 2… It’s a chapter somewhere in the book, but I won’t tell you which one lol.  It shouldn’t spoil anything, since it’s pretty abstract and you don’t understand the context :P.  Btw, this entire chapter is practically a sex-scene and probably one of my favorite Michael/Jasmine chapters throughout both books.



Michael and Jasmine were laying on a fluffy pink mattress, inside of a small room. The wallpaper was blue and on the ceiling, a beautiful starry sky was painted. However, the floor was covered with broken dolls, sentient stuffed animals, and a vast assortment of sex-toys.

The adorable little cat-girl cuddled up next to the man, underneath the covers, and shouted in his ear: “Mikey~, I’m bored~! Read me a bedtime story~!”

He complained “You don’t actually need to sleep and besides that, what the hell am I supposed to ‘read’? Does it look like I’ve got a bunch of books laying around here?”

She shook his relatively large body, yelling “Nyah~, just tell me something funny and super-awesome!”

As Michael was ‘massaging’ the kitten’s buttocks, he asked “Seriously JJ, do you expect me to just like, make it up on the spot?”

“Un! Do it~! I’ll lick your pee-pee?” Her fluffy black tail was already wrapped around his erection and vigorously stroking it.

“Ugh, fine~, let’s see~… Okay, it’s been a long ass time since I’ve written this one, so I barely even remember most of the finer details, but I should be able to fill in the blanks with random nonsense either way.” His laziness was finally defeated by his arousal.

“Yay~, story time~, hehehe~!” Jasmine was grinning happily, as she rubbed her ears against his nose and mouth.

He pushed the furry objects away, while shoving his fingers inside of her and muttering “Uh, yeah, sure… Once upon a time, though time is kinda relative when you’re dealing with things that happen outside of universes and realities-”

“Boring~! Mikey’s boring~!” As Jasmine whined, she was also pinching his nipples with her tiny and incredibly sharp fingernails.

“Shut up! Shit, now I can’t remember what I was gonna say… Oh, I got one. In the beginning, there was a super-overpowered, literal godlike being; God, it was just God, the ultimate and supreme entity, which is or was-ish basically everything.” Fortunately, his creativity was a lot greater than his guppy-like memory.

She stopped twisting his nipples and asked “E-even poop?” with an oddly nervous expression.

Michael sighed dramatically and yelled “Yes JJ, your shit is made out of God; now shut the fuck up and let me finish the goddamn story for fuck’s sake!” as he shoved his erect penis inside of her mouth, so that she couldn’t interrupt him any longer.

After taking a deep breath, he started hurriedly explaining “Okay then, this uber OP deity was like ‘Ah, I’m bored and lonely… Maybe if there were other magical light-balls like me, I wouldn’t wanna kill myself anymore?’ Of course, there was a major flaw in God’s plan; once it split into two, it was no longer the same. One of the beings called itself ‘Michael’, which translated to ‘Who is like God?’, because ‘it’ literally thought that it was closer to the original form than its twin. However, the other one went with a similar name, Helel, or ‘Shining One’: Meaning, that it was the bringer of light and that it was more powerful than its other half. Ah, I’m about to cum by the way…”

The little girl choked, and white liquid squirted out of her nose, while her eyes went wide. When he finally removed his right hand from the back of her head, a large amount of milky fluid leaked from the sides of her mouth; however, as soon as she licked it up, she cried “Nyah~, no fair~, Mikey made me drink his pee-pee juice, but you didn’t play with my coochie-button!”

He grumbled “Can’t you just say clitoris like a normal person? Fine, I’ll rub your pussy, but I’m gonna finish the fucking story, so don’t purr or moan too loudly!”

Jasmine grinded against him while smiling gleefully, “Okey doki~, hehehe~! Un~, your fingers make my funzone feel so happy~…”

As she started purring, he continued telling the convoluted story: “So anyway~, Michael and Helel like, ‘melded’ with each other a few times, but they could never turn back into the original God thingy. Eventually though, they somehow managed to create a third light-ball entity, who was called Gabriel. The three of them triangle-ball-fucked and made a fourth one, Raphael; then there was a fourway, spawning a fifth being named ‘Uriel’. They didn’t really have much else to do, so they made a sixth, ‘Azrael’, and number seven was ‘Sariel’.”

“Nyahaha~, you poked my butthole~!” It was then that she had finally decided to start riding on top of him, though he just kept talking and attempted to ignore her loud moaning.

