Shameless Advertisement

So yeah, I haven’t made a post about this in a long time.  Since people tend to not look at pages for some reason, here’s “Shameless Advertisement” again lol.


‘You’ need to write or copy/paste a synopsis or general description in the comments yourself: Assuming that you’re a person who wants to shamelessly advertise your story on this page.


The Onion Junktion: A website with originals and translated novels.  I also post “The Dao of Eros” there.

Wuxiaworld Reader’s Group: A Facebook group that I use a lot.

Max Manga: An awesome artist who draws stuff! Facebook, Deviant Art, Twitter, Google+  “Max Manga, a young manga artist who’s trying his hardest to go pro, join him in his journey 😃!”

Lies and Letters: Letters from the Border, Reviews from the Border, The Lies We Love.

ButteredFruit: Offensive and hilarious movie reviews.  “We watch terrible movies so you don’t have to.”

Archives of Orion: The Monster Inside the Army of Heroes

The Demonic Method

Empyrean Ascent: “A xianxia story about a certain soul who dreams of a new life filled with exciting events and lots of romance. I don’t know how this story will go on but surely I’ll do my best to make this story as interesting as possible.”


Pun’s Reading List

Tales of the Forgotten Slayer

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