TDoE V2 Chapter 16: The God of Death

In “Technoevo World Online” there were lots of strategies, but even though it had a lot of RPG elements, the characters were basically only Humans. You could only carry so many weapons and still be able to fight. It was relatively realistic in that sense.

Sure, there were people who would just use any old weapon, whenever, but they were usually considered noobs. There were skill proficiencies for every type of gun, knife, sword or other miscellaneous item. However, there was also the fact that individual items had their differences. Each pistol, blade, hammer, or rocket launcher had been created by a person. They didn’t just press a button and have their avatar in the game automatically make it. No, they needed to use an interface and ‘manually’ put the pieces together.

Every weapon was different and there were some RPG-style effects as well, which would determine how often the gun would jam, whether it would explode and kill you, or if it was incredibly well-made. Basically, it was the same as reality in a lot of ways.

Of course, it was a first-person shooter, so the crafting was just a small part of the game. Azra was great at making all sorts of stuff. However, he sucked at fighting. Well, I guess that’s a little harsh. He wasn’t completely terribad or anything like that, but I don’t think he really enjoyed combat. His reaction speed wasn’t very good and he lacked the battle senses required to thrive in a warzone.

Now, there’s obviously a huge difference between reality and a video game. For all I knew, he might have been in the military and he could have been a total badass. I never asked him any super personal questions or interrogated him on what he did in real life.

“Hey Leviathan, are you paying attention? You’ve got to be really careful when you’re using these shells… The slugs are basically grenades. They have a blast radius of around fifteen meters and within five meters, well, don’t accidentally shoot them inside of a confined space!” I was zoned out because he was rambling on and on about that stupid sawed-off shotgun in his hands. It was double barreled and the kind that you had to pop it open, then shove the two shells in the back. The metal was black and the stock was red ironwood, similar to the rifle he gave me. Across the barrel was a crimson etching of flames.

For the most part, shotguns use ‘gauge’ instead of ‘caliber’ to measure the barrel’s width. The smaller the gauge is, the wider the barrel would be. Caliber on the other hand, was the percentage of an inch, so it was the opposite. Although certain guns used ‘millimeter’ instead of caliber.

Anyway, the break-action double-barreled shotgun that Azra just gave me was a twelve-gauge, or seventy-three caliber. He took out another case, only it was much smaller, then grabbed the shotgun from my hands and placed it inside.

“Even though you can’t put ED bags inside of each other, you can place them within non-extradimensional storage devices.” He had about ten special slots in the case for the explosive rounds, so that I wouldn’t accidentally blow myself up. However, there was also a small box on the left side, behind the stock of the shotgun. “This container can hold roughly a thousand shells… There’s only one-hundred buckshot and fifty slugs in here though. I’ve spent most of my time working on the rifle, but I’ll experiment a bit before the next time you stop by. Oh, although I may be a little well-off, I’m not as rich as you think I am. I make cannons for the navy, sure, but they barely pay me anything for that. Most of my materials are meant to go towards building cannons and I just skim off the top a bit. I get a few hundred Contribution Points per job, but it takes a lot of time and effort. So-”

“Yeah, I get it, you want me to pay you in materials, right?” I snickered, pulling out forty Fire-Beads and thirty-five Aqua Beads, complaining “This is literally all that I have at the moment, but don’t worry… I’m sure that these fucking invaders are probably pretty rich, hehehe~.”

He smirked, explaining “Aqua and Fire Beads are only worth about a single CP a piece, but I need them to make bullets, so they’re always welcome. If you can find any of the other kinds of Beads, that would be much better though. It’s practically impossible to find Beads of the other seven Elements in The Southern Islands. They exist, though they’re really rare.”

After that, he led me over to another table and grabbed those two pistols that I had asked for at the very beginning. One was a thirty-eight caliber snubnosed revolver and the other was a forty-four magnum. He handed me a pair of leather belts, each had a holster on the right side. On the left side was a simple white Extradimensional Pouch. When I reached inside, I noticed that it was considerably smaller than normal.

