Chapter 174: Jealousy

“Nyah~, good, that way Little Lina won’t be able to cheat on us. Sides, four girls is plenty for meow~!” Jasmine’s mentality was surprisingly similar to Michael’s, though that may have had something to do with their Chaos Affinity.

Sarah complained “Not that I really give a shit either way, but it does kinda piss me off when I’m not allowed to do something… That blonde bitch is mine then. I don’t know how or when, but I’ll definitely fuck her eventually!”

The Nephilim was causally using a large mithril spoon to stir the pot of food, as he poured in a bit of salt, parsley, basil, oregano, and other similar seasonings into the black liquid. He snickered, raising the heat slightly and turning toward the two little girls.

Michael was still naked, with ‘Lightening’ and ‘Angelic Grace’ on; even though he had just used his scaly right palm to ‘satisfy’ his desires, it didn’t take much to force him into arousal again. His ‘first’ girlfriend was sitting on Jasmine’s mouth, while her worm-like tail was violently thrusting inside of the moaning and squirming kitten.

He got down on his knees, next to them and asked “Which hole should I be shoving my dick into? There’s too many choices… Hmm, JJ, since there’s a tentacle up your ass, I guess that means you wanna be DPed?”

Obviously, she wasn’t able to answer, but there was no magical barrier stopping his actions, so he took that as a ‘yes’. The Nephilim yelled “Wow, hahaha~! What is that weird feeling? Kinda like, oh, that’s definitely Sarah’s tail-cum… does it feel good? I mean, it looks like my penis is about to burst through your skin, and I can see that worm squirming around inside of you as well.”

The little cat-girl managed to ‘free’ her mouth for a second, “Nyah~, it kinda tickles~! Un~, where’s Lina anyway? Why isn’t she home yet?”

He complained “Seriously, ya know you have a fucking map, right? There’s also the ‘Whisper’ feature, so you can pretty much find out where she is and talk to her whenever. Ah, there she is…”

As he was speaking, Elina opened the front door and walked into the house. She sighed loudly, muttering “My head~, I can’t believe he actually bought so many things…”

Before anything else, she quickly went into the bathroom, urinated, and then took a ‘light’ shower. The angelic cat-girl was starving, so she was obviously attracted to the smell of food cooking, but what she witnessed made her cringe.

She shouted “Michael, JJ, how could you?!” and started crying, as she ran out of the room and headed upstairs.

The Nephilim was completely confused, “Wait, seriously? Oi, Elina, stop freaking out! Damn it, I didn’t even get to cum!” Both himself and the little cat-girl left Sarah alone and chased after the angelic woman.

After a few seconds, the Dark-Goblin grumbled “Ugh, that fucking pussy… At least the food’s finally done.”
Michael and Jasmine entered the bedroom at the same time, and Elina was completely naked, hiding under her fluffy-white comforter. She yelled “Go away, you cheaters!” and started sobbing loudly.

“Nyah~, JJ is sorry, so don’t cry~…” The tiny cat-girl completely ignored her orders and jumped onto the right side of the bed, crawling on top of the large lump in the center.

However, her ‘husband’ asked “Wait, what the fuck are you even upset about? We pretty much had a foursome, twice already, and even though it was the first time me and the crazy kitten had intercourse, I don’t really see what the big deal is?”

Elina emerged from under the comforter, with her wings spread wide, “That was different! This time you-you went behind my back and-”

“I definitely fucked you from behind the first time too.” Michael couldn’t resist making inappropriate jokes, when his ‘wife’ was crying and screaming at him.

Jasmine immediately pounced onto the large-breasted woman and managed to push her down onto the bed, “Nyahahahaha~, I found you~! Hurry Mikey~! Use your magic wand to-meow~?!”

The angry angel, pinched the cat-girl’s tiny nipples with both hands at the same time, and twisted them violently. Elina flapped her wings and easily reversed the situation, pushing down onto that surprisingly large chest, while yelling “Is this what you want me to do?! Did you think that just because I was weak, I couldn’t hurt you?! Ah~, ahn~, what are you doing?!”

Michael complained “I’m having sex with you… this is what you wanted right? You’re just jealous of Sarah, and not really angry with either of us, so stop whining.” He wasn’t as gentle as he normally was with her, and even grabbed her fluffy-white tail with his left hand and the base of her wing with the right. Of course, he still didn’t try to hurt her, because he knew that she wasn’t a masochist.

She obviously lost control of her hands and arms, releasing the little cat-girl. Jasmine swiftly used that opportunity to turn her body upside down and start attacking the angelic woman’s greatest weakness, with her tiny tongue. Elina started moaning loudly, while using her fingers to ‘play’ with her girlfriend, and after ten minutes, the Nephilim said “Ah, JJ, the tasty angel-juice is about to start leaking out, so make sure to drink it all, okay?”

