Chapter 232: Loose Ends

On the eastern side of Raphael’s Jungle, there was a huge clearing filled with Demonic Basilisks. They were overpopulated to the point where they needed to devour each-other to survive, but the daily dose of ‘Life-Fruit’ made it so that their numbers only continued to rise. It was still incredibly dark in the non-glowing forest, since it was so early in the morning.

Suddenly, seven people emerged from the shadows; the ten-foot tall, four-armed, demonic angel charged forward while roaring “Oi! I bet you fuckers forgot all about me!” His colossal siegeblade easily sawed through three or four of the giant alligators at a time.

Meanwhile, a beautiful Huntress was launching several deadly arrows per second, and a crazy little cat-girl was complaining “Nyah~, I wanna go back to sleep~! Stupid Mikey~, why did we have ta kill these ugly roaches so~ early~!?” However, regardless of what she said, her tiny pink revolver and huge golden desert eagle were both constantly being either reloaded or fired at the enemies. It only required a single projectile from either Talia or Jasmine to slaughter at least one of those massive lizards.

Sarah was wearing her ‘activated’ Shadowy Temptress gear, in her ‘normal’ form. The adorable Death-Elf was casually walking around and only using her Legendary weapon in the form of an obsidian wakizashi. She swung the blade with both of her tiny hands and decapitated, bisected, or eviscerated her enemies without much effort. As she yawned loudly, a terrifyingly icy aura erupted from her body and flash-froze dozens of the demonic-beasts.

Elina sighed, barely able to keep her eyes open, as she leaned on her battlestaff and asked “Ally… why did we need to come out here so early again? I don’t really understand what was so urgent about this silly hunting mission…”
The three-meter tall dragoness snickered, explaining “This is a treant-farm, but more importantly than that, I really need that ‘Life-Fruit’ for a special concoction that I’ve been working on for a while… It has the power to duplicate a chaotic magical-beast below rank-E, and that’s just in its ‘raw’ state. Once I’ve had my way with it… hehehe~.”

Alice pulled out a vial of white powder and snorted it up her left nostril, while roaring loudly. She equipped her bronze gauntlets and fiery robe, before sprinting out towards the Demonic Basilisks and starting to pummel them to death, one at a time. She spewed fire out of her mouth and launched ‘Volcanic Lightning’ occasionally.

Inari was surprisingly chipper, since she was able to spend the whole night cuddling with her second-favorite Companion. She would have preferred sleeping with Michael, but the same could be said for Talia.

The Seven-Tailed Fox was the size of a tiger, but each swipe of her paws was able to easily tear those basilisks apart. When she used ‘Devouring Vines’, she was able to drain the Health, Mana and Stamina from her enemies, so as long as she had food, it was practically impossible for her to ever become tired.

It only required a few minutes for them to completely eradicate the demonic-beasts that were infesting the farm, but that was the easy part. Then they needed to dig twenty holes and plant the Life-Fruit in them; after that, Inari had to use her Nature mana to spur jump-start their growth process. Of course, the real challenge was defending the place from various monsters who were intent on claiming the empty territory.

First there were two-hundred legless hydras, second was a wave of giant three-headed vultures, and third was a herd of demonic cattle, but all of them were under level-twenty and merely rank-F. However, even though they didn’t receive any experience from the battles, upon the completion of the Quest, each of them gained one-thousand ‘Exp’ points. Aside from that, Alice was also quite satisfied with her extremely large collection of demonic-beast corpses.

Everyone aside from Inari and Michael received four new stat-points; the fox was rank-B, so she was given six, while the Nephilim jumped up two levels and received eight. However, once she noticed that, Elina yelled “Oh! I completely forgot about this but… we need to hurry up and finish that Dungeon, before any of us get to level-thirty!”

Alice snickered, telling her “Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I decided to make you guys come out and do this Quest… The Tomb of Princess Carrabelle is only a dozen miles to the east of here. I figured we could drop by and finish up any loose ends before… Well, it isn’t good to leave things unfinished, right?”

Hearing that, the angelic cat-girl gasped and shouted “I also kind of forgot to tell you guys about the Quest that Umbra gave me a while ago!”

Sarah grumbled “We aren’t doing that one… If my stupid-ass undead father gets himself killed again, that’s his own damn fault! It ain’t like my ‘mother’ can’t just bring him back to life again, right? Ugh, if Umbra’s my ‘mama’ then I bet each of your fucking parents is some kinda Goddess or some such bullshit!”

Alice laughed awkwardly while averting her eyes and muttering “Yeah, that’d be a lot less ridiculous than the truth…”

Michael shrunk back to his neutral form, still wearing all of his armor, and asked “Okay~ then, does anyone know how the fuck we can transport this shit outta here? Do I just say ‘I wanna move the orchard!’ or what?”

