Chapter 234: Abusing OP-ness

A ten-foot tall demonic man, with a huge, pitch-black, serpentine tail and an enormous siegeblade in his right hand, charged out into the undead horde. Michael roared “Attack me, you crusty cunt-whores!”

Each of the enemies had at least two-hundred health-points, and they were all level-twenty. However, their purpose was merely to distract the Tank and ‘feed’ the Boss. Sarah was riding on the Nephilim’s left shoulder and holding onto one of his horns, while Jasmine was doing something similar to the three-meter tall, fiery dragoness.

Inari transformed into a gargantuan, bright-green parakeet and released a deafening screech as she soared into the sky. Yet, at the same moment, thousands of skeletal crows shot out from beneath the piles of squirming animal carcasses. They all targeted the airborne parrot, rather than the ‘Taunting’ demon.

Fortunately, none of those undead birds were able to even catch up to the shapeshifting vixen, as she soared around and cast ‘Voracious Spores’. Talia also took to the skies and started bombarding the distant Boss with a stream of deadly ‘Enchanted Ironwood Arrows’.

Jasmine shouted “Nyah~! Mikey~, the giant doggy is scary~!” as she equipped her revolver and desert eagle, rapidly firing towards it. It was so unreasonably large, that she was still able to strike its desiccated flesh from nearly a kilometer away.

[Target Information

Name: Sebastian
Titles: The Guard Dog
Level: 20
Age: Boss
Race: Ancient Undead Werewolf
Rank: D
Class: Guardian
Specialization: Tanking, Melee Damage Dealer
Profession: Dungeon Boss]


Health: 100000/100000
Mana: 750/750
Stamina: 25000/25000
Mana Regen per minute: 500
Health Regen per hour: 15000

Strength: 100
Vitality: 300
Endurance: 100
Dexterity: 25
Agility: 25
Intelligence: 30
Wisdom: 10
Perception: 10
Charisma: 10

Willpower: 20
Luck: 10
Aura: 1000

Attack Rating: 1250
Defense Rating: 250]

Dungeon Boss: Level is set to twenty and experience can no longer be gained. All stats are static and cannot be permanently raised or lowered. Will never age; the body and mana-core will be immediately teleported to the ‘Respawn Center’ of the dungeon, every time that HP reaches zero. Soul cannot be captured by a Summoner. Unable to feel pain or discomfort, but can sense the physical state of their body. Health and Stamina are increased by 1000%. Attack Rating is reduced by 50%. Enemy Defense Rating is 200% more effective.

Enrage Timer: After 15 minutes of combat, Attack Rating is increased by 1000%. If Stamina reaches zero, all enemies will be teleported out of the Boss-Room.

Boss Loot: Drops two Epic items, which will be Soulbound to the Party who acquires it; after which, they must be distributed to specific team-members within twenty-four hours. Drops will be in relation to the Dungeon and Boss. It is impossible for an item to drop, which is unusable by any party members. Chance to drop a Token of Arcana, depending on the Party’s combined Luck.]


Corpse Consumption: Every time the Boss devours an undead humanoid, he is able to instantly regenerate 200 HP and 5 MP. Costs 50 Stamina.

Deadly Fog: The Boss spews copious amounts of noxious green gas from its mouth, which causes hundreds of undead to fuse together and transform into a massive Darkness Golem. Costs 250 Mana. Requires 1 minute to cool-down.

Caustic Mist: The Boss vomits out dozens of undigested undead minions, which explode and create acidic clouds in the air. Deals 500 Fire Damage to everything within the blast radius of 10 meters. Deals 50 Poison Damage per second to anyone who inhales the toxic fumes. Costs 100 Mana and 500 Health.

Ocular Inferno: The Boss launches his fiery eyes out of his head and guides them towards two different targets at the same time. Cannot lock onto the enemy with the highest aggro. Deals 500 Fire Damage upon contact with the target. Costs 10 Mana per second to channel.

Damnation: The Boss releases Princess Carrabelle. Costs 10,000 Health. Can only be used below 10% of Max HP.]

