Chapter 233: Fooling Around?

“I figured that you guys would be showing up today… but I wasn’t really expecting you to show up this early. Hell, it’s like five AM, don’t you bastards ever sleep?” Johnny’s voice reverberated throughout the first Boss-Room of the Dungeon.

Michael asked “Yeah, well, how the fuck do we get to the end of this place? Do we have ta pass through that annoying-ass gauntlet again? Cause I’m definitely just gonna Astral-Leap to the end if that’s the case…”

Those huge silver double-doors suddenly opened up and a six-meter tall, brown-furred Minotaur was standing there. He chuckled, telling them “You can teleport, fly or walk, but it’s just a normal hallway at the moment… A really long and spacious hallway. Once you get to the arena, you’ll need to search around for the ‘hidden passageway’, but there’s also treasure and a few mini-bosses. Just remember that you’re being recorded, and try not to do or say anything too embarrassing, okay?”

The Nephilim groaned and activated ‘Lightening’, becoming completely weightless and starting to levitate through ‘Telekinesis’. At that moment, a three-meter tall dragoness came walking down the stairs and a pair of wasp-like, bright-orange wings erupted from her back.

Jasmine happily used her skate-shoes to roll around on the incredibly smooth floor, while Sarah just Shadow-Stepped several times and reached the end within a moment. Everyone else utilized various methods to leisurely fly towards the arena.

When the seven of them arrived in the relatively empty coliseum, Talia hovered next to Michael and ‘Whispered’ “I do not believe that you have not noticed how suspiciously Alice has been acting lately…”

He snickered, suddenly wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing his mouth against hers. Elina fluttered over to them and complained “People are watching us! Aren’t you even slightly embarrassed? Besides that, when did the two of you become so close?”

Michael stopped tongue-wrestling with the High-Elf and abruptly grabbed the angelic cat-girl’s gigantic left breast. The Nephilim pulled both of them against his chest and began descending into the stands above the entrance. His armor wasn’t activated and his gloves weren’t even equipped, but the two startled women were wearing all of their ‘gear’, aside from their weapons.

“I’m pretty sure that Alice knows something about the whole time-travel thing… If, I happen to get sent into the past or some such bullshit, I have no fucking clue how many years it’s gonna take for me to return to you. So~, since it’s probably gonna happen soon, I need to make the best out of what little time I have left, hehe~…” He ‘Whispered’ into Talia’s mind, as he sat down onto a dusty stone bench. His ‘Lightening’ deactivated and he telekinetically ‘cleaned’ all of the bones and other nonsense that was just laying around that area.

The Huntress frowned, muttering “Fine, I will not press this issue… However, what is it that you are expecting from us?”

Michael smirked, casually answering “Well, I was hoping to have a nice, ‘normal’ threesome with my angelic cat-wife and beautiful elven mistress?”

Elina was sitting down on his left and grumbled “Why do you want to do that ‘now’? Can’t we go somewhere more ‘private’ first?”

“Wait, why am I the mistress?! Do you not remember that ‘we’ were wed by Aeris herself, over forty years ago?!” Talia was blushing and extremely furious, but she still unzipped the Nephilim’s pure-white magical jeans and shoved her right hand into his pants.

He snickered, leaning over and sliding his flingers between her thighs and immediately noticing that she had already unequipped her panties. Michael whispered “I’m sorry, apparently you’re both my wives… Anyway, I picked this spot because there aren’t any cameras facing over here and with that giant stone gate still open, it’s relatively well concealed. Jasmine and Inari are over there digging through the bone-dust, Sarah’s meditating a hundred meters to our left, and Alice is finding treasure-chests really easily for some reason. Besides, I’m pretty sure that we’re all porn-stars by now, so who gives a shit if we get caught fucking around on the bleachers?”

Elina sighed as her underwear disappeared, but she didn’t remove her nearly transparent gown. She flapped her wings and wagged her tail anxiously, before slowly kneeling down onto the bench below the one that the Nephilim was sitting on.

Talia smiled wryly as his pants, shirt, underwear and shoes vanished; her soft and immaculate hand was gently caressing the most sensitive part of his body. Compared to her own genitalia, his ‘normal’ size would never have been able to fit inside… However, she was two-meters tall and with those proportions, her mouth and fingers were fairly large.

