Epilogue: Michael’s Subscription Fee

As Michael and his slimy, naked Companions were about to split up and head to their own rooms, he suddenly yelled “Holy fucking shitty-titties! I think I just remembered what happened!”

Sarah screamed “Shut up, ya noisy cuntbag!” and unhesitantly thrust her tail into his genitals.

Talia complained “I do not wish to spend a moment longer, covered in this disgusting viscous liquid! Speak swiftly!”

Elina widened her eyes and gasped, stammering “Oh, oh my Goddess! How could we have done something so… horrible!?”

Inari barked a few times, before starting to lick the goo out of her fur. She obviously didn’t seem too upset about anything.

Alice snickered, walking over and pushing Michael down onto the slimy floor. The dragoness casually squatted down onto his erection and let out a loud roar, partially deafening everyone in the relatively dark room.

The Huntress sighed and immediately left, heading towards her own bedroom. Sarah grumbled “I got shit ta do, so I’ll see ya bitches later!” and ‘Shadow-Stepped’ back directly into the basement.

Jasmine was purring quietly, curled up in a ball and sleeping on the hardwood floor. While the angelic cat-girl just laid down next to her and started quietly crying out of guilt.

Michael smirked, thrusting up into the dragoness and muttering “Elly, stop being such a pussy… Seriously, we didn’t do anything wrong, so calm your gigantic tits. Besides, you should go find Rachael and Iris… Just try to forget about all that nonsense and focus on raising your adorable babies.”

Elina slowly stood up and carried Jasmine in her arms, out of the dimly lit room. After she made it into her own bedroom, she laid her girlfriend down onto the mattress and started bawling into one of her amazingly fluffy pillows.


Inari walked over to the Nephilim’s side and cuddled up next to his head, while Alice continued to ride on top of him. She snickered and asked “So~, don’t you feel kind of bad about what you did? I mean, I definitely don’t give a shit, because for the rest of us, our entire world was at stake… Everyone we’ve ever known or cared about, our home and families, but you-”

“Ally, I’ve told you this before, but I don’t regret anything… Except that one time, when I flushed the toilet again, even though I was ninety-percent sure that it would overflow, and ugh, nope, don’t wanna ever think about that horrible day again! The point is, you are my family and ‘this’ is my world. I could never be like that asshole Luke… Hell, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Arcana ‘hires’ me again, to bring her more food. No idea where she’ll send us next time, but it doesn’t matter… This is my home, and I have no qualms about destroying planets, solar systems, universes or even realities, if that’s what it takes to pay the rent, hehehe~.” Michael’s ominous declaration was not an exaggeration, but a promise.

Floating inconspicuously in the northwestern corner of the room, was an elven woman. Her face was blurry and from the tips of her incredibly long ears, copious amounts of pure Arcane aura were leaking out. Michael wasn’t using his wisp at that moment, so he couldn’t see or even ‘feel’ her presence.

There were innumerable stars, galaxies and enormous celestial bodies seemingly painted upon her obsidian flesh. Those eyes were pure white and appeared to burn hotter than a supernova, while her nearly transparent hair stretched through the walls, ceiling and floor, unhindered.

A tiny glowing ball materialized in her right hand. It was the size of a typical mana-core, but if someone investigated it more closely, they would notice that it seemed eerily similar to a globe of the planet Earth.

She whispered “Oh Michael~… One story’s protagonist, can so easily become the antagonist of another. It is all dependent upon the opinions of the observers…”

A message popped up before the Nephilim’s eyes “Congratulations on upgrading your Player-Home to rank-E! You may now expand your Residential territory to 1000 acres. You may also include a tertiary village to your Civilian territory. You are currently using 1,110 out of a maximum of 50,000 square meters, would you like to expand your territory or the size of your Player-Home?”

After he snickered and declined the offer, another notification appeared: “Nekoshire has agreed to become your tertiary village.”