“After all that nonsense, they finally decided to start doing other things aside from ‘balling’. They were like, God-ish creatures, so they could obviously do all sorts of ridiculous bullshit without even trying. Ummm, I’m pretty sure that they created a few universes and realities, then at some point, began making ‘souls’. After not really giving a flying fuck for eons, they finally realized a major problem: They were running out of power. The more they did, the weaker they became, because all of their ‘children’ were sponging off of them and doing whatever they wanted. In the end, a few of their offspring actually ‘dethroned’ the seven of them and ‘crowned’ themselves as the new ‘Gods’.” By the time he had finished speaking, she was quivering and undulating uncontrollably.

The little cat-girl stuck out her tongue and complained “Boo~, so cliche~! Nyah~, tell me something original and new~!”

Michael harshly spanked her buttocks with a decent amount of force, as he shouted “You little bitch, there is no ‘new’ or ‘original’! Everything’s already been done a trillion times over, so shut the fuck up and let me tell my version of this overused piece of shit story!”

“Wah~, Mikey’s mean~, I don’t wanna listen to your stupid story anymore!” Even though tears were pouring from her eyes, she didn’t stop riding him or resist against the mild verbal and physical abuse.

Ignoring her whining, he slowly said “Those seven beings that ‘started’ everything, finally realized that they had made a great mistake; cause most souls were total cunt-bags and did horrible shit to each other all the fuckin time! So~, Michael, Helel, and the other formed a set of ‘rules’ and went out destroying any universe that broke them. Unfortunately, just them alone wasn’t nearly enough to make any sort of dent in the constantly expanding multiverse. After all, even the weakest of souls could easily make a reality of their own…”

By her third orgasm, the Nephilim had filled her womb with copious amounts of seminal fluid, and it was squirting out all over his groan and staining the comforter. She slowly crawled up onto his chest, unnaturally stretching her arms and legs out, so that she could wrap around his torso like an octopus. Then she nibbled on his collarbone, “Om~, nom~ nom~… I’m hungry~, feed me~!”

Michael kissed her forehead, then started thoroughly massaging her lower back, causing her to make a strange cat-like expression, while closing her eyes and shaking her head back and forth. “They eventually decided to go on a soul-hunting spree, actually consuming the souls of their metaphysical children! That obviously caused some problems… It was just the few of them against a nearly endless amount of souls, but as they devoured their offspring, they became much more powerful. Finally, they managed to overthrow the douchebags who were claiming to be gods and goddesses!”

Once her sexual appetite had been sated, Jasmine started becoming slightly interested in the story that the Nephilim was telling her. She pouted and mumbled “Nyah~, they don’t really sound like good-guys…”

He continued onward: “However, regardless of their ruthless rebellion, which destroyed countless souls and universes, they still couldn’t stop the unending tide of expansion. Thus, they needed to create two truly ‘supreme’ entities, that would have the power and authority to ‘actually’ punish souls for their crimes in the lower planes.”

The kitten murmured “It feels like you skipped some stuff, meow~…”

“Whatever, it doesn’t really matter, so just let me finish the goddamn shitty ass story that I’m making up as I go along… Okay, like I was saying; one of them was named ‘Karma’, and it was responsible for not only enforcing the laws, but also imprisoning the souls who break the rules; either rehabilitating them or ‘recycling’ them. The other god-ish motherfucker was called ‘Dharma’ and it was supposed to be some kinda paragon of ‘righteousness’ or something like that…” Michael was running out of ideas, but he didn’t want to disappoint his girlfriend.

Jasmine was stretching out on his chest, while laying on her back, but was still able to ask “And then what happened, nyah~?”

The Nephilim frowned, glancing around the room at the creepy stuffed animals that were all glaring at him with hostility. “Oh, umm, hmmm, well Karma was a vindictive bitch, who fucked all seven of them in the asshole, metaphorically. Each of them had broken their own laws in the process of enforcing them, and so they were imprisoned; tortured for an eternity, while they were ‘rehabilitated’ through a series of trials, maybe? As for Dharma; he turned out to be a lazy, crazy, psychopath who did some stuff… The end!”

“No~, that ending sucked poopy-dick!” Jasmine obviously wasn’t very impressed with the rushed finish.

Michael lifted her up by the armpits and yelled “Too fucking bad! I’m the goddamn author and I didn’t even write this shit down, so no one will ever even read it!”

Tears were welling up in her glistening golden eyes, as she quietly asked “But, but my bedtime story~?”

“JJ, neither of us are even in a physical body right now! You aren’t going to sleep! We’re trapped in a motherfucking, piece of shit prison inside of my crazy-ass mind and holy ballsack-kittens, I think I’m waking up?!” When he opened his eyes, he accidentally inhaled a large breath of saltwater and felt like he was going to vomit, but he couldn’t. Everything around him was submerged; his neck and chest were strapped to an operating table, but fortunately, there were no restraints on his arms or legs.



