More Eye Problems


Okay, so that ‘break’ didn’t work, because I never really took a break… FML  I just didn’t edit or post anything, I still wrote like 6 or 7 pages and read a decent amount.

Right now, I’m barely even using my eyes to write this, cause every time I blink my left eye, there’s a really horrible pain in the left corner of it.  I googled some of the possible causes and one of them was a scratch, another could be dryness, I’m thinking it could be both.

Also, I usually squint nonstop in order to see stuff, so I’m gonna try to stop doing that.  I just… I don’t know what to do!

What do you do if you can’t see?  How can I keep writing?  How can I keep reading?  I might be able to watch some TV shows or something like that… Can’t play videogames.

I kinda wish that I had an eyepatch… I’ve noticed that if I slowly blink… Like really slowly, then it doesn’t hurt.  It’s just unnatural though.  Like, it’s difficult for me to slowly blink without thinking about it and then… Yeah, it’s not conducive for writing at all lol.

Even writing this tiny message about how my eyes hurt and I can’t really do anything about it other than rest, took me like 15 minutes to write.

Speaking of eye-strain, I’ve watched the newest episodes of “The Strain” and yeah… I think that everyone can agree that Zach has replaced Carl as the most hated character in a popular, currently running TV show.  Like, why is he still alive in the show?  Why do the writers of these survival-horror shows always keep totally useless characters around and kill off all the cool ones?

8 thoughts on “More Eye Problems

  1. yo seriously take an actual break when i saw this post i called my optometrist if you keep this up you will end up doing permanent damage to your eyes if you must write limit yourself to a few hours a day in fact you should stay away from eye intensive activities for a week you are one of my favorite authors so i dont want you to go blind in a few years

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    • I don’t want to go blind either 😦 It’s just… Like, what do I do? I’ve tried to avoid eye-intensive activities for a few days now and well… I don’t have anything to do! lol I can’t edit, I can’t write, I can’t read, I can’t even talk to people online… I can’t play video games and I can’t watch TV shows etcetera… Maybe I could work out, but I can’t work out nonstop for a whole day roflmao.


      • as far as none i intensive goes do puzzles play d&d with frinds go for walks sleep cook or go look at the expensive shit at the mall i know its hard i had to go two months with out tv/pc

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      • Lmao, well, fortunately, it seems like my eyes are doing much better now :P. It was just probably a combination of extreme dryness and a sty in my left eye. The sty/puffiness on my bottom left eyelid is still there, but it’s not as bad as it was. It also doesn’t really hurt anymore. Although my right eye is really dry atm because I’ve been using it too much lately lol.


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