After reading the information that Talia just shared to everyone, Michael yelled “Holy fucking shit-sauce! Seriously, Johnny definitely raised the difficulty on this fight! There’s no way that a ‘normal’ team of level-twenty adventurers would ever be able to beat this guy!”

Alice roared “We can’t let him eat those corpses!” as she charged forwards, next to the giant demonic Nephilim. Fluttering her fiery wasp-wings, her huge body leapt a dozen meters into the air and Jasmine used that opportunity to toss down her adorably bright-blue kitten. When it exploded, hundreds of zombies and skeletons were flash-frozen.

Sara complained “You bastards are so fucking slow! I’ll meet you assholes at the Boss!” She Shadow-Stepped a few times and arrived on one of that weeping-willow tree’s branches. However, rather than attacking the gargantuan undead werewolf, she simply sat down and waited.

Michael shouted “Fine! Elina, get your ass down here!” and telekinetically pulled the angelic cat-girl out of the air. She flew into his massive left hand and the two of them vanished, reappearing on furry left shoulder of that enormous monster.

Inari howled as she started growing rapidly, transforming from a parrot, into a colossal vixen. Then she spun around and massacred thousands of those undead crows with casual swipes of her paws and seven tails.

Once she landed onto the ground, she started sprinting rapidly towards the Boss. Since her body was roughly one-hundred meters long, it made sense that it only required a single leap for her to easily travel a kilometer and pounce into the gargantuan mummified werewolf’s chest.

Sebastian roared “What the fuck?! Uh, I mean, grah~! Deadly Fog!” A glowing green gas spewed from the skeletal canine mouth, aimed towards rapidly approaching dragoness and cat-girl.

However, Talia launched two ‘Arrows of Wind’, and right when they impacted with the fumes, Alice shot off two extremely powerful ‘Volcanic Lightning Bolts’. There was a massive explosion and the Boss’ spell was completely cancelled out.

He asked “Wait, wait, are you guys even allowed to do that kind of shit?!” Then he attempted to dodge the punch of a fox-girl who was nearly as tall as himself, but his Agility and Dexterity were both far too low.

Each one of her blows only dealt three or four-hundred damage, but his entire body was actually pushed off balance. It was a miracle that he managed to keep from falling down, though it was obvious that they were breaking the fight mechanics completely.
Michael was only ten-feet tall, yet his weight was rather outrageously high. Thus, as he was climbing around on the gigantic undead werewolf’s body, just being there was causing the monster to constantly lose health.

Then there was Elina, who disregarded healing and simply cast a single spell, directly into the back of Sebastian’s head: “Solar Flare Level 9: Creates a huge beam of solar radiation, which ignites the atmosphere and burns all enemies within its path. Twice as effective against enemies of the Darkness Affinity. Deals 18 damage per Aura point. The radius of the attack is 9 meters, and the maximum range is 900 meters. Costs 90 mana points to cast.”

Each hit was extremely expensive and required a few seconds for her to use, but the damage was outrageous. ‘-6528’, ‘-5999’, and ‘-6135’ appeared one after the other, until she completely ran out of mana.

Even as the Nephilim smashed his Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos against the beast’s clavicle repeatedly, it never dealt more than two-thousand damage. Of course, there was also no mana-cost, although he did have trouble swinging a two-thousand pound weapon ‘swiftly’, even with over one-hundred points of Strength.

Sebastian roared “This is fucking bullshit! Hey, stop that! Grah~! Why is this damn body so slow and weak!?” He was used to being a rank-SS, outrageously fast, archangelic elven vampire, and it had been literal ‘ages’ since the last time he was one-sidedly pummeled like that.

There was nothing he could physically do to stop them either; even when he attempted to cast Ocular Inferno, Sarah casually used ‘Frost Nova’ to put out the flames. Eventually, he reached ten-percent HP and was forced to ‘release’ Princess Carrabelle.

Unfortunately, before he had a chance, he was bombarded by a seven-way, vicious stream of attacks. Inari kicked him in the left kneecap, snapping his leg in half; then Michael finally managed to saw off his right arm. At the same moment, two Stone Fists exploded inside of his abdomen and caused the lower half of his body to separate from his torso. Talia shot five arrows into his desiccated heart’s mana-core, Jasmine had used rocket-boots to reach his face and threw the ‘Chilly Meow-Meow Exploder’ into his left eye-socket. Finally, Elina released a massive Solar Flare, which burned a hole through the back of his skull and incinerated his ‘main-core’.