I was going to remove that last paragraph, but meh, if you’ve read this much already… Besides, teasers are supposed to ‘tease’ you, right? roflmao

Anyway~, a bit of news regarding ‘when’ I’m going to start releasing chapters… I said that it was going to be a ‘month’, but I think I’m going to release chapters 1-7 on February 7th and then release 8-15 on February 14th(My birthday btw lol).

I’ve written 51 chapters so far in Book 2 and now that I’m finally going to start releasing it soon… ugh, there’s always so much anxiety when you just start putting something out there.  Even though I’ve done this so many times already, I’m still always afraid that people are gonna troll me, hate it, complain for various reasons.

However, I’ve ‘matured’ over the past year and a half; I’ve learned that you can’t please everybody and that people are generally assholes lol.  So~, this is my message to anyone who wants to say some fucked up shit that you know will just piss me off: “I hate you and I hope you write a story one day, so that I can personally troll you!”  Probably the worst feeling as an author, is when someone’s being a cunt and you can’t do anything about it.  Unfortunately, most people who go around putting other people down all the time, usually have no talent and are just taking out their self-hatred on others, because they’re jealous little twats.

And now, for what I know everyone has actually been waiting for… random videos of cute animals doing things~!  Yay~, because cuteness is justice and bunnies can get away with murder.

BunnyKittyDoggieDifferent DoggyFishy, Doggy, Puppies, MJ Kitty, Kitties and Doggies, Sonic, Meow~, Wolfies, Super-Rabbit, Dog, Monkeys, Mommy Meow Meow, Horsies, Horsey, Doe?, Tiny Doggy, and Raccoons lol.


27 thoughts on “Afterword?

  1. So.. What, The, Heck, Happened..? I think I just forgot most the end stuff and didn’t understand most of them because of my excite-ness to read the book 2.. So can kindly explain for my goldfish of a brain but if you forgot it is okay as I just submerge myself within the chapters of book 2 not knowing what was the ending of book 1 for the rest of my life. :]

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  2. >However, I’ve also said, many many times, that the two stories are very intimately connected to each other. You could read ‘all’ of “Immortal Soul” and “Questing” and there wouldn’t really be any ‘spoilers’ in either one, in regards to what’s going to happen in “Hardcore OP-ness”. Yet, if you did read all three stories, you could probably figure out the connections pretty easily. “Questing” in particular, reveals a lot of deep, dark secrets about the other two stories, but there are only 10 chapters at the moment; later in the story, it will probably connect the two much more firmly.

    So are you telling me I have to read those two stories to find out more about the world of HCOP? Because if they get connected down the line it would be great to know what the fuck is going on once it affects HCOP.

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  3. JJ and Michael there sex time is the funniest and just so you know an afterword is when a author prays a bout his work and uses brainwashing to get t house people to read more.

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  4. Lol why did that Dharma get the title Motherfucker and not Karma? XD

    Anyways, about the teaser, a nice background-ish story was given and that teaser is what really intrigued me. He’s in a torture room? But his mind is not shackled, so he can still meet up with others and have sex while telling stories… XD. Seems like the Craziness is even more profound in Book-2.

    P.S Michael needs to get a girlfriend; and no not the story MC but IRL one. Sex releaves a lot of tension XD…

    Thanks for the teaser.

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  5. : ) caught my attention. Hoping book two doesn’t skip past them and go onto someone else. Been more than a little busy so haven’t gotten around to reading comments if it was mentioned whether continuing or moving on. Either way I look forward to it though. All your work is OP.

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      • Headaches are due to stress. And so how long will you be stressed the more fiercer will be the pains. Believe me. I had a headache almost 250,000 euros because of a stupid cashier who forgot to put a comma when she made the order cash the next day. I had 2 weeks of pure hell, explanatory notes, investigations, internal audit and financial controls. lost about half of my hair and 13 kilograms. just so you get an idea my net salary is around 300 euros. Imagine that.

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      • Well, there are stress headaches, but ‘most’ of my headaches are probably caused by cystic acne. If I get one near a pressure point, I basically have a migraine for a week until it goes away. Stress is a big factor in other problems though…


    • Don’t worry anonymous writer who exists somewhere (hopefully…). I read it, and thought it was wonderful. It also gives some good background to the story (because with how weird the stuff you write is, Michael will probably turn out to be Dhama who wiped his memory and went on holiday, while Arcana is Kama (or one of her lackeys) who is tricking Michael into doing her job for her under the pretense of a “subscription fee”). Good luck with the next book.

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    • As a side not, some people might end up reading it only because they are like me and curious how the links weren’t posted in the table of contents for book one. Of course I might just be blind but that is beside the point.

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