Then he heard a voice whisper into his mind “You have done well, so you shall be rewarded for your service. Hmmm~, I believe this should suffice… I would offer you a Legendary weapon, but then you would lose interest in seeking it out on your own. You still have a Dungeon to complete, correct? The new Players have begun arriving already, in the form of Infants. However, tomorrow is when the great majority of Players shall appear… There are twenty-one ‘starter’ planets for them to choose from. There are also dozens of low-level zones, which have been sufficiently ‘reorganized’, on each planet. Michelle’s Prairie is one of them Michael. There are a total of seven-hundred and fifty-five other options for each of them to choose from. However, the sheer number of souls that have been summoned this time… I estimate that there will be at the very least, one billion Players who should arrive within this particular zone.”

He sighed dramatically, complaining “Where the fucking fuck did a trillion souls come from?! Ugh, well, that level of population isn’t actually that bad though, if you consider that they’re spread out between three solar systems. Wait a second, one billion?! I thought you said a million! How the fuck are a billion people gonna fit inside of this zone?! Hell, they’re all Players too!”

Arcana giggled, explaining “If they were all Human, it would be fairly easy for one billion of them to be placed within one thousand square kilometers… Unfortunately, they would not be likely to enjoy such an arrangement. However, when did I specify that the Players would all be Human or even humanoid? It is not true for ‘all’ plants and animals, but a great many of them do indeed possess souls. Also, not all humanoids possess souls… Upon being summoned, the great majority of beings choose to maintain their original forms. Birds, insects, ferns, fruit-trees, mammals, fish… Those that desire to become something completely different, while few in percentage, are still quite large in number. It is unknown how many Players will remain after the first chaotic day, but I estimate that there shall be less than one-hundred billion in total.”

Right when Michael was about to ask something rather important, Alice roared “Stop talking to yourself and enter your damn demonic state! I can barely even feel your tiny dick inside of me!”

He smirked, growling “Fine~!” as his body began transforming rapidly. Within moments, he was actually nearly a meter taller than the dragoness, and she screamed in shock, feeling like her womb was being penetrated by a giant tentacle. Then her bowels were invaded by an even larger object, which swirled around and randomly thrust in and out.

That mysterious ‘Goddess of Voyeurism’ silently vanished from the room, with a smile on her slightly blurry crimson lips. She murmured “Time to go ‘play’ with Adam a bit…” as her body-structure changed from a seemingly perfect elven woman, into a large and muscular orcish man.

‘He’ still had stars covering his naked obsidian flesh and from an aesthetic point of view, ‘Arcano’ was certainly just as attractive as a male. However, in the end, shapeshifters never truly had genders, and deities were only ever interested in two things: sustenance and entertainment.

72 thoughts on “Epilogue: Michael’s Subscription Fee

  1. LOL, she seemed to take an interest in him and then she goes looking for him in the form of a muscular man named “Arcano”, I somehow feel sorry for Adam…

    PS: Am I the only one who read “Arcano” with a Mortal Kombat narrator like voice?

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  2. after 4-ish days of constant reading whenecer i had the time, and falling asleep while reading, i’m done ! now i’m going to enjoy my 3 hours of sleep and back to school -_-
    obviously going to start reading book 2 as soon as i wake up in the morning xD

    love you Mike777 (no homo), and hope you will continue writing awesome stuff, maybe less tentacles tho xD
    its 2:37 in the morning so, cya 😉

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  3. Huh. So considering the metaphor used earlier, Arcana is one of the last “living” gods and she found out that in order for her to continue to exist she can’t simply make mana as making mana would sacrifice her own essence. That would be the feeling of something bad would happen she mentioned. Then the metaphor means that the gods of other realities and universes had to use their own essence and soul to split and create the universe and all souls within it. Therefore the universes and worlds and souls are all part of a dead decaying corpse that is that god. Ergo using some of the spatial concepts such as why the universe seems to have converged from a central point and is ever expanding and decaying. Things recycle but are slowly getting worse each time.
    So what Arcana does is clean up her universe of all the places that she feels don’t matter to regain energy and essence of herself. As her body is literally the universe so she needs avatars unlike the “goddesses” who are fully functional souls with a central form. Further that would mean instead of sacrificing herself to make something she took the decaying flesh of dead gods and brought them into her universe as a source of energy and used the flesh as food. The “players” are therefore sustenance and energy from the dying universes while “npc’s” are local souls who rely on the local universe, that being Arcana, to survive. Or to put it another way they rely on her because they have run out of the necessary will and fortitude necessary to continue producing their own mana or energy. This means that stronger “npc’s” rely on absorbing energy from around them or from Arcana while Players produce energy from themselves and feed it to Arcana. Veritably feeding the [System] as it were. Arcana then has taken inummerable souls from endless numbers of realities using her “subscribers” to then bring in more mana generating souls. To lose or end ones subscription means to be drained of energy completely and become a “npc” or leech on the system. It basically removes all the energy all at once thus providing Arcana energy. And considering you barely even touch the power that is within the soul at all she gains a decent amount of energy per soul. Especially in that first day when trillions of them simply give up almost immediately she gains the full amount of energy within each universe fragment, or dead decaying god fragment that have becomes souls thus letting her supply energy to the universe at large again while continuing to exist on a fully conscious level.