When the two of them were kneeling next to each-other and gazing up at him, Michael muttered “Nothing more vanilla than getting a double-blowjob from an adorable cat-girl and a beautiful elf, in an ancient underground coliseum…”

At one point, Talia ‘attempted’ to have intercourse with the Nephilim, but she quickly gave up. He was forced to enter into his child-like form, and by then, Jasmine and Elina began ‘playing’ with each-other.

Eventually, Sarah opened her eyes and screamed “Oi! How long are you bastards gonna keep fucking?! Dragon-Bitch, stop masturbating and find the damn exit to this shitty place!” Obviously, with all of the irritating moaning, the little Death-Elf couldn’t meditate properly.

Alice had found two tablets, another ‘Whisper Booster’, and several level-twenty, rank-E Mummified Human Gladiators… but between Inari and herself, they were killed rather anti-climactically. She collected the dried-up husks, along with their many mana-cores, and then went to go ‘watch’ her Companions.

After hearing Sarah’s complaints, Michael sighed dramatically and ‘finished-up’ what he was doing with Talia. Then all of them equipped their gear and activated it, before walking out from behind the cover of that huge stone slab.

The little boy abruptly grew into a man and then hopped down into the arena. He admitted “Yeah, I actually discovered the exit like an hour ago…”

“Of course you did…” Elina wasn’t even slightly surprised. However, everyone started walking of flying over to where those three sarcophagi had been before their battle against ‘Andrew the Abomination’.

When they arrived in front of it, the fox-girl barked happily, turned around and used her tiny fist to obliterate the wall. Alice snickered, walking forward and using her bronze-plated hands to tear open an even larger hole.

“Ugh, seriously guys… there was supposed to be a fucking puzzle and a lever, but whatever, just break everything.” Johnny’s irritated voice reverberated throughout the arena as the seven ‘adventurers’ entered into the mysterious tunnel.

When they finally reached the end, what they saw didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the Dungeon at all. In every direction except from south, for several miles, there was a lush field of flowers. It was possible to see a huge weeping-willow tree in the northern distance and the sky was covered with illusory stars.

Jasmine skipped forward, wearing her bright-pink Meow-Meow Brand clothing and yelling “It’s so~ pretty~! Nyah~, I don’t see any bad-guys though… Mikey~, where’s the Boss!?”

Elina shouted “JJ, be careful!” As she flapped her wings and grabbed the little girl, dozens of skeletal arms reached up out of the ground and attempted to claw at the two of them.

However, Michael casually used Arcane Pull to swiftly yank the adorable kittens into his embrace. Talia scowled, using her incredible Perception to hear, see and ‘Identify’ any threats within that ‘sweet-smelling’ plain.

Alice snickered, creating a ‘Fireball’ in each of her hands and tossing them out randomly. Upon impact with the ground, they incinerated a huge swath of flowers, revealing the endless amount of Skeletal and Zombified Humans underneath.

A deep and horrifying voice bellowed “Hmph~! It seems that more foolish mortals have come to free you, my dear Carrabelle… Heh-heh-heh~, but worry not, you will never, be released from your eternal torment!”

Thousands of undead began crawling out from beneath the ground, many of them had roots, vines and flowers growing off of their decrepit bodies. However, there weren’t ‘only’ Humans… An enormous arm reached out, grabbing hold of dozens of walking corpses. Then it pulled them back, towards the distant tree, which seemed to be uprooting itself.

Below the weeping willow, was the head of a colossal skeletal dog. There were two green flaming orbs where its eyes should have been, and rather than the body of a canine, it appeared more like a massive werewolf.

There was a screaming and crying semi-transparent woman, with a noose around her neck, hanging from one of that tree’s branches and struggling to escape. Michael glanced around at the thousands of zombies and said “Welp, let’s hurry up and kill this bastard… The Battlegrounds are working again and it looks like The Dwarven Republic is getting fucked in the ass pretty hard. The civil war in the United Elven States seems to be getting pretty bad too…”

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  1. To Michael looks like Lucifer Morningstar from the “Lucifer” tv-series, he just need to say “What do you desire?” And -pff- they will be very close as same.

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