TVG Chapter 9: The Young Ice Empress

Every single night, Yue would have a magical duel with that panther. She was never wounded, but her Qi reserves were always totally drained. Continue reading

TVG Chapter 8: Accidental Sealing

It happened during our twenty third year together, when she managed to condense her first Qi Core. That night had a bright and beautiful full Moon in the clear, star-filled sky. We were meditating on the beach when she finally broke through. Continue reading

TVG Chapter 7: Parenting Skills

Author’s Note

Okay, so I know a lot of you have been annoyed that I stopped posting The Vanilla God, but well… I only wrote it for less than a week, so what could I do?  Anyway, I’ve just had these three chapters laying in the TVG folder for 6 months or so, and I figured that I might as well post them?  I will definitely write The Vanilla God eventually… I also need to finish the first volume of “Questing”, I need to hardcore edit the first 4 volumes of “Immortal Soul”, I need to finish ‘Book 2’ of HCOP and yeah… I’m currently writing volume 3 of “The Dao of Eros” rofl.  So much stuff to do and I never seem to have enough time.

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