The dragoness explained “Nah~, first we need to get the hell away from here, and then we can just use the menu to store it like what you would do for the house…”

“How could you possibly know something like that?” Talia was the only one to speak, but most of the others were curious as well: Jasmine was busy reading her ‘Gunsmith’ comic.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, Michael sighed and complained “Seriously, why are you looking at her like that? It’s probably cause she has a higher Intellect than the rest of us… or maybe because she isn’t an idiot and actually read the tutorial in the settings menu?”

Alice snickered as everyone moved away from the clearing, before it suddenly vanished and was replaced by generic jungle. Elina screamed, Inari yelped and Sarah yelled “What the fuck?!” but they all got over it rather swiftly.
It took Michael less than a minute to ferry everyone over to the entrance of The Tomb of Princess Carrabelle, via teleportation. However, before they could take a single step inside of the Dungeon, a loud, masculine voice roared “Stop, right, there!”

A dwarven man fell from the sky, with four flaming wings spread behind his back; he was five-feet tall, wearing a suit of bright-orange armor and carrying a double-edged, flaming, steel battleaxe. His boots smashed against a broken stone statue and his fiery aura nearly incinerated the seven of them.

Behind that full-plate helmet, two crimson irises were glowing brightly and glaring intensely at the irritated Nephilim. Michael complained “Who the fuck are you and what the hell do ya want from us?”

Jasmine suddenly woke up and yelled “Nyah~! Daddy~!” She jumped off of Inari’s back and leaped a dozen meters, into his relatively bulky arms. Obviously, he had to stop releasing his aura and also put down his axe, so that he wouldn’t hurt his daughter.

Elina shouted “Uncle Jason, is that really you?!” before unequipping her staff and running towards the armored dwarf. She asked “How did you get so strong? Also, how did you know that we would be here right now?”

He put his tiny, naked daughter down and revealed a badly scarred, thickly bearded face. Michael snickered, telling them “Welp, you guys can have your family reunion while we go into the Dungeon… Try to hurry it up though, cause we can’t really do this shit without a healer.”

Jason glared at him, “Oi, where the hell do you think you’re goin?! You think I’m gonna let you get away with violating my daughter and niece?!”

Talia asked “Wait, are you telling us that Elina and Jasmine are cousins?”

The dwarf frowned, glancing at the two girls and then retorting “They aren’t even the same race, so it doesn’t count.”

Alice snickered, muttering “Incest is relative…” In response to that joke, Michael obviously started laughing hysterically, like always.

Jasmine argued “Nyah~, it doesn’t count if it’s just between two girls! Daddy said that if it’s sisters or cousins, then it’s called wincest and-and, if it’s a brother and sister, then it’s sincest and bad…”

Sarah glared at the short, bearded man, who seemed eerily similar to her own father and grumbled “Are we just gonna stand round her all day, tryin ta justify our weird-ass familial relationships with each-other, or are we gonna go do this fuckin Dungeon?”

Michael sighed, gazed over at the awkwardly laughing dragoness and started following Inari down the stairway. After that, the rest of his party joined him, aside from Alice.

Jason didn’t stop his daughter and niece, but just stared at that huge dragoness, asking “Have we met before?” She suddenly began shrinking and transforming into a gorgeous, bronze-skinned, elf-like Earth-Fairy, who was the same height as himself. When he gazed into those familiar, crimson, serpentine eyes, he couldn’t help but scowl.

A wry smile appeared on her gorgeous face and she murmured “You may have already met me before… but this is my first time meeting you, heh~.”

He shook his head, “Yeah, well, either way… thank you for saving us back then. If you’re here ‘now’, then that means I need to get back home. Tell JJ and Little Lina that I love them and… I’ll see them soon, I guess? Also, let that bastard know that… I forgive him for what he did back then, but fucking my baby-girl is not cool!”

Alice giggled, pulling out a small crystalline coin and tossing it to the angry dwarf. As she was walking down the stairs, she ‘Whispered’ “That’s a compilation of Jasmine and Elina… you’re welcome.”

30 thoughts on “Chapter 232: Loose Ends

  1. There are so many mindfucks that it´s kinda more than enough, you better explain what the f* was with Alice and all of their relations between all of them.

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    • I would if I could remember what happened in this chapter(I have no idea and I’m too lazy to re-read) so hopefully it will be explained in the next 130 chapters that you will hopefully read 😛

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  2. Has anyone theorized that Micheal isn’t the only one who time traveled at that time. It’s more likely that someone tried to screw with Arcana and him and his companions, who rarely leave his side, had to fix it all up.

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      • In some ways yes, but mostly no.
        It tells us that he gets out of the dungeon. (Kinda of obvious but spoiler non the less)
        And it tells us that we won’t find out during the dungeon. (Bigger spoiler but not huge)
        And it tells us we have to suffer this question till he gets out at the earliest. (Mostly just evil!)

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  3. so guessing alice has been through a time trip or some shit…. starting to get real confused which by now is quite a feat since im expecting it from this story by now

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