    That’s what I got out of it. And I think i’m pretty on the spot mostly. Though I doubt I needed to write an essay on it lol.
    Interesting concept man great work.

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    • Yeah, you could have just read like… chapter 28 of Book 2, where it kinda-sorta explains how things work-ish lol. Well, you are pretty close for the most part though :P. However, I will say this… Mana is like energy and matter. It can never really be extinguished or removed from existence, it simply changes into other forms. Like, no matter how many other universes and realities are created, the power doesn’t vanish. Nothing is ever ‘lost’. Even if a universe ‘dies’ and all of the energy turns into matter, the matter could still be turned back into energy later on. That potential ‘power’ doesn’t vanish, ever.


  4. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say superb blog!


  5. what im taking away from this is mike went back in time after fusing with parts of his soul which happened to be female and ended up as a mother while killing and saving as he pleased.

    its the unexpected plot twists that keep ppl coming back 😛

    if you do wanna make an after world you set mike up to probably be considered evil by maybe half the new players so you could have a war. wars are always profitable for the winner. given that a lot of ppl are going to be starting in his town it could even end as a faction war for domination on his world and then invasions from the other starting world as some weird war game the gods/gamemasters are doing with one of them leading a side.

    or how about the next story be about their vacation through the universe. start down in arcane’s foot and end up in her ear 😛

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  6. i feel like a space jet that emptied its all fuel after full speed…like in emptiness.at least be something like a space filled with shit tons of things ffs not like a black hole((( well at least it was a good ride at full speed i guess.lets find a fuel station to continue the second part of journey

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  7. I…. I fell…. so……. so hollow……

    My reason to open the internet is gone for a month…
    Quick! Someone give me a virgin marshmallow in mayonnaise to sacrifice to the dark teeth gods of stationary supplies!!
    *chanting incessantly* I shall persevere.. I shall not speculate on book 2.. I shall not use crayons to build stick figures of MC and CO to hold me through the long wa-OH WHO AM I KIDDING!! Time to go and re-read the whole book 1 so that I won’t forget the fuck Michael did not give through his journey.

    But seriously, super yayeration on book 1 and thank you very much for the lols given so far.

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  8. Please correct me if I’m wrong, as I am trying to process the events that just transpired. Michael and his harem fused into Minari and got sent off to a “mission” which I assume is the summoning or transmigration of being with souls in his or a similar dimension. This is part of Arcana’s tribute from Michael in order for him to retain his existence in the main universe (hence the hurry from Alice because, as Michael put it, “his subscription was about to expire”). Prior to all the events that occurred in the book, Minari already completed his/her mission and is transported back from the mission dimension to an earlier point in time. He/she is chilling and subsequently summons Michael into this universe to solve the time paradox/plot hole of how he was summoned in the first place. As Michael’s harem completes the fusion, Minari’s fusion time runs out, the mission spawns a trillion players from the dimension Minari traveled to while Arcana consumes what is left of said dimension (I am assuming that players are simply first generation trans-migrants) and Michael finishes submitting his payment to remain in the Arcana universe.

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      • Thanks. It was a bit hard to wrap my head around everything with the pace suddenly speeding up, but it made sense given that Michael had a subscription deadline to meet. Great novel, looking forward to book 2. The world you painted is rich and inspiring. Many of the books I read now fall a bit short compared to yours in terms of realism(or modernism). Keep up the great work.

