HCOP Book 2, Chapter 82: Azriel

Even the most heavily armored helicopters were incredibly fragile when facing the power of a tornado. Without even catching sight of the green and brown blur that soared above them, tanks and APCs were lifted off of the ground and tossed around like tiny plastic toys.

Talia didn’t even bother directly attacking anyone, because it would have been meaningless. However, just the after-effects of her excessive speed had created horrible weather all throughout the magical dome.

In the city it was raining heavily, while it was snowing on the outskirts of the farmland, and there were plenty of cyclones that spawned in between the two counter-rotating storms. The barrier protecting New Tokyo was slowly weakening, as the mana that was typically used to power it, was being consumed by a certain High Elven Huntress.

With the explosive power of Alice’s wasp-like wings, along with Michael’s protective helmet, Talia was able to travel faster than she never could have imagined before. That sword in her right hand was trailing behind her body, while creating a thunderous melody. A normal sonic boom could already break windows and burst eardrums, but that blade was capable of so much more.

It wasn’t so bad when she was in the outskirts, but once she approached the city, the level of devastation was horrifying. Skyscrapers exploded and collapsed, statues crumbled, people were placed into a trance that they would never awaken from, and all of that was merely from her flying over there.

“Oh for fuck’s sake! What the hell are you doing?!” Michael’s voice echoed within her mind and Talia abruptly stopped, creating a massive vortex of destruction that continued traveling past her body and wreaking havoc within the town.

She stared blankly at the chaos and shouted “Qué chingados es eso?! Why is this happening?!” However, since she so easily caused such a problem, it wasn’t surprising that she was also able to casually stop the storms, tornadoes and other windy disasters from continuing.

Of course, she couldn’t undo the tens of thousands of people who died and had their souls sucked into her body, neither could she ‘fix’ all of the obliterated or collapsing buildings around the city. The best she could do was put out all of the fires and ‘slowly’ continue on her way towards the center of New Tokyo.

Unlike the fragile skyscrapers and highrises on the edges of the town, the middle was actually a colossal metallic triangular pyramid. The size of that structure was completely absurd and that was merely on the surface. Below the ground, the building was far larger.

Azriel-Tech was more than just a corporation; it was essentially the heart and soul of New Tokyo. Under normal circumstances, it wasn’t particularly difficult to enter that titanic pyramid from the ground or air, but once the emergency protocols were underway, it was practically impenetrable.

Perhaps Talia could, with Alice’s assistance, create a catastrophic earthquake, combined with an unnaturally powerful tornado and force her way inside. Unfortunately, such a disaster would also destroy the entire city and kill millions of ‘innocent’ people.

As she floated above the superstructure, many of the gun batteries began opening fire upon the mysterious intruder. At that moment, her entire body seemed to explode into a cloud of mist. Then she simply flew down and found the closest ventilation shaft, near the tip of that pyramid.

There were two places that were the most difficult to gain access to, within the entire, enormous building: The very bottom level, and the highest peak. Depending on the circumstances, both locations could be the safest in the entire base.

“Hmmm, go away, I’m busy…” Even with sirens and all kinds of announcements constantly resounding throughout the rest of the city and pyramid, that penthouse was totally sound-proof. The moment that Talia materialized in the corner of that huge workshop and research laboratory, she was immediately detected by the only ‘person’ who was currently there.

She slowly walked across the pure-white seamless floor and commanded “Give me the location of Rachael… I do not know her last name. One moment… Rachael Yamahashi. If you do not directly tell me where she is, then I will be forced to take drastic measures to uncover her current location…”

The creature before her was entirely inorganic and did not even attempt to camouflage themselves in a human form. Its ‘head’ was a holographic image of a Japanese man’s face, while the neck was merely the projector. The body was a transparent superplastic sphere, which floated around randomly. Inside of that container was what looked like a human brain, though it had thousands of microcircuits and fiber-optic wires connected to it.

At the various workstations, there were several robotic arms, but there were also plenty of nanite-clusters. Those wasp, fly and bird shaped critters were constantly buzzing around, performing menial tasks. There were hundreds of monitors and holographic projectors all around the room, which displayed anything from binary code to extremely advanced three-dimensional video feeds.

