Chapter 231: Complex Relationships

“The question is… where should I stick my penis in first? I mean, you hate giving blowjobs, so there are really only three options: vaginal, anal or the mysterious silk-hole?” The moment that Michael finished urinating, he teleported into the Necropolis and began fondling the relatively small spider-girl’s body.

His mindless Ghoul-golem was staring blanking at the two of them and eventually began wandering around. Sarah complained “Stop fingering my ass and fuck my pussy… ow, what the hell? You stupid bastard…”

Michael grumbled “Ugh, I think I may have underestimated the ‘stickiness’ of your spider-hole… Goddamn it, I can’t pull my dick out! Before we jump to the dismemberment, can’t you just… I don’t know, like, push it out?”

“You fucking dumbass! I’ve only had this form for a few seconds, so how the hell would I even know how to do that?! Urg~, wait, I think it’s coming out…” She groaned as her abdomen seemed to be compressing slightly, but then a pitch-black, horrible-smelling goop sprayed all over the Nephilim’s navel.

As it was burning his flesh away, he yelled “Ew! Seriously, you did that on purpose! For fuck’s sake~…”

Sarah screamed “Well, maybe if you didn’t shove your dick into my spider-hole, I wouldn’t have shat on you! Holy cunt-whore-bitch-grah~! You bastard!” Even though it was severely weakened inside of the Necropolis, Michael was still able to activate ‘Aegis of Light’. It not only disintegrated the obsidian ooze, it also obliterated her entire lower-body and blasted her upper-half a few meters away.

Of course, everything was swiftly regenerated, but her anger wasn’t abated. Her stats in that arachnid-form were almost all raised by ten-percent, and after the evolution, she was far stronger and faster than before.

A shroud of darkness enveloped her body and she vanished from Michael’s sight; even with his wisp, it was impossible to see through her cloaking technique in that Necropolis. It wasn’t until her fangs sunk down into the right side of his neck, that he could finally see her again.

Toxins were injected directly into his bloodstream, but they were unable to harm him and could only cause excruciating pain. He reached back and grabbed one of those spider-legs that were impaled through his lower-back and kept her from being able to retreat. Then he yelled “I see that you’re more interested in fighting than fucking! Hahaha~, fine~, let’s fuck-fight!”

The Nephilim’s jugular was ripped out, and the little girl actually tore her own leg off to retreat. However, she wasn’t able to escape from his potent Arcane aura, and her weakened ‘Willpower’ prevented her from resisting his mental bombardment.

Essentially, he sacrificed his ability to cast spells, in order to seal her own. Under such conditions, she could only abuse her excessive Agility and Dexterity, in order to have a straight-forward battle against her relatively large opponent.

What she couldn’t understand, was how Michael always seemed to know what she was about to do, before she even attacked. Eventually, she gave up and just pounced onto his chest, thrusting her cephalothorax against his groin.

Sarah sunk her teeth into his left nipple and literally bit it off, as her vicious ‘feet’ stabbed through his thighs and buttocks, which caused him to fall onto his back. She used both of her tiny claw-like hands, to gouge out his throat and kept them inside of the wound, so he couldn’t heal properly. It also prevented him from speaking, at least physically, while she satisfied her lust on his ‘helpless’ body.

At that moment, she felt as if her anus was also being penetrated at the same time; then a man who appeared exactly the same as the one she was brutally ravaging, grabbed her hair and pulled her head, so that she was gazing up at him. His eyes were golden, there were four angelic wings behind his back, and it should have been impossible for Michael to activate either of those spells within the Necropolis.

However, regardless of how little sense the situation made, she couldn’t resist against that Nephilim’s ridiculous Strength as he shoved his erection into her tiny mouth. In fact, under normal circumstances, it shouldn’t have even been able to fit.

He snickered, smirking at her and asking “Willpower is really important… The question is, are you actually giving me a blowjob? Maybe the ‘real’ me is fucking you in the ass right now? Who knows, hehe?”
While the two of them were having a strange illusory foursome in the Necropolis, there was an angelic little-boy cuddling against Talia’s relatively huge body. His face was nuzzled into her breasts and his hands were casually massaging her lower-back and buttocks.

She whispered “Te amo Miguel~…” as she gazed down into his crimson irises and ran her fingers through his pitch-black hair. However, they suddenly turned bright-blue and vulpine and adorable fox-ears appeared on the top of his head, as his human-like ones vanished. His skin-tone also went from tan to light-brown, as seven fluffy tails began wrapping around the two of them.