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      • Thanks lol, it’s gonna be a while before I post anything from Book 2 though… I might end up finishing book 2 before posting any of it lol. Although, it won’t be nearly as long as book 1.


      • Ah, you’ll find out in book 2 lol. Well, I’ll say this though… When you eat an ear of corn, do you ask dead stalk for permission to consume the bacteria and other microbes that were living on and inside of the kernels?

        If that metaphor isn’t good enough, then I’m sorry because I can’t really explain it more clearly without giving spoilers :P.

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      • Makes since, also good metaphor.
        Hope in book three both Michael and Arcana are challenged with real threats that they don’t see coming because I doubt their the only big game in the multi verse poaching souls and Michael needs some type of real rival that’s just as crazy and almost as OP as him. Also will we see some independent actions among his companions that don’t align with Michael’s. No, I don’t mean them becoming enemies but you have 6 different individuals with different beliefs and goals that could clash down the road and Michael may have to take a side. It’s not always sunny and fun in a relationship of 2 let alonel 7(unless it’s some type of cult or religion that brainwashed the women in it.)

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      • You do realize that in our reality, Sarah and Michael would have literally murdered each other several times over… Inari would be considered a pet, Jasmine would have probably killed herself along with the rest of them, Elina would have probably cheated with another girl, and Alice would have been a drug-addict and probably died from a heroin overdose. Talia would have become a musical youtube star and had a happy life with Michael, but she’d probably be infertile and her low sex drive would cause him to feel that their relationship was one-sided. They’d probably end up adopting a baby boy, which she would later end up cheating on Michael with, and possibly get arrested when the child brags to his friends that he was fucking his sexy adopted mother(In sixth grade). The point is that… our reality is really fucking depressing and I hate humans lol. I like magic or super-advanced technologies and biologies…

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      • No, no, tell me how u really feel.lol
        Come on, humans aren’t that bad. Seeing how 99.999999999999999999999% of humans are the same both mentally and physically, with a few tweaks here and there I find it hard to hate, basically myself for some of the questionable and harmful decision my other fellow human beings make. I’m sorry you’re outlook on us isn’t great and I understand,( as much one can understand from a few comments and story’s,) that things look bad but man that’s what makes life enjoyable because without all that pain and strife we wouldn’t have HARDCORE-OP-NESS.😊😊😊 while I don’t love you, I definitely don’t hate you.😘

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      • Lmao, well, I’d say that out of 7.4 billion, only about 3 billion are horrible people. So in that situation, at least the majority of humans isn’t that bad? Anyway, pain and strife are necessary in a certain sense, but when people don’t ‘learn’ from their mistakes and continue allowing themselves to be used and abused by those who are essentially equal or lesser than themselves… Humanity is disappointing overall lol.


  9. [There were innumerable stars, galaxies and enormous celestial bodies seemingly painted upon her obsidian flesh. Those eyes were pure white and appeared to burn hotter than a supernova, while her nearly transparent hair stretched through the walls, ceiling and floor, unhindered.] ~ Relatively best xianxia style description for a female in your story ever I think…

    Also I finally understood the Whole Plot of this story. But now that I think about it, the basic of Use Materials from somewhere to build your own home is what was done here…

    A good ending for the book one. But the typical Action scenes ending is what was missed here. But that was compensated by the Sex? I guess XD.

    So will the Book 2 is released in the website here, will it be about the Time Travel story or the Noobg… Something?

    Thanks again for the awesome story. Have a good rest and holidays… Like literally take more than one month and come back full of health.

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    • Now that I don’t have to deal with posting etcetera, I can focus on writing Book 2 faster :). As for ‘breaks’… Idk if I can actually do breaks. Like, my brain is always writing, regardless of what my body is doing.

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  10. Anyone ever really get into or like a story and then when it ended you felt… a sense of loss? That’s what i’m feeling right now and it’s been a long time since the last. Feel a bit depressed and grumpy. : /

    I remember the first times being after finishing FFVII and Chrono Cross when I was younger.

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  11. I just fricken realized not to mention proper intimate time with Inari, he still hasn’t even really had a talk with her. Not counting the “off screen” mind meld time I suppose.

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