It wasn’t until he was ‘finished’ that Michael finally remembered: “Oh yeah, the mana-cores, both of you should take them at the same time.”

However, Jasmine asked “Nyah~, your pee-pee’s tastes like strawberry milk… Meow, JJ isn’t done yet~! Lina~, can Mikey put his magic wand inside my coochie? I don’t like it when Little Lina cries…”

Elina sighed, rolling over onto her back and gazing up at the Nephilim’s golden irises. He was smirking, as she pulled out a pure-white bead and swiftly swallowed it. After a few seconds, she giggled, “I don’t know why I was so upset earlier… You don’t need my permission to ‘play’ with each-other. Umm… this evolution seems to be taking a lot longer than the others?”

As soon as she mentioned it, her body began glowing brightly and started floating off of the bed, into the air. Bright beams of golden light were shining out of her eyes and her already long, silver hair, grew a bit more. Those wings became larger as well, but she wasn’t in any pain at all.

In fact, she moaned loudly, and felt a surge of ecstasy coursing up and down her spine. There wasn’t much of a difference between Lesser Angels and what she was ‘supposed’ to be transforming into.

However, ‘Luck’ was an especially crucial factor during evolution, more-so than anything else. Suddenly, the center of her forehead split open vertically and golden liquid poured out from the wound.

A large beam of blinding light erupted from that gaping hole, and she purred for a few moments. During that whole process, Michael continued to use Jasmine as if she were a sex-toy. Her body had even shrunk down to its ‘normal’ size as well, so it made her seem as if she was made out of rubber.

Jasmine yelled “Nya-ah-ah-aha-ah-ah, nya-hahahah-ha-ah-ah-ah?! Meow-ow-ow-ow-ow… Mikey, why’d you stop?”

“Well, I thought I was hurting you… I mean, when I do this to Sarah, she’s usually screaming in pain. I’m basically just using you as a pocket pussy… Hahahahaha~, I had to say it! No, but seriously, if you’re getting hurt, then tell me. Wait a second, are you a masochist?” The Nephilim was worried about literally tearing the little-girl apart, but he had completely forgotten about something fairly important.

She tilted her head back, while stretching out her arms and yawning cutely, “Nyah, it does go ouchy sometimes… but I kinda like it?”

Meanwhile, Elina’s forehead began sealing up, and a golden tattoo of a vertical cat-like eye appeared there. Then all of the light within the room instantly vanished, and even Michael’s body stopped glowing.

It was only for a moment, but the amount of power required to cause such an effect was actually enormous. As the angelic cat-girl was laying there, sprawled out on the center of the bed, a series of messages appeared before her.

“Congratulations, you have achieved a superior rank-D evolution. Your race has changed to ‘Ethereal Feline Angel’ and you have been granted a new racial spell. Your stats have increased: +30 Aura, +10 Intelligence, +10 Wisdom, +5 Charisma, +5 Luck, +5 Wisdom.”

“You have learned Light Manipulation Level 1: The caster controls natural and magical electromagnetic waves by sending their mana into them. Potency is dependent on the Aura stat.”

“You have gained the Eye of Sol Level 1: Increases the caster’s Perception by 10. Deals 10 Light damage per second to all enemies within the caster’s sight. Heals all allies within the caster’s sight for 10 health per second. Costs 10 mana per second to channel.”


Angelic Blood Level 3: Organs, bones, tissues and even entire limbs can be completely restored, through Health Regeneration. Immunity from all diseases, curses, poisons, and toxins within 15 levels of your current level.

Light Affinity Level 9: Mana and Health recovery increases dramatically when exposed to Sunlight and Moonlight by 90%. Increases healing done to allies with the Light Affinity by 90%.

Holy Light Level 6: All healing spells cost 30% less, and healing done is increased by 60%, when exposed to Sunlight or Moonlight.

Holy Wrath Level 2: Increases the damage of Light-Magic by 10% and reduces the mana-cost by 10%, when exposed to Sunlight or Moonlight.

Angelic Body Level 7: Completely breaks-down waste in the large intestines and bladder, transforming it into mana, which is used to satiate hunger. When Stamina becomes low, mana is consumed to replenish it. The Aura stat determines the rate of decomposition.]

23 thoughts on “Chapter 174: Jealousy

  1. Me: that mood swings doe.

    Gf:. . . . . . . If you ever cheat on me like Michael does, I’m going to rape both you the girl then drink the combined fluids that flowing out of her, then cut your genitals and eat it while I pleasure myself with the bitch’s arm.

    Me:. . . . . . Sometimes you say some disturbing shit that makes me cringe.

    Gf: why?

    Me: like I don’t know? Maybe because you’re actually here and you might actually do that.

    Gf:. . . . . Are you scared?

    Me:. . . Not really

    Gf:. . . . . If you ever decide to cheat atleast go for the innocent looking type, actually my bestfriend is a beaut-

    Me: wtf

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