Talia frowned, “Ugh, wait, how long have you been impersonating him for?” Inari purred as she snuggled into the irritated High-Elf’s embrace, and her genitalia reverted to its ‘normal’ state. After releasing a long, drawn-out sigh, the Huntress complained “We made-love at least three times today, yet he still cannot be satisfied…” as she closed her eyes and went back to sleep.
Meanwhile, in Alice’s Alchemy Laboratory, the beautiful, bronze-skinned Earth Fairy was still wide-awake. Though, that was mainly because she had been injecting Jasmine’s highly caffeinated semen-extract directly into her veins all night.

“It’s almost time now… Remember, you need to complete that Dungeon to gain access to Arcana’s Sanctuary and purchase an Arcane mana-core from a rank-C, Boss. Michael’s gonna wanna waste his Favor on a fancy sword or some such shit, but you ‘need’ to convince him to purchase a mana-core instead. Tomorrow, the Battlegrounds will be up and running again, so you should be able to get the rest of them that way.” Alice was receiving a mysterious ‘Whisper’ from someone who had a constantly fluctuating vocal range; sometimes ‘it’ would sound like a woman, then ‘it’ would become extremely deep and masculine, before shooting up into an extremely high range.

She was currently sitting down and watching the surveillance feeds from the Necropolis, Talia’s and Elina’s rooms. The two cat-girls were sleeping with a pulsating egg between the two of them, and the Fairy had a sinister grin on her face, as she watched her six Companions.

The voice snickered and asked “Aren’t you afraid that they’ll end up hating you for this? I mean, it ain’t like you’re betraying them, but still… This is going to be pretty fucked up. Hehe~, I always thought that Sarah and Jasmine were the craziest ones, but you’re almost a goddamn sociopath.”

Alice giggled, retorting “If I didn’t care about them, then why would I go through all of this effort to save them? Sure, I might also have a ‘few’ other reasons, but I really do love my family…”

‘It’ started laughing hysterically, “And that’s why you’re watching them through a fucking computer-screen, while masturbating? There’s nothing stopping you from being with them, right? Just go~, have fun and enjoy what little time you have left… If you’re afraid of Michael reading your mind, then don’t worry; even if he did find out, he wouldn’t stop you… Hell, he’d probably help you achieve your dubious goals, hehe~.”

She smiled wryly, shaking her head and whispering “No, I want this to be a surprise… I’m pretty sure that he’s already figured it out by now, but even if he hasn’t, I can’t tell him ‘that’. There’s also the possibility that the Game Masters might decide to intervene and Arcana can’t deal with that at the moment. I just want to spend the last few days as if… everything is perfectly ‘normal’.”

“There ain’t nothin ‘normal’ about any part of your fucked-up lives! Hahaha~, but yeah, you really need to get some rest, or ya won’t be able to deal with the shit-storm that’s comin your way tomorrow…” The Earth Fairy grabbed a giant magical jade, dragon-shaped bong from the table and shoved some purple ‘nightmare vine’ into the stem. Then she lit it on fire, using ‘Flame Manipulation’ and pressed her relatively small lips against the serpent’s mouth, breathing in the toxic vapors.

After a dozen seconds, she finally released a violet smoke from her lungs and became extremely drowsy. She giggled as she took a few more hits and eventually placed the ‘fragile’ object onto the tabletop, before falling down off of the bench.

Even with her ‘Dragon Blood’, that herb was so powerful when vaporized and inhaled, she was already losing consciousness. Alice mumbled “Mike… I’m sorry, but you’ll understand why I had to do this eventually…”

34 thoughts on “Chapter 231: Complex Relationships

  1. i dont care what the other people said since i view this novel as ‘do whatever the fuck you wanna do’ + ‘game based knowledge’…
    i found it satisfying reading a novel with so much element of randomness in it and it kimda give some surpise feeling… like i just cant predict what will happen next and boom, so this kind of story exist too etc etc
    that being said, all of those point just make me crave for more more and more chapter…
    i know this is a place unlikely for me to say this as per im just a normal leecher you could find anywhere..
    but i do appreciate your willingness and thoroughness to write this one hella masterpiece….

    english is not my native as you might hv noticed, but lemme just say it again and again..
    thank you …

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  2. i wrote this last chapter but it seems like it never got posted so i’ll say it again here.

    the hard set rules about rape and slavery really annoy me, not because i want to see it in the series but because they make no sense and your series is filled with both of it.

