Chapter 175: Quest-Backlog

“Congratu-fucking-lations! That’s actually a pretty OP spell… though you’re gonna have to get a lot more Intelligence if ya wanna use it in the higher levels. Hmmm, by the way, I’m about to cum, but what about you Nekomini?” Michael was still kneeling there, and using the tiny cat-girl at a rather extreme pace.

Jasmine yelled “Nya-nya-nya-nyah~, ah-ahn-meow-mew-meow-ow-ow-ow~!” as her abdomen continued to spasm uncontrollably.

As Elina came back to her senses and witnessed that ridiculous scene, she complained “How is this even sex anymore? There’s no sensuality, it’s just… scary.”

Even after silver juices were leaking out of the cat-girl, he still kept going until she finally said “Nyah~! Stop, I’m done~! It’s all tingly now~!” Of course, just because she didn’t want him inside of her anymore, didn’t meant that she wasn’t still aroused.

Thus, the two kittens began playing with each-other, and Michael told Elina “Welp, three times is enough for one hour, so I’m gonna go eat now. Umm~, make sure that Jasmine takes that fucking mana-core, okay?” before teleporting into the kitchen.

Black boxers and a white tank-top appeared on his body, but there was no other clothing. Sitting down at the table was an irritated Dark-Goblin, who was using her Legendary weapon as a fork and eating directly out of the same pot she cooked the food in.

“Ya put too much weird shit in it! Tastes spicy and gross!” Even though Sarah was grumbling about the flavor, she still continued eating the inky golden Lesser Angel hearts.

Michael snickered, as he telekinetically lifted one of them out of the pot and up to his mouth, without having to use a plate or any utensils. He licked it a few times, before taking a bite, and chewing it thoroughly.

The tender meat literally melted in his mouth and slightly burned his throat on the way down. “Yep, there’s too much salt… Probably has something to do with this weird sauce. Hmmm, well, it isn’t that bad. Hell, with our current abilities, we could probably eat anything below our own level, without getting sick: At least not physically. By the way, I’m sleeping with you tonight, er, it’s still day time, but whatever. You get the point.”

Sarah glared at him, “Hmph, I figured you’d keep fuckin around with those annoying cat-cunts. Maybe I wanna be alone?”

Hearing that, the Nephilim pulled her chair out, lifted her body up and then sat down. After placing her on his lap, he hugged the tiny girl tightly, while saying “Aww~, you know you’re my adorable little psycho-bitch…”

As the two of them were about to finish eating, the whole room became extremely hot. Suddenly, an infernal humanoid figure appeared across the table from them, but didn’t say anything.

It was some sort of bright-red, fiery elemental, which had no discernible features. However, Michael immediately guessed “Oh hey~, so the ‘Goddess’ of Fire finally appears, huh?”

If it was before, Sarah probably would have been frightened to a certain degree, but she had already gotten used to the presence of such overpowered beings. In fact, she was even glaring at the ‘intruder’ and on the verge of yelling at ‘it.’

Finally, a feminine voice complained “My name’s Ignis… the ‘God’ of Fire! Do I look like a woman to you?!” As the flames dimmed, what appeared before them was a red-skinned elven man, whose face was still unable to be seen; while he didn’t have any breasts, it was still difficult to distinguish the sex from just that.

Michael asked “Is there something that you actually wanted? Cause I honestly don’t care what ‘gender’ you are… Let me guess, this is a Quest?”

The infernal man growled “Ugh, whatever! You know how it is with us… ‘Goddesses’. Sometimes we get bored and either fall in love with mortals or just fuck em for fun, but our virility isn’t that great. Part of the whole deal… Arcana’s way of punishing us for being powerful. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, if ya killed one of our kids, we’d just bring em back ta life! But… when that little whore murdered my son, you stole his goddamn soul! I’m sure you’ve probably figured it out by now, but there’s a hierarchy… and the four of us are the weakest. Just being inside this Player-House is causing me to expend a shit-load of mana and energy. I have two jobs for you… here, I’ll just give ya the Quests, cause I don’t have time to keep talking!”

“New Quest: Ignis wishes for you to resurrect his/her son Akira Ignis Flamescale. Reward: 1,000 Fire Favor, 200 Gold.”

“New Quest: The Goddess of Fire has a young daughter named Nana Ignis Flamescale. After attempting to ransom Aiyana’s daughter, she was swiftly captured and imprisoned by the Goddess of Storms in Aeris Village’s underground labyrinth. He/she wants you and your Companions to enter the level-30, rank-E Dungeon and rescue her. Reward: 10,000 Fire Favor, 1,000 Gold, 1,000 Exp to you and all of your Companions.”

