Chapter 230: Embracing the Darkness of Love

“Hate, pain, rage, love, agony… emptiness, void, darkness, shadow… death.” Sarah was murmuring a mantra and struggling to ignore the screams, cackling, cries, roars, laughter and whispers within her mind.

Chaos stems from Darkness, but so too does Nature, Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. Thus, it wasn’t surprising that the little girl was having her Willpower severely tested by that extraordinarily potent mana-core.

She smirked and giggled uncontrollably, as she relived the first few encounters between herself and Michael. Their entire relationship was built around anger-issues, violence, torture and death. Yet, the two of them seemed to be instinctively drawn towards each-other and regardless of how many terrible things they said or did to hurt one-another, their twisted ‘love’ only grew stronger every day.

Suddenly, she heard a lugubrious woman’s voice whisper “What ‘are’ we really? Non-Player Characters… artificial souls… parasites. We are but tools for the Game Masters to become more powerful, and for ‘It’ to sate its unending hunger. Players are merely food to ‘It’, but we are less than that… How is it possible to enjoy such an existence? Wouldn’t you rather escape?”

An irritated man grumbled “What do you know?! This world… is so ‘innocent’ and pure, compared to the one that I came from! Have you ever been raped?! Are you someone’s property?! No! We’re free here! If you want to leave, go ahead! Hmph! In this reality and many others, to live, you must eat! If you consume other lifeforms to survive, then obviously you’ll also be devoured eventually!”

Sarah screamed “Shut the fuck up! I don’t know who you bastards are, and I honestly don’t give a spicy shit! This is my Goddess-damn room, so be quiet or get the hell outta here!”

However, the moment that she broke out of her meditative state, horrible pain surged throughout her slowly growing body. Obsidian threads began spewing from the mouth of her tail and she was rapidly being wrapped in a tight cocoon of icy darkness. Within moments, she was completely covered by that thick, cold and sticky material; after a few minutes of blissful silence, she managed to drift into unconsciousness.
The whole day passed rather peacefully for everyone, without anything else of great importance happening. Inari and her ‘Pack’ had a large victory celebration when they finally made it back home; the amount of armor, weapons and ‘food’ they acquired was almost more than they could carry. Luckily, many of them were giant monsters or could transform into huge beasts, so the Light-Humans and their equipment weren’t that large or heavy in comparison.

Michael and Talia literally spent the entire day playing music with each-other. He learned that using four hands to play piano was actually harder than two, since it required a lot more coordination; while, ‘Telekinesis’ was even more difficult than using his fingers. However, they were both great for ‘exercising’ his Dexterity and Intelligence. That night was the first time that the two of them ‘slept-together’, but they obviously didn’t go into his demonic-nightmare bedroom.

As for the family lunch between the four cat-girls, it went on for quite a while, until Lily abruptly stood-up and said “Ugh~, sorry guys, but Rick just called… I’ve gotta go to work. I love you all~, bye-bye~!” before vanishing into a puff of black smoke. After that, Laura went back to the Grand Cathedral to give a sermon, while Jasmine and Elina explored ‘Dongton’.

With all of the new ‘Citizens’ showing up, Michael spent a bit of gold and created a thousand more two-story houses in Luxiana. Half of them ended up south of the river and the others were in the north, and he made sure to connect them all to the plumbing system. However, even with his Player-Home upgraded to rank-F, he still couldn’t give them access to electricity yet. Fortunately, they didn’t know what they were missing, so no one complained.

Alice left her ‘room’ a few times to grab some ‘food’ from the kitchen or use the bathroom, but for the most part, she just continued manufacturing potions, elixirs, pills, and drugs all day. In that Alchemy book, there were nine Legendary Quality, ‘Master’ recipes and if she wanted to achieve her outrageous goal, she would need to perfectly concoct each of them first. Before she could even start worrying about acquiring the proper ingredients, she first needed to focus on raising her Professional level quite dramatically. Thus, she ended up creating tons of ‘products’ that could be tested and distributed within Luxiana.

In order to keep hundreds or thousands of people and animals from wandering around in his ‘house’, Michael decided to create a few dozen ‘entrances’ to Inari and Alice’s rooms. Essentially, it was possible to ‘buy’ short-distance portals for a few gold apiece, and they appeared as inconspicuous glowing-green trees or ominous cave-openings. Within the two ‘rooms’ there were also corresponding exits; it also meant that within the fox-girl’s garden, it wasn’t necessary to travel dozens of miles to leave anymore.
Late that night, while everyone else was sleeping, that throbbing cocoon of darkness in the Necropolis, finally burst open. Copious amounts of glowing violet liquid sprayed everywhere and the threads burst into purple flames.

Two slender, pitch-black, bright-blue tattoo-covered arms reached outside and started tearing away the burning prison. Sarah’s face didn’t change much, though her hair-color became pure-white; her breasts were no-longer nonexistent, but they were still extremely small. Those tiny hands had vicious obsidian claw-like fingernails, though they remained as dainty and flawless as before. Her abdominal muscles were taut, as she struggled to pull her lower-half out of the chrysalis, but swiftly realized that there were some severe changes to her body.