    i’ll begin with the ones that are debatable.
    first of all the slave collar don’t exist in Arcana but seemingly mind control do, and that is just as much if not more slaveristic, if anyone with high charisma can just use his/her voice to talk people into becoming willing sex slaves not because they originally wanted to but because their will stat lost to a charisma roll yea that’s pretty messed up and you say this world is nice?.

    and then we have monopolies if someone made another being addicted to something and extorted them to do things for said drug, it would be just as much slavery at least in practice even if not by definition, and according to Alice trip to the city extorting people is fine so…..threatening someone that you’ll murder their entire family unless they have sex with you is totally fine since it’s not rape right? totally consensual.
    same thing goes with food btw, at least for any non-dungeon resident.

    and now to the more straight forward.
    we also have the turn undead slave into sex doll theme going through the entire thing, so what if someone (now dead got turned into a souless undead) and then someone had sex with it and then you put the correct soul into the body while they would have no memory of the event i think that would count very much as rape but seemingly there is no rule against it.
    and overall the undead seem very much like slaves to me, while not the brightest they are property of someone and is forced to obey their creator, if that is not a slave i don’t know what is.

    Michel himself even collect slaves for fun, he seems while still being against, since by definition “a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.” he got a armies worth of slaves, with the soul prison and he even sold a soul with the firelord thingy meaning the gods see them as his property and he can seemingly pluck them out and make them do whatever he want.

    sorry for ranting but if you make hard set rules against something you should think what consequences it have, and probably not have your main character indulge in it since it is by thats worlds defintion impossible.

    i can’t stand this novel anymore but i’ll thank you for the ride, i’ll hope you continue to write and improve.


    • It didn’t get posted, because it was annoying and after reading the last time I just deleted it rather than having an argument over it. It’s not that it’s totally impossible to manipulate or rape people, it’s just very difficult and you have to use complicated methods to achieve your goal… but I already explained this in the story, so you’re just being an asshole to piss me off.

      If, in a situation where someone did managed to get past the system’s automatic defenses, that’s what the Game Masters are for, and even the Dungeon Masters are responsible for their own zones. It’s not as if their civilizations were just created a few days prior though, they’ve been there for a long time, and many of the souls are much older than their physical bodies as well(Not all of them).

      He didn’t ‘sell’ the soul, it’s more accurate to say that he ‘ransomed’ it lol. Also, the ‘bodies’ are property of the souls that control them, but the bodies are merely physical forms. If, like you mentioned, someone killed a person, then had sex with their corpse, and attempted to revive them, the soul would first have to ‘accept’ the resurrection. After that, if they considered what had happened as rape, then the System would be activated and notify the GMs, who would then determine what to do with the perpetrator and victim. The result would likely be that the victim would be issued a new body and the criminal could be sent to one of Arcana’s prison worlds or banished from their universe.

      There are situations where people are brainwashed, drugged, and forced into bad situations, but they have something that we don’t and you can’t seem to comprehend: Moderators. They have ‘Goddesses’ who they pray to and will literally help them, depending on the situation.

      I honestly don’t know why I wasted my time ‘summarizing’ what I’ve already stated in the story, but since you’re so damn persistent, I figured there’s a small chance that you actually give a shit and ‘might’ not be trying to drag me into a philosophical debate.


      • philosophical probably not, but i do read responses to posts and i never write stuff just to piss people off since i find that a despicable practice.(and i do find it a little bit rude you simply deleted it)

        i don’t know if i came off more hostile then i intended (i usually do) but most of what you say i find a satisfying answer so thanks for that.

        but basically it does not remove many other issues of hard cut out rules for things that are decided by individuals, because in the real world the rules are based on physical limitations, then laws are based on culture.

        what is classified as rape, especially in a world where there are very few physical limitations is fuzzy at best.

        Basically what i’m trying to say that hard rules while good on paper usually have a huge amount of flaws, especially when what said rules apply for is not clear cut.

        Moderators are responsible for said area that’s about as much info we’ve ever gotten about them, you’ve never entailed what said responsibility entail, that the dungeon works?, that the eco system works?,they’ve never described as judges simply because all rules in your world are hard rules aka unbreakable meaning a judge is never needed if things go as planned. It never actually stated (from what i can remember) what their responsibilities where just that they where responsible for area x. you might say more about this later but i will not be around then and moderators have been around for a while now.

        All in all really wanted to say with this stupidly long text is.
        You seem to have created the hard rules simply because you don’t want to write about that stuff, and while i respect your strong dislike for it i don’t agree with the way it was implemented since it seems lazy, so yes it boils down to an OPINION and not a fact.

        as a end note, ripping out souls is fine but slavery is not, i find your priorities weird, but each to their own…

        i still hope you’ll continue writing for people that enjoy your novel, since i find anyone taking time to write something is doing something admirable, i will just not be be reading any of it any more. (except potential responses to above messages) sorry to have taken your time.


