TDoE V2 Chapter 17: Fancy Buffet

The death penalty in “Technoevo World Online” was practically nonexistent. Well, in the open-world you would drop gold and items, but most fighting took place in battles, skirmishes and wars. I would do all kinds of crazy shit… Most of my strategies involved suicide or dying while killing as many people as possible.

Obviously that was just in a video game. In reality, I wasn’t such a reckless person. I’ve been in plenty of fights, but it was never that serious. Winning meant hurting the other guy more than he hurt me. Losing was giving up instead of ending up with broken bones.

Although Azrael yelled at us to fuck off, it took us a while to leave. I mean, we came down there with a single little pouch filled with money and a relatively small suitcase that weighed about two-hundred pounds. However, on our way out, we had a lot more shit to carry.

Fortunately, due to the nature of overpowered storage devices, I was able to shove the rifle-case and book satchel into Mei’s suitcase. Eventually, the two of us walked out of the shop.

Then I forced her to wear the belt for the snubnosed revolver, even though she complained “I don’t want that ungrateful little bastard’s dirty fire-stick!”

I muttered “What exactly should he be grateful for? Didn’t you basically abandon him as a baby? Are you saying that he should be thankful that you weren’t there to abuse him as a child?”

Mei grumbled “It’s not like I didn’t want to take care of him! But I’m still technically a princess… At the time, I was worried that one of my brothers or sisters would send assassins to kill me and the baby. My father was really old and my siblings didn’t have any boys.”

“Ah, that actually makes sense, if it’s true. Well, whatever, who am I to judge anyway? Don’t I have three children already? I don’t really plan on ever getting to know them or anything like that. Although, it’s going to be hilarious when I’m thirty and they’re twenty, hahaha~!” I was basically just a sperm donor though, where my gorgeous shotacon had to carry the baby to full term and give it up. There’s definitely an extreme difference in emotional connection between the two situations.

After that, I forced her to wear the belt and explained “Listen, you can use that cutlass or whatever for short-ranged attacks, but what if the enemy is far away? Are you going to carry around a bow and arrow or learn how to shoot some kinda Aqua Tornado out of your fucking asshole? No, you wouldn’t, because it’s easier to just use a gun. They’re smaller and as long as you aren’t trying to do anything special, it doesn’t take much effort to hit a target that’s within the effective range of the weapon. Once we get on the ship, I’ll teach you the basics, but for now… Let’s go eat! You aren’t the only one who’s starving!”


Even though their technology and architecture seemed medieval or primitive at first glance, the city wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be. They had running water and a magical version of electricity. The buildings were air-conditioned and no one poured buckets of shit out the windows into the streets. Aside from that, it was very sparsely populated, so I never felt crowded. Unfortunately, we were carrying around a decent amount of luggage. Otherwise, I would have liked to explore a bit more.

We only took about five minutes to reach the ‘Restaurant District’, which had all kinds of places to eat. There was everything from pubs, to high-class bars, vendors with food stalls, to huge fancy restaurants and my all-time favorite… Buffets!

I’ve mentioned this before, but the bodies of Rank-G and F Beasts are way more expensive than the normal ones. Of course, that all depends on the location as well. In the underwater palace-city, there was way more food and not that many people to eat it all. The fortress didn’t have as wide of a variety or as big of a surplus of ingredients, so the prices were all a lot higher. Obviously nothing was free and even a simple bowl of white rice would cost a copper or two.

The more extravagant restaurants only served Ranked stuff. As we were trying to decide where we would eat, Mei suddenly shouted “We should go to a Rank-E buffet!”

I asked “Wouldn’t that be a little out of our price range though?” A single plate of Rank-F food usually cost about ten to twenty Contribution Points or gold coins, Rank-E was at least ten times as expensive.

She complained “Don’t be such a cheapskate! Besides, buffets are much cheaper than normal restaurants! They only put in small amounts of Rank-E ingredients into the meals, while most of the bulk is Rank-F and G.”

“Okay~, calm you giant sweaty titties… You pick the place, since they all just look like weird seashells to me.” Literally every single building was shaped like giant shells. Some seemed to be from crabs, lobsters or shrimp, while others were clams, oysters and conchs. For the most part, they were just designed that way, but a few of them actually were made out of enormous seashells.