As the monster’s head and body exploded, Sarah finished it all off by impaling her dagger and tanto into Princess Carrabelle’s temples. She channeled her ‘Hate-Strike’ to the maximum and completely prevented the ‘second-stage’ of the Boss fight from ever happening.

Johnny yelled “You have to be fucking, kidding me! Do you have any idea how goddamn long it took me to set this shit up?! Grah~! No, nope, I don’t care anymore! It’s fine… totally cool, the fight’s over, so just get the hell outta here!”

39 thoughts on “Chapter 234: Abusing OP-ness

  1. i swear this “Sebastian” part-job butler.
    not every butler Sebastian , but every Sebastian=butler LOL

    idk why is i think so but i just saw alot of this xD

    Overlord =Sebastian
    Black butler=Sebastian
    they all fucking butler

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  2. That was beyond funny. Fuck the mechanics and just steam roll it. Also can michael still channel mana into the blade to make it unreasonably powerful like he could when it was an arcane blade? I mean he did something like that in the dragon dong long fight but still.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not sure when exactly I explain it, but pretty much all magical items are like that. It just depends on the quality and level, cause I still haven’t shown what happens to an item that’s way too low leveled… Well, I’ll probably get to that in the third book lol

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  3. i kinda wish Michael was a biy stronger it seems everyone has much higher and better attacks while all he really has going for him is his defense and his sword, kinda vanilla 2 handed swordsman for me


      • well his lightning and radiation only are effective on mobs of weak noobs, what im talking about is like demonic flames that dont get put out unless he wants them too (Itachi reference) so epic move that can change as he progresses


      • If he wasn’t a Tank, you’d complain about how he can’t Tank better than the Tanks. Since he’s a Tank, you’re complaining about how he can’t DPS better than the DPS lol. Actually though, he does more DPS than most of the others. It all depends on the circumstances though. Either way, no matter what happens, you’re still going to complain about it lol.


      • Alice is a fucking dragon, inari can change into anything, jasmine is a nuclear bomb waiting to erupt, Talia has super high dps and can attack from a mile away, Sarah can teliport anywhere on her enemy and can attck with super high dps and super fast even Elina the priest has a fucking Kamehameha attack with her epic lazer beams, so compared to his companions the Mc just looks vanilla af


      • He’s got the giant chainsaw sword that does like 2k damage per hit, which is usually enough to 1-shot people, but hey, that’s apparently too under-powered…


      • im not complaining he is a tank, maybe its this story because they all seem to be able to break normal rules, i just wish he had some epic unique move i guess, again compared to his companions, even him becomeing a demon fucking Inari can transform into a giant (which is awesome dont get me wrong)


      • again your miss understanding me i dont know why you seem in a pissy mood, i never complained about his weapon or attack, thats why i referenced a paladin, they do high dps but only really from their heavy weapon a.k.a his chainsaw i was just saying i wished he had some flashy move like everyone else not just swinging his sword around thats also why i said compared to his companions he looks vanilla, i never said it was shit just wished


      • Hmmm, well, most of his spells are long ranged, since his melee weapon is still pretty OP. Also, I’m always like this when I have a headache lol. I get headaches a lot :(. Aside from that, I’m tired and I can barely keep my eyes open, cause they’re so dry…

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  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    Michael’s party is definitely the “that guy” group that totally breaks fights. This is what Johnny gets for expecting them to play the intended way when they’re clearly over-geared, over-stat boosted, and over-skilled for this shit.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Oh so it’s like that. 😛 It would be a pain in the ass to know if you were using D&D system for this 😛 Oh its a nice idea for one episode 😛 i can already hear Sarah swearing that she have to roll for everything before landing a single back-stab 😛

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      • Lmao, there might be a dungeon like that, or a raid, or a planet? They’ve only been to a single planet in the Arcana System(or was it Archean?) Michael visited two planets in the Hell System, but he didn’t stay for very long lol.


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