      • You must not have ever read “Immortal Soul”, so you’re simply ignorant. “You seem to have created the hard rules simply because you don’t want to write about that stuff, and while i respect your strong dislike for it i don’t agree with the way it was implemented since it seems lazy, so yes it boils down to an OPINION and not a fact.”

        Much of the story “Immortal Soul” is about an ancient being who attempts to ‘fix’ a world where rape and slavery are pretty common-place(Like the fucked up worlds in most fantasy stories). It’s not that I’m ‘lazy’, but that this story is meant to be fun and I imagined a world where the ‘deities’ actually did their jobs, rather than having some sort of ‘evil’ schemes(Which they always seem to have, in those kinds of fantasy stories).

        If you like rape and slavery so much, then you picked the wrong story. Also, the wrong author, and you’re a terrible person lol.


      • i don’t see where you got that i like any of this from, what i generally dislike is hard rules whatever they are against, in your story it’s rape and slavery hence that’s what it looks like i “support” perchance, and i don’t particularly like any stories with it especially since both are generally used horribly and generally not treated with the respect they deserve either downplaying making them seem like a non issue, or shoving it in your face for shock value without dealing with the implications.

        Most novels I’ve read that have any kind of slavery treat slaves like shit and slaves are subservient just because, and that is really bad writing, for several reasons number one is that slaves, especially hand picked one (aka not if you got lots of them tending your huge cotton plantation) are treated with care, because they are generally seen the same way you see a price horse, or a expensive breed of dog, i doubt there are very many who buy pure-breed dog and then simply let them starve in the dog house, but that is what most such stories try to tell me they do and that is totally nonsensical. those stories anger me because they make no sense, but usually just if it’s brought up often enough.
        just as slaves are not subservient because they are slaves but because they fear what may happen in they don’t “behave” while if they’ve ever been free plot an escape or if they are grown up in slavery think of ways of making their situation as good as possible by winning favour since that’s the way their lives have always worked.

        Rape is almost always used for shock value and when i see it i generally stop reading, the exceptions to this rule is either if it’s handled well (and god is that rare), or when the story is so far out there i can’t take it seriously.

        no i have not read immortal soul, I’ve read a lot of books but that is not one of them, and in most novels i’ve read gods are usually pictured as humans, either like super powered children used to getting their way turning them petty or the gods are strict keeper of rules where what they care about might be seen as evil from a human perspective but for a god it might just be par the course.

        The only way for a god to have any morals are by making them grow up in a environment where they are not the most powerful around so they can relate to humans, because just like people don’t hold most respect for ants neither would a god for a human since any human life is basically insignificant in the grand scheme of things and that’s the view you’re very likely to adopt if you’re old and powerful enough.

        so with the exception of Arcana your gods would make sense due to them living in the world for a while as long as they had the same fears and values as everyone else.

        if i still anger you and you don’t feel you can/want to continue this discussion, simply don’t reply to this and i’ll be gone forever.

        P.S. i had written quite a toxic line but due to the fact i don’t encourage insults even after you throw them at me, i deleted it.


      • Hard rules are necessary for certain instances, it’s just a matter of what they entail. It’s nearly impossible to allow people to be absolutely ‘free’, because even if you allow them to do whatever they want, they’ll end up limiting the freedom of other people in the process. Thus, by setting ‘hard rules’ to prevent outright slavery and rape, along with several other things, it prevents large-scale and catastrophic events(Such as a country going to war with another country and enslaving the entire population of the losing side or situations such as ‘The Rape of Nanking’ and other similar events that have happened numerous times over the course of human history.) There are plenty of shitty scenarios where people would still be able to find ways around the rules, bending them, and abusing the system. For many people it’s literally their ‘nature’, but that’s the nice thing about being able to imprison or banish souls from a reality. If someone abuses the rules in a game, you ban them, and they won’t be able to do it again lol.

        Anyway, I do agree about the majority of what you just said. Would you create a ‘fun’ game world, where people are allowed to rape and enslave each other? They’d be ‘free’ to do ‘whatever’ they want, right? Except when some asshole who’s more powerful than them, decides to turn them into a prostitute or force them into magical slavery which is impossible to ever be released from, for some strange reason.

        Personally, I’d just make some ‘hard rules’ and have moderators… sure, it might not be ‘perfect’, but it’s much better than the alternatives lol.


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