HCOP Book 2, Chapter 81: Criminals

It’s been a while, but yeah, still haven’t finished writing “Hardcore Legacies” yet.  I’m thinking that after I finish the first book of “The Diary of Destiny King“, I’m probably going to try to finish “Hardcore Legacies“.  I’ve put it off for way too long lol.  I really need to start ‘selling’ books though.  HCOP and “Immortal Soul” would need way too much editing to do in a reasonable amount of time.  So, I’ll probably try to sell “The Diary of Destiny King: Tutorial” first, then “The Dao of Eros: Leviathan” and possibly “The Dao of Eros: Karma“, then “The Dao of Eros: Sacrifice” in that order.  Anyway, I’ll stop talking now lol.


While Michael, Alice, Jasmine, Sarah and Inari were ‘playing’ with each other in their conjoined Soul Realm, Elina was still in control of their body. Talia’s tiny avatar was sitting on the cat-girl’s head, while complaining “Now that you have decided to sire this infant, our living expenses will likely be increased by a large margin. For the time being, you should heal our unconscious friend over there. Rachael will be returning home soon and I do not wish to worry her again…”

However, before she could continue speaking, Hiro opened his eyes and groaned loudly. Then he used his twisted metallic left arm to push himself out of the wall. After cracking his neck and stretching his two organic limbs a bit, he grumbled “I’m fine! Ugh, shit! Don’t you realize what your little psycho-friend has done?! The whole city will be in an uproar now… We were on the verge of a fucking civil war in the first place and now that the only peacekeeping force has been totally demolished… Damn it! I just got called in! Now me and Rei-Rei are going to have to go deal with this mess! Thanks for that! Hell, New Tokyo will probably get attacked by magical-beasts while we’re fighting each other!”

Elina frowned, holding the baby against her chest with her left arm and using her right hand to fire out a beam of blinding golden light. As the cyborg’s body was bathed in that warm and comfortable radiance, all of the wounds on his back, chest and face were swiftly healed. After a moment of hesitation, she asked “What can we do to fix this? How can we make things better?”

Hiro growled “This isn’t something you can fix! You can’t just wave your fucking magic hands and bring people back from the dead!”

She smiled wryly, muttering “It might not be that simple, but resurrection isn’t that hard… As long as the important parts are intact, I could probably bring them back to life?”

Hearing that, he shouted “It’s just an expression! Shit! I don’t have time for this! I gotta go to work, so just… Please make sure that your crazy alter-egos don’t come out and make things even worse for me, okay?!”

Once he went upstairs, Hiro glanced over at his television and saw that the Mayor was giving an announcement. She appeared to be an extremely young Japanese woman, wearing a black business suit. Almost her entire body was covered by clothing except for her face, so it was impossible to tell that underneath her clothes, she looked exactly the same as Rachael. Aside from a few select organs, everything else was inorganic.

“Our city has been plagued by these psychotic deviants for far too long! At first, we believed that Mahou Shoujo Kuro-chan and Ero-Mask Neko-Loli were vigilantes… Heroes of justice who decided to put their lives on the line in order to protect us from terrorists, magical-beasts and other threats to New Tokyo! Unfortunately, we were far too naive! Since then, true heroes have arisen… In fact, one of them has fallen today. Super-Robo Ana-chan was murdered earlier, by the villain who’s now known as Shadow-Skull! Not only did she resist arrest, but our brave robotic police officers, along with anyone else who was caught in the crossfire, was ruthlessly slaughtered by this evil monster! After that, she even went as far as butchering the head of the NJSDF and his entire family! Until this fiend is caught, I am placing the entire city in a state of… martial law! Anyone suspected of being in contact with Shadow-Skull, Ero-Mask Neko-Loli, or any other villain with be arrested and interrogated by our newly instated police department!”

Hiro was wearing a black tank-top and dark-blue jeans. However, he still needed to grab his holster and pistol from the safe in his room. Walking up the stairs he suddenly felt sharp pains all up and down the left side of his body. It was then that he finally noticed his mangled metal arm and leg were no longer functioning, along with his robotic eye.

He muttered “Shit… Fuck~… How the hell am I supposed to afford getting this fixed? No, more importantly, how am I going to explain the damage… Wait a second, shit-shit-shit!” It wasn’t until then that he realized the emergency beacon in his brain had been activated earlier. The last time he was nearly killed by Sarah, was before the new safety protocols had been initiated.

