TDoE V2 Chapter 18: The Titanic Fury

“Mei, you fucking lunatic! Are you trying to kill us?!” As it turns out, Explosive Jumbo Holy Garlic Fireball Shrimp are a thousand times more spicy going out, than when they’re in your mouth. Actually, it could have been the Enigmatic Yellowtail Scorpionfish Sashimi. No, no… It was basically everything.

Fun fact: Apprentices can’t fully digest Rank-E Beast meat or Herbs. Since there was only a small amount of either of those things in every one of the different food trays, Mei decided to be a smartass and only pick out the most expensive parts of the buffet. She was warned a few times by the staff that it would be dangerous, but she didn’t listen or tell me about that until after it was already too late.

We ate so much fucking food. It was just too damn delicious. I was starting to understand why those Spirits would always end up gorging themselves to death though. Honestly, even if I knew that it was a bad idea, I probably would have kept eating anyway.

Qi-Poisoning is a disorder that’s similar to drinking too much alcohol. It impairs your mind and makes you lose your reasoning. That’s why Apprentices aren’t even allowed in serious restaurants that serve full plates of hardcore Rank-E food. Novices can die from eating Rank-F stuff as well.

Of course, there was also a positive side. From that one meal, Mei’s level had managed to increase from three to four. Although, I’m not sure the price was worth the reward.

Fortunately, that ‘Pink Moon Buffet’ had a really nice and rarely used bathroom. Like seriously, they were super-prepared. There was a hot spring and everything in that place. Well, for fifty CP per person, a little luxury wasn’t that surprising.

The two of us were the only ones in that particular bathroom/spa resort. There were several toilets, so we didn’t need to take turns. However, it was still kind of awkward taking a shit a few feet away from someone else, without any sort of barrier in between.

Mei was crying in pain, as she whined “I didn’t know~! Wah~, Levi, I don’t want to die this way~!”

I yelled “Oh stop being such a baby! Don’t worry, just keep holding onto Little Inferno and she’ll keep you from dying from Qi-Poisoning!”

She complained “But this thing is so gross! Isn’t it just a cockroach?! Eww~, it’s biting me! Levi, make it stop~!”

Yep, that’s how our last day of ‘peace’ ended. With the two of us shitting our guts out in a fancy buffet bathroom and on the verge of intestinal annihilation… Okay, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it seemed. We learned our lesson though.


The westernmost half of the fortress city was basically just a bunch of docks, so it wasn’t that hard to make our way there. We never did find those five guards again, not that it really mattered. By the time we arrived, it seemed like half the ships were gone already. Luckily, ours was still in the port.

The Titanic Fury was as fucking gigantic as its name implied. I want to say that the ship was a ‘galleon’, but it was probably closer to a ‘man-of-war’ or something similar. Although I figured that we would be super-late, there were still lots of men and women carrying extremely heavy golden and silver chests onto the boat.

With extradimensional storage devices, refrigerators and freezers, a lot of the problems that ancient sailors on Earth faced, weren’t really that big of a deal in The Southern Islands. Of course, not every navy on the planet was quite so advanced.

Another thing was that while the ship had tons of huge furrowed masts, there were also a few propellers near the back. I saw several small vessels leaving port that had magical water jets to propel them forward. If you’re wondering why any of this matters… Seriously? You would rather be stuck on a crappy galleon from the era where people died of scurvy, dehydration and starvation on a daily basis? You would honestly prefer a ship that might get stuck somewhere because there was no wind? Sure, a lot of ancient vessels from my world had oars in case of emergency, but how useful would that really be on the ocean? Well, actually, since people are way stronger on Genesis than Earth, things aren’t quite that simple… Still, I was happy to see that the Titanic Fury wasn’t just a gigantic sailboat.

Due to the fact that they didn’t need nearly as much space for storage, it was possible to have an extremely large crew. Instead of a few hundred people, I could totally see at least a thousand moving around frantically. It wasn’t all sailors wearing azure robes though; there were soldiers in heavy bronze or golden armor, what looked like fishermen, maids, chefs, doctors, even a few vicious wolves and tigers.

I also noticed some other passengers like me and Mei. One of them was actually a beefy old man who gave off an extremely powerful aura, kind of like Di. Well, he was an Expert, but it was hard to say exactly how strong he truly was from just a glance. That guy wore white and crimson vestments, with a weird bishop-like red hat on his head. He always carried around a long silver staff, with an ivory egg-shaped gem on the end.

As I was staring at him in the distance, Mei whispered “That’s a High-Priest of the Church of Luna… They travel around the world and help out anytime a country is being ganged up on by a bunch of different nations. If one of those fanatics are here, then things must be really bad.”

Hearing that, I murmured “So you could say that they’re… Lunatics?” while trying to keep myself from laughing. She giggled as the two of us crossed the excessively wide, steel bridge that led onto the deck of the enormous warship.

I immediately noticed that we were almost completely ignored by the crewmembers. Hell, they could have at least checked us for some kind of identification! For fuck’s sake, any random person was able to casually go onboard!

Once we got there though, we were lost in an ocean of women and seamen. It was so crowded that I had trouble not bumping into people or smacking them with my shotgun case. Eventually, we managed to navigate our way over to higher ground and away from the noisy mob.

“So you’re the baby Shaman that Old Jiang adopted, huh? I was starting to think that you pussied-out!” Standing at the helm of the ship was an eight-foot tall giantess, donning a loose azure robe, she scowled at the two of us as we walked up the stairs. Before I even had the chance to ask, she grumbled “I’m Captain Hua Li! Although I may not be able to order either of you around on this voyage, don’t think that you can do whatever you please! We’re going to war… If the two of you aren’t prepared for that, then you should fuck-off while you still have the chance. Once we leave port, anyone who tries to abandon ship will be executed for treason!”

I smirked, stared into her dark-orange irises and confidently said “Don’t worry… I won’t try to run away until everyone else is dead already.”


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  1. “Don’t worry… I won’t try to run away until everyone else is dead already.” was a great one liner

    “women and seamen” what i am imagining is definitely not intended or maybe it is?

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    • Thanks and yeah, I’m like totally awake right now(Only been up for 2 hours) but my left eye hurts lol. It’s beyond the level of ‘dryness’. It feels like I pulled a muscle in the eye and ugh, I just… It’s too hard to write/read/do anything visually related, when you can’t use your eyes properly lol.


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