The place that Mei led me to was a single-story building that wasn’t very large at all. It was shaped like a pink and white ‘Moon Shell’, with the entrance being the only hole that led inside. Within the structure though, it was totally different.

Of course, it wasn’t an Extradimensional storage device, because well… If that was the case, then people wouldn’t be able to bring their bags and stuff into the restaurant. However, it did look a bit more spacious than I had expected it to be. It was probably due to the extremely high ceiling and the rounded walls.

Anyway, there were only ten tables in the whole place and they had a very small selection of food. I was a little disappointed at first, but then Mei explained “Novices and Apprentices can survive fine by only eating Unranked ingredients. However, Adepts need a bit of Rank-G sustenance in every meal. Experts and Masters can go without food for a really long time, but if they don’t want to get weaker, then they need to have Rank-F and E ingredients.”

From what I could see of the auras that surrounded everyone in the room, most of the customers were Adepts. There was one or two Experts and a handful of Apprentices as well, but the staff were all Novices.

We walked up to the front counter and I handed over a single Contribution Token, worth a hundred points. After that, a cute little hostess, wearing a yellow robe, brought us over to a small two-person table.

I smiled at Mei and told her “You go pick out the food, I’ll stay here and watch our luggage.” Although I didn’t expect anyone to try to steal from us in such a fancy restaurant, it was still better to be safe than sorry.

She giggled, asking “Do you want anything special?” Yet, before I even had the chance to say anything, she was already gone. I let out a long sigh and Xiaotong suddenly flew out of my mouth.

“Levi, who was that boy earlier? The two of you seemed to be really close… but I don’t remember ever meeting him before.” The ominous white skull floated down and casually landed on the shiny silver and round table. Her empty eye sockets were flickering with crimson lightning and those inky black horns occasionally shot off arcs of electricity.

Without opening my mouth, I telepathically whispered “You know how I had a past life, right? Well, Azrael was a guy I knew from there… I’m not sure if he could be considered my ‘best’ friend, but he was definitely one of the few people that I used to talk to on a daily basis. At least, that was until he randomly vanished and I had no idea what happened to him. He told me that he died, though I’m not sure I believe his ridiculous heroic story…”

“Oh, so he was someone from your past… I-I might have somebody like that too. Her name is Sparky. I barely remember anything, besides that I love her and want to see her again soon. Maybe… Maybe one day when Levi is stronger, we can go back to Grandpa Di’s house and let her out of that stupid cage?” I snickered, reaching out and rubbing her smooth and seamless white skull with both of my hands.

Then I murmured “I was going to do that even if you didn’t ask me to… Hmmm, I’m going to release that adorable pocket-pussy as well. Even though the Spirit Cock seems really fucking weird, it could be super useful. That skele-dude will most likely have some OP skills too.”


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13 thoughts on “TDoE V2 Chapter 17: Fancy Buffet

  1. Is it just me, or are re-incarnators (and the sort) a scourge on fantasy worlds? I mean, Magi-Tech is good and all, but only if they develop naturally instead of being forced…
    This doesn’t include dwarves, or strangely hyper-advanced elves from a sci-fi world, or the future (Death March).
    The worst example I can think of is “So What if it’s an RPG World” lol.


    • Idk, I like them, or at least the premise lol. I started writing reincarnation stories back when they were relatively new-ish. But now there are like millions of them, so you have to try a bit harder to find good ones.

      Generally, reincarnation is a pretty major theme in most of my stories, even if not every story has the MC being the reincarnator lol.


      • I don’t mind re-incartion itself (since my stories have that and transmigration); it’s the ones who force technology, which most (most) of yours don’t seem to, so they are good lol. Which is why I only commented on this one 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      • I like the ones that do technology ‘well’. But most of the time it’s kinda silly lol. I also get annoyed when the MC can make firearms, but doesn’t for some convoluted reason lol.


    • Isn’t it kinda obvious that he is though? lol He has the same name, died the same way… Azrael is in practically all of my stories in various forms lol. There’s a lot of characters that appear in different incarnations or physical forms, because all the stories have the same ‘backstory’ and exist within the same ‘greater reality’.


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