As Ignis vanished, Sarah screamed “No fucking way! Why the hell should we help that evil cunt?!”

Michael snickered, “Seriously, you’re gonna have ta start learning math soon, or you won’t even understand anything anymore… The rewards are really good, at least from what I can see. Besides, she only killed us one time and you’re acting like it’s a big deal. After we save her, we can throw her into the Necropolis or the Arcane Prison for a while if it makes you feel better.”

After a few seconds of silently eating, she grumbled “Fine, but the only reason I’m agreeing to ‘save’ her, is so that I can stab a knife through her fucking heart! Once I’ve gotten my revenge, then I don’t really care anymore. Ah, that reminds me… we never did go to that shitty zombie-infested hellhole yet. You said that those bastards who used to run Carrabelle City are still probably alive, or undead, right? Well, how the fuck do we find them?”

He muttered “Umm, that’s a good question…” However, as if on cue, a series of Quests popped up for the Dark-Goblin to complete.

“Class Quest: The purpose of a ‘Shadow’ is not only assassination, but also revelation of sensitive information. Espionage and covert affairs are important for a country to maintain control over their people or protect themselves from other nations. Your mother was publicly executed for ‘treason’ against Carrabelle City and ‘heresy’ against the Holy Order of Divine Light. Thus, the murderers you are searching for, go much farther up the chain than just the mayor and other public officials.

“High-Inquisitor Helios Argenta was one of the few people who managed to escape from Carrabelle City before it was destroyed, and is the only person who knows who is truly responsible for your mother’s death. He is currently hiding out in a small Human city within Michelle’s Prairie, called ‘Towson’. Stealthily infiltrate the village and ‘capture’ him, so that you may interrogate the High-Inquisitor and identify your next targets. Reward: 1,000 Darkness Favor, 250 Experience, and 100 Gold.”

Sarah started giggling happily, but Michael immediately told her “There ain’t no way in hell you can ‘infiltrate’ anything. Your stealth skills are worse than mine… and I don’t have any! Hahahaha~! Well, we can just bring Talia along and have her ‘Identify’ the guy for us; then you can just cut his fucking head off. I’ll grab his soul and body, and I can resurrect him back in the Arcane Prison. He might not talk at first, hehehehe~, but I’m sure that between the two of us, he’ll probably break pretty quickly.”

“That’d be cheating… it’s supposed to be a solo-mission.” A deep and raspy, feminine voice suddenly resounded throughout the kitchen, as the whole room became incredibly dark. Yet, the speaker never actually appeared.

The Nephilim complained “I’m still going with her! I’ll just pretend to be Human! I mean, I’ve been one for like twenty-three years!”

“Hmmm, fine… but both of you need to learn some concealment abilities. Well, you could just be lazy and buy amulets with a concealment effect from the Battleground vendors. They aren’t particularly expensive, but for a level-twenty Epic, it should require at least two or three thousand Favor a piece.” Umbra quickly gave them some incredibly useful information, before her aura vanished and the room became bright again.

Michael muttered “Welp, guess that means we need to go do a Battleground… tomorrow, cause I’m too fucking exhausted right now.”

7 thoughts on “Chapter 175: Quest-Backlog

  1. Anyone read ISSTH? You know, after reading all this, i really wonder what meat jelly has to say about Michael’s immoral behavior, and his walk through the path of evil immorality.
    He’d probably have a heart attack after seeing them have sex rofl

    Liked by 1 person

  2. With all the times she’s been referred to as “Daughter of Umbra” and even “actual Daughter of Umbra” (by Karian), I didn’t realize that Sarah still didn’t know her mother was Umbra yet. I guess the last quest in this series for Sarah will be “Guess what, I’m your mother?” Michael was listening in the first time it came up back in chapter 76, I’m not too sure why he hasn’t mentioned it to her yet.

    Elina still has that quest from Umbra to recover Sarah’s father as well from chapter 95. How far are they from “the ruins of the old Goblin Empire” right now?

    Elina also has the same idea as the rest of us about the sex scenes now, they’re just weird. Not nearly as weird as some erodoujinshi and eromanga, but still odd.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They obviously aren’t supposed to be ‘normal’ and in most cases, they’d be physically impossible for humans either way rofl. The ruins of the old Goblin Empire are spread across the northeastern half of the super-continent lol. Elina probably forgot about it, since they’ve been sorta busy lately… Actually, they’ve been busy the entire time since Michael arrived in that world roflmao. She probably didn’t think it would be that literal? lol The Daughter of Umbra probably isn’t a very uncommon title, considering how many avatars she’s probably had over the years lol.


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