“Holy fucking shitsauce! Aw~, did you turn into a spider-girl just for me? Actually, did I even tell you that I had a fetish like that before?” A pale-skinned, rank-G Michael-Ghoul was staring down at his newly-evolved girlfriend.

She grumbled “Ugh, what the hell is this bullshit?! My pussy’s still there, but my asshole disappeared…”

Her lower-back and hips were transformed into a chitinous cephalothorax, which had eight, extremely long and smooth, arachnid-like legs. Then her worm-tail had swelled until it appeared like a spider’s abdomen, so the end result was rather awkward and uncomfortable for the formerly bipedal Dark-Goblin.

Michael snickered, gently caressing her twitching spinnerets and casually shoving his fingers inside of her anus. Sarah twitched, as he muttered “Hmmm~, from what I know about arachnid-biology… the asshole is here, then the silk-makers are down there, and if you turn over~, the spider-cunt should actually be here… but you aren’t a real spider, so it isn’t surprising that your regular pussy is where the ‘mouth’ should be. Also, there don’t seem to be any fangs or other nonsense. Neat~, let me see your teeth~…”

Even though the ‘little-girl’ was a lot bigger and stronger than she used to be, she still calmly allowed the undead man to poke and prod her unfamiliar body. She frowned, asking “Is this gonna be permanent? I know I said that I didn’t give a fuck about what I ‘looked’ like, but I didn’t wanna turn into one of your weird-ass fantasies.”

While he was noticing that her teeth were were much closer to that of a Human’s, or perhaps a vampire’s, Sarah’s lower-body suddenly started to change. He smirked as she grimaced in pain, then wondered “Did you get the congratulatory message yet?”

Those eight, obsidian, chitinous legs were enveloped in a shadowy aura, as they swiftly fused together into a single pair of humanoid limbs. After that, her hips and tail reverted to a form that was very similar to the way that she appeared before her ‘transformation’.

Eventually, with undead-Michael’s assistance, she was able to slowly stand. He casually ran his hands down to her buttocks and groin, asking “Happy now? I’d be really fucking horny, if this damn corpse could actually get a hard-on…”

“Congratulations! You have successfully achieved a superior evolution into a rank-D, Death-Elf. Aside from improving your stats dramatically, you have also obtained a new Racial spell. +75 Aura, +20 Dexterity, +20 Agility, +10 Strength, +10 Intelligence, +10 Wisdom, +10 Charisma, +5 Vitality, +5 Endurance, +5 Willpower, +5 Luck.”

When she looked at the ability she received, Sarah smirked and gazed up at the Ghoul. Her height had increased by six-inches, but she was still under five-feet tall. “If you wanna fuck me so badly, then wake up and get your pale-white ass down here!” As she yelled, her lower-body began changing again.

“Umbra’s Curse of Love Level 1: The caster is violently transformed into a female Spider-Tribe of the Death-Clan. Their legs and tail will be altered into an arachnid-like shape and they will gain access to a variety of racial abilities. Deadly venom will be produced in their fangs and a terrible aphrodisiac will be mixed into their vaginal secretions. Once the caster enters that form, they will be slowly driven mad by bloodlust, unless they are able to ‘mate’ with someone who deeply cares for them. The threads that they fabricate require mana to generate and their durability is dependent on the caster’s Aura stat. Willpower and Charisma are reduced by 50%. Strength, Vitality, Endurance, Agility, Dexterity and Perception are each increased by 10%. Costs 50% of the caster’s maximum Health and Mana to cast.” Aside from that dubious spell, Sarah also had two very important Passives improve dramatically.

“The Blood of Umbra Level 2: Organs, bones, tissues and even entire limbs can be completely restored, through Health Regeneration. Immunity from all diseases, curses, poisons, and toxins below your current level. Unable to be identified by enemies and allies below your current level.”

“Advanced Darkness Affinity Level 1: Dark environments increase the speed of health and mana recovery. Increases damage to enemies with Light Affinity by 110%. Reduces damage taken from Light-Magic by 90%.”

When Sarah finished transforming, Michael sighed and complained “I spent the whole damn day with Talia and we’re even sleeping together right now… but I seriously haven’t been able to cum yet! Ugh, well, I don’t really know what I expected from a seventy-four year old High-Elf… Anyway, yeah, I was about to wake-up to piss and there’s no way I could possibly resist fucking you in your spider-girl form… Even if you’re probably going to literally eat me afterwards, heh-heh~.”

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  1. “An irritated man grumbled “What do you know?! This world… is so ‘innocent’ and pure, compared to the one that I came from! Have you ever been raped?! Are you someone’s property?! No! We’re free here! If you want to leave, go ahead! Hmph! In this reality and many others, to live, you must eat! If you consume other lifeforms to survive, then obviously you’ll also be devoured eventually!” ”
    that sounds like michael from immortal soul -.^

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