Chapter 234: Abusing OP-ness

A ten-foot tall demonic man, with a huge, pitch-black, serpentine tail and an enormous siegeblade in his right hand, charged out into the undead horde. Michael roared “Attack me, you crusty cunt-whores!” Continue reading

Chapter 176: Archangelic Duel

As Michael and his Companions were spending the night peacefully sleeping in their Player-Home, there was a terrible war raging fiercely in the skies above Carrabelle Plains. Ten thousand Lesser Angels, five thousand Angels, one hundred Greater Angels and even two Archangels were all fiercely battling against each other. Continue reading

Chapter 152: Getting Serious…

After shoving everything into a single treasure-chest, it was decided that Elina would be the one to carry it within her second bag-slot.  As for the other five, “No, you can’t keep the damn chests!  Those things aren’t just antiques, they’re also made out of solid gold!  Ugh, fine, you can take one, but leave the others there!  Consider it as payment for that… never-mind, all of you should eat, drink, piss, shit or whatever, and be ready in fifteen minutes!” Continue reading