Chapter 176: Archangelic Duel

As Michael and his Companions were spending the night peacefully sleeping in their Player-Home, there was a terrible war raging fiercely in the skies above Carrabelle Plains. Ten thousand Lesser Angels, five thousand Angels, one hundred Greater Angels and even two Archangels were all fiercely battling against each other.

Half of them had dove-like wings, and the others appeared more like ravens or crows. The Moon was brightly shining upon them, so the forces of Light weren’t being suppressed by the Elven Vampiric Angels of Darkness.

“Amriel, you arrogant bitch! You actually believe that you can kill me on your own?!” Wielding a huge icy scythe, Azrael was wearing obsidian plate armor, as he clashed with a brightly glowing swordswoman.

With a blindingly luminous claymore in her right hand, the six-foot tall beauty with silver hair, golden eyes, and porcelain skin, was wearing a pure-white gown over her immaculate body. She shouted “If this was a millennia ago, perhaps not! However, unlike yourself, I haven’t been procrastinating for the last thousand years! Behold, my true power!”

Tearing off the golden amulet around her neck, he was able to accurately use ‘Identification’ on her: “Amriel of the Silver Flame, Level-100 Archangel Supreme Crusader, Rank-S, Raid Boss.”

However, after reading that, he just laughed hysterically, and disabled his own ‘Concealing Shadow’ spell, revealing: “Azrael the God of Death, Level-101 Elven Vampiric Archangel Grim Reaper, Rank-SS, World Boss.”

“You, how, how is that possible?!” When that icy aura erupted from his body, Amriel became terrified, and nearly all of the Lesser Angels on her side had been frozen instantly.

He let out a sinister laugh, yelling “What, you thought that a mere ‘Human’ Angel could compete with an Elven Vampire?! Hah! You arrogant bastards have always believed that you were the ‘supreme’ and ‘pure’ race! Pathetic!”

However, even if their power seemed incomparable on the surface, the truth was that aside from Aura, most of his stats weren’t that much higher than hers. Thus, she suddenly sneered, and shouted “Did you believe that you could suppress me so easily?!” as a blinding, silverish light erupted from her sword.

She released an upward slash, which aimed not at him, but instead, all of the Angels of Darkness at the same time. Thousands were slaughtered effortlessly, and the scales were instantly even again.

“Moonlight Blade!” Amriel gracefully swung her claymore and it was easily deflected by Azrael’s scythe. Her body soared backwards, retreating from his icy aura, but he suddenly split into three shadowy versions of himself, and began fiercely striking at her dozens of times per second.
A blazingly hot and fiery silver shield protected her from the frigid attacks, and healed any wounds that had been inflicted onto her flesh. However, it was obvious that she wouldn’t be able to deal any real damage with such superficial spells.

Thus, she finally gathered her entire mana-pool and screamed “This is the end, Azrael!” Two illusory silver wings burst from her back, and golden halo abruptly appeared above her head, which swiftly turned white.

The Vampiric Archangel immediately transformed back into a single entity and had a sinister grin on his face. A pitch-black aura enveloped his scythe and the temperature started to dim dramatically, but rather than preparing to block her spell, he was starting to cast one of his own.

She shouted “Heavenly Flame of Justice!” while stabbing the blade towards his body, and blasting away every single Angel of Darkness, instantaneously. Only some of the Greater Angels whom were Tanks had managed to survive.

On the other hand, Azrael’s scythe seemed to grow ten times larger, and with one impossibly fast swipe, the temperature in all of Carrabelle Plains had lowered to the point that a blizzard had started. Everything in that sinister weapon’s path was frozen and shattered, except for Amriel.

In fact, even as her entire body was shivering, that sword was still emitting a beautiful silver glow. Unfortunately, her opponent wasn’t willing to personally test how powerful that strike would be, so he simply teleported away, and avoided the gigantic illusory claymore.

It streaked across the sky and traveled three miles into the distance before smacking into some sort of invisible barrier and emitting a deafening roar, followed by a blinding light. However, after a moment, it seemed to disappear into nothingness, before the attack could even explode properly.

The moment that the two of them witnessed that scene, Amriel gasped, “No… I didn’t, please no! You, this is your fault! Why did you have to dodge!?”

Azrael sighed dramatically, glaring at his most hated enemy, “It’s too late now… You’ve already damned us both.” Then, the Archangels vanished into thin air, and all of the corpses that were littering the ground, were already being devoured by magical-beasts.

A random brown cow consumed a rank-G Lesser Angel mana-core and huge wings burst out of its back, as all of its fur turned silver. There was a rank-F Horned Rabbit, who evolved into an Angelic Pegasus Unicorn Hare, with golden fur and a silver horn coming out of its head.

Of course, there were others that weren’t quite so lucky, and had generic transformations without gaining much. Eventually, there were even some incredibly powerful rank-C Earth Dragons that came by and devoured the corpses of those Greater Angels.
Inside of a spacious, brightly-lit office, a mysterious man was sitting behind a brown desk and furiously typing on a black keyboard. There was a smirk on the bearded Human’s face, as he finally finished writing the script for a new Dungeon.