There was a throbbing sensation in his artificial limbs and organs, when suddenly, the twisted metal and broken parts started to repair themselves. He yelled “Ah~! What is this nonsense?! Agh~! Grah~!” The titanium and other silvery materials were slowly turning pure-white and his left eye began glowing with a bright golden luster.

It was always possible to ‘sense’ the mechanical half of his body, but he was merely able to know the general state that they were in and he could tell if there was some sort of pressure. Rachael had slightly more advanced sensory technology built into her skin, yet even she wasn’t able to truly ‘feel’ the way that real flesh could.

After Hiro tumbled down the stairs, he crashed through the backdoor of the house. It was only a screen, so it didn’t take much force for it to be torn apart. He roared in agony, while crawling around on the brick patio.

When the pain finally stopped, his inorganic parts were still easily distinguishable from the rest of his body. His left arm and leg weren’t nearly as skinny as they used to be, and were essentially the exact same size as the right side. Before then, they appeared like two metallic skeletal limbs, with most of the wires and machinery inside. It was illegal to use military grade cybernetics within the city. It was also unnecessary for the most part, because exo-suits were far more powerful anyway.

Those original prosthetics changed from silver to white and appeared almost identical to ‘real’ bones. Of course, they were actually several times more durable than what he had been using before. However, the real change was the fact that they were no longer hollow inside. The silver, gold and black wires, tubes and batteries were wrapped around the exterior, which would normally make them extremely vulnerable. Yet, there were also rubbery muscle-fibers and nerve-endings that were thickly tangled up around them.

Last but not least, was the thin layer of human-like skin, that was completely transparent. He gently caressed his left forearm with his right-hand fingertips and muttered “What the fuck just happened to me?”

When he lifted up his tank-top and noticed that his burn and bullet scars had totally vanished. Hiro sighed, noticing the loud sirens that were rapidly approaching the front of his house. There was also at least one helicopter and a few heavy stomping noises as well.

That emergency beacon didn’t just report that he was in danger or injured, it accessed the SD card in his left eye and ear. Not only was ‘Shadow-Skull’ recorded, but even his conversation was overheard. The irritated cyborg grumbled “Fuck, I need to warn Rei… No, they probably already arrested her.”

Even though he technically belonged to the New Japanese Self-Defense Force, it didn’t mean that he actually had any patriotism or loyalty to his country. He wasn’t naive enough to believe that there was any way to ‘peacefully’ overcome his current disaster.

A seven-foot tall Nordic woman, with extremely long and pointed elven ears, had walked out of the house. She had bright-green irises, blonde hair that was pulled back into a very neat ponytail with a jade pin through it, and an extremely serious expression on her face. Talia was wearing her zipped-up leather jacket, black skirt, high-heeled boots, inconspicuous thin-framed glasses, and lacy blue gloves. There was a wedding band on her left ring-finger, along with a colorful flower-bracelet on her wrist and a mysterious chrysanthemum-shaped amulet dangling between her cleavage.

With a slender, transparent glass-like straight-sword in her right hand, she glared at Hiro. After a moment, she asked “What are you waiting for? Did you not just say that they have taken Rachael? Date prisa y dejar de joder! We must rescue her at once! Even if she is not our daughter, she is still our friend… Here, take this firearm and lead us to her immediately!”

A golden AK-47 appeared in her left hand and she casually tossed it over to Hiro. It wasn’t the first time that he had seen Minari in that form, but Talia was usually very ‘serene’ and calm. He frowned, “As much as I’d love to charge in guns a blazing, I won’t be able to do much without an Exosuit. More importantly though, there’s a good chance that they’ll just end up using Rei as a hostage… For the moment, our only advantage is that they don’t know you actually give a shit about her.”

Talia sneered, “Fine, then I shall complete this mission on my own.” She grabbed the cyborg’s right shoulder and he instantly disappeared. After that, those glasses transformed into a green helmet. The back of her head seemed elongated and inhuman, while there were also two long and thin ears which poked upwards like antennae. Her eyes were protected by rounded goggles and her mouth was covered by a rebreather.

Two enormous wasp-like wings erupted from her jacket, between her shoulder blades. Then she kicked off of the ground and with a thunderous buzzing noise, she soared into the sky.


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