That feminine and high-pitched voice complained “Yeah, yeah, whatever… Umm, let’s see, Rachael Yamahashi is currently… not here. Wait a second… Don’t I know you from somewhere? You definitely seem familiar somehow…” That ball hovered over and released a wave of red scanning lasers, which covered the woman’s entire body a few times. Then it backed away and shouted “You! Why are you here?! No, no, not enough time! Why do you always want to ruin everything?!”

Talia pointed her sword at the strange orb and yelled “Silence fool! Tell me where Rachael is, now!”

“I’m sorry, okay?! I didn’t know what I was doing! How could I have known?! Too many possibilities… No, why are you here?! Why are you always here?! I’m not ready! Hahaha~! I-I-I didn’t know… Mama, Papa, forgive me, please! I didn’t… I was just… I never should have created you! It’s my fault as your father, but just because you were a child, doesn’t leave you blameless! I should have done this a long time ago… should have ended it when I still had the chance!” Azriel was literally bouncing around the room, while ranting and raving incoherently.

At that moment, a pitch-black sphere flew out of that bright-green helmet and transformed into the shape of a six-foot tall man. Michael calmly ordered “Enough, stop freaking out and calm down.”

Hearing that familiar voice, the rubbery ball immediately stopped and hovered around the illusory obsidian figure. Azriel holographic face seemed totally blank, as he muttered “I apologize… When I designed this technology, I had not anticipated how anxiety, nervousness, guilt, regret, and fear would affect a brain without a body. Relief is very difficult to achieve… That’s why I’ve been so fervently working towards creating a realistic virtual world. Without that, it seems that sooner or later, I may simply cease functioning completely.”

The High-Elf asked “Why do you not simply create a golem to replace your body? I have seen many humans who have done so within the city…”

“No~, no-no-no~, not possible… Can’t do that anymore, it’s too late for me… I need to figure out how to transfer my consciousness into a new, better, inorganic brain! Fucking organics! I hate them! Um, uh, yes, I need to create a virtual reality! That’s the best way! Hmmm, if I can just figure out how to transfer my consciousness into a new, better, inorganic brain! I hate those fucking organics! You, you’re not ‘Him’! You can’t be ‘Him’! Why are you here?! What do you want from me, Imposter?!” Michael sighed as the holographic projector on Azriel’s orb malfunctioned during his rant, displaying a popup add for Ariel-Corp Male Enhancement Pills.

He casually suggested “Just let me extract your soul and I can put it inside of a new brain or whatever. Hell, I could totally turn you into a dog, dragon, tree or rock, doesn’t really matter cause it’s all just magic in the end, right?”

Azriel’s face reappeared, wearing a furious expression, he screamed “Nonsense! Magic… magic?! Hahahahahaha~! Fuck your magic! You, you, you always ruin everything! I was so close! So damn close, but then you! You and that evil bitch came along! How many times are you going to do this to me before you’re satisfied?! Huh?! Answer me, Karma! I know you’re here! I can still hear your insidious cackling! We created you to ‘fix’ our mistakes! Not to torment us for eternity! And you… you traitorous bastard! How could you side with her?! After all we’ve been through! Can’t you see what she’s doing?!”

Talia’s helmet transformed back into a pair of thin-framed glasses and her ponytail dangled around behind her back again. She was frowning, as she glared at the brain and questioned “Miguel, what is this strange creature babbling on about? Is it merely insane, or do you actually understand what it is saying?”

Michael snickered, shrugging his shoulders and murmuring “Well, I guess it all depends… I do think he’s crazy, but he might have some lucid moments too. Either way, I feel like if I let him continue speaking, a certain someone might become ‘angry’. So~, sorry about this buddy, but you’ll thank me later, kay? Hehehe~…”


Author’s Note

Be quiet Azriel!  Always giving away my secrets!  Do you want to get hit by another truck?!


15 thoughts on “HCOP Book 2, Chapter 82: Azriel

  1. These people really can’t step out the front door without wrecking half the city and ending a few million lives, can they? No wonder they were chosen to end the Earth…

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  2. *Michael sighed as the holographic projector on Azriel’s orb malfunctioned during his rant, displaying a popup add for Ariel-Corp Male Enhancement Pills.*

    Rofl with the pop up add

    Thx for new chpt, weird out by it…. as usual….

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