After letting out a long sigh and leaning back in his large leather, office chair, his bright-blue eyes turned towards those two angelic troublemakers. Rather than sitting on the sofa together, they were simply standing a few meters apart. When they used ‘Identification’ they were only able to read “Johnny, Level-??? Human Dungeon Master, Rank-Z, Demigod.”

There was an awkward silence, so Azrael finally decided to speak: “I’m sorry, okay? Besides, she’s the one that-”

“Stop talking.” he was immediately cut-off by the strange dark-skinned man, who was wearing a white t-shirt and had short, dirty-blonde hair. A few seconds passed, and Johnny finally asked “Do either of you have direct permission from Umbra or Lux to initiate a high-level Battleground in a starting zone?”

Amriel nervously muttered “I… was told by the daughter of-”

“Nope~! So basically, both of you assholes came into my territory and decided it was perfectly fine to do whatever the fuck you want? Ya know that whole thing with Wormwood a few weeks ago, do you know why ‘he’ was allowed to come and massacre everyone?” Johnny interjected as she was trying to defend herself, and he even insulted both of them, but they acted more like scolded children, than ancient and overpowered beings.

Azrael sighed, answering “Because he received direct orders from the Goddess of Darkness…”

The Dungeon Master nodded, before adding “Right, and she~, had to get permission from ‘my’ boss, Arcana. Now, I honestly wouldn’t have given a shit, given that Chaos has already fucked everything up… Ugh, I mean, did you see all that out there? Who do you think has to clean up that mess?! Well, not me, but who do you think has to pay other people to clean up that mess?! Exactly, I do, I have to ask my ‘Dungeon Employees’ to go ‘out of the Dungeon’ and clean all of that shit up! You think they work for free? Besides that, those bastards are so damn rich nowadays, even ‘I’ can’t afford to hire them anymore! Fucking spoiled and lazy bastards! I remember in the olden days, I could pay my actors like five gold coins, and they’d think it was a goddamn fortune… Then they started making all kinds of ridiculous demands. Wait, I’m getting way off track now…

“Okay, the reason why I’m ‘detaining’ you right now, isn’t because you’ve pissed me off. No, I’m hiring you two… Have either of you considered a career in acting before?”

After hearing that, Azrael let out a relieved sigh, “Yeah, actually, when I was a kid, I worked over in the ‘Swamp of Nightmares’ for a few decades. As long as you don’t destroy my current body, I’d be willing to work in a Dungeon for a bit.”

Amriel frowned, “I do not quite understand… What is this ‘acting’ you speak of?”

34 thoughts on “Chapter 176: Archangelic Duel

  1. You may be wondering “Why bring all those Lesser Angels, Angels, and Greater Angels, if the two Archangels can just insta-kill them all?” That’s a good question… Why do they always do that in stories? Maybe they just don’t even slightly care about their subordinates? Maybe they want them to die? Maybe they’re just supposed to be there so they can watch their bosses show off their special moves? Who knows? All I know, is that they always get annihilated in the end roflmao.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Every time I see a series (IE Gundam) where the ‘red shirts’ can’t damage the hero and die in droves only to make the opposing super fighters look better.
      I agree its stupid to bring regulars into a battle with supers that can erase them with a sneeze, BUT it does help build how powerful said supers are.
      I want to call it the “Mook kill-o-meter” How many attacking mooks can die before the enemy takes damage. For instance those angels, I rate them in the 5K range each.

      Liked by 1 person

      • There’s a point in the difference of levels, where everyone pretty much has a slew of ‘insta-kill’ tricks to use against them lol. Just releasing their aura, without even casting any spells, could literally heal or kill people depending in whether they’re allies or enemies. Wormwood never actually directly attacked anyone, his aura alone was enough to turn low-leveled and unranked people into undead lol. Hell, they actually became a lot more powerful in the process rofl. Basically aura is kinda like the quality and density of mana that the person or creature releases around them, consciously or uncontrollably. It’s sorta like how in xianxia, they’re always eating the shit of ‘immortals’ and pretending like it’s some godly treasure lol.

        “Ah, I’ve finally uncovered a drop of celestial dragon urine! Now I shall become invincible under the heavens and everyone will envy my power~!” Then he finds out that it was actually just regular dragon piss and he dies of dysentery, or dragonic syphilis lmfao.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think in Gundam for example in war you have a slew of other objectives to take. Bases, forts, and taking out defenses. However, movies/shows only show the “Hero” of the situation whereas in actuality much more is going on behind the scenes.

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s true, and they’re also basing it off of ‘our’ world, most of the time. I mean, for most of our history, we used human wave tactics and even armored knights could be killed by arrows and spears. It took thousands of people to siege a castle, since there weren’t people who could just walk up to the gate and punch it down with their bare hands roflmao. Once cannons came around though, stone castles started to become obsolete. A person with a machinegun could theoretically kill hundreds or thousands of people with swords and knives, but at the same time, someone could stab him in the spine with a pencil and he would probably die lol.


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