“These aren’t quite Rank-E, but I did manage to find a way to lower the weight significantly, while also increasing the internal size. Unfortunately, by using both Enchantments with a Rank-F powersource, it’s not surprising that I could only achieve a small portion of the usual effect. The weight should be reduced by a third and the size is roughly one cubic foot. Don’t worry though, you shouldn’t need too much space for the quickstrips. Rubber isn’t manufactured like it was on Earth, so I had to start my own orchard a few years ago. The Rubber Trees are actually fairly common and I kind of ‘own’ a few villages which work on the orchards. Since there’s such a huge disparity in wealth and power, an entire village of several hundred people only requires about one or two gold coins to survive. I helped them create a few simple, low-tech factories…

“In fact, I basically own the entire island of Azrael. It isn’t particularly big, but it’s definitely one of the most fortified islands in this whole damn country. Each of those three villages has concrete walls, reinforced by rebar, with plenty of normal cannons, along with a few… simple, gatling guns. If I had been over there instead of in this shitty town, fuck!”

He was scowling, as he glanced over at the beautiful woman to my left. Then he stared into my eyes and sincerely told me “Leviathan, these assholes who are invading our country, I know it’s probably not that personal for you… I’m not sure what you’ve been up to since you got here, but I was born in this world fourteen years ago. I never met my mother, so I don’t know if she’s even still alive. However, I was pretty close to my father. He died fighting in the siege a week ago… Even with my guns, I wasn’t able to save him. I’m not telling you to get revenge for me, because those bastards are already dead. Just warning you to not get overconfident. Take care of your mom. For the two of us… dying isn’t that big of a deal. The hard part is when our loved ones leave us prematurely and we lack the power to do anything about it.”

After hearing all of that, Mei suddenly started hugging Azra tightly. She was so short compared to him that her head was against his chest. He awkwardly patted her on the back and asked me “Leviathan, why is your mom crying on me? It’s kind of freaking me out…”

As I placed the forty-four magnum and thirty-eight snubnosed revolver into their individual holsters, I snickered. Then I casually said “She ain’t my mother, she’s more like a girlfriend.”

He immediately pushed her away and yelled “What the fuck?! So this crazy bitch is a pedofile?!”

Mei was still crying as she muttered “Fourteen years ago, I had a one-night stand with my ex-boyfriend Liu Yong… I got pregnant and after I gave birth, your father came to see me again.”

I smirked, retorting “Don’t call your mother a crazy bitch! Besides, she’s just a shotacon… I’m ninety-nine percent sure that she hasn’t actually ‘abused’ any little boys yet.”

Azrael complained “Nope, stop it, you aren’t my mother! I’m practically an adult now and you’ve missed your chance lady! Just pretend like the two of us are totally unrelated… Would you randomly start hugging and crying on some guy you met less than fifteen minutes ago?”

When Mei started crying on my shoulder, I pulled her into my embrace and whispered into her ear “Sorry, but he isn’t going to give you any free stuff.”

She started wailing louder and murmured “I know… but it’s too late to stop now… This is so embarrassing, I think I might cough up blood.” in between sniffles.

Then I turned to Azra and suggested “Well, even if you don’t wanna call her Mommy, you could at least call me Daddy!”

He glared at me and growled “Will the two of you just get the fuck out of my house already?! Go defend our country and make sure to keep yourselves alive! When I build my Gun-God Sect in the future, I’m going to need your help Leviathan! Even if you end up dying, I’ll find a way to resurrect you eventually… but it’s better if you be careful out there!”

I snickered, asking “Azrael, in all the years that we’ve known each other, have I ever once acted carefully?” In “Technoevo World Online”, he was called “The Angel of Death” for inadvertently killing millions of players by creating massive amounts of famous weapons.

On the other hand, I was often known as “The God of Death”, because I had the highest death-count on the entire server. For fuck’s sake, I died by accidentally chopping my own balls off… Even with all of those guns he gave me, my chances of survival seemed abysmally low.


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