Chapter 173: The Four Divine Scriptures of Terra, Ignis, Aqua and Aeris

Alice asked “What should I try first? I honestly have no idea what most of these instruments are for, but I should be able to figure it out eventually… Reading though, will probably take me a while to learn. You’re going to teach me, right?”

“Fuck no, hahahaha~! Well, I’ll help a bit, but that bitch over there is gonna be your teacher…” Michael pointed over towards the cavernous entrance to the ‘room’ and Talia suddenly emerged.

In a few seconds, she was able to swiftly soar above the water, arriving across the table from the two of them. The High-Elf had her bright-blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, and was still wearing her skirt, jacket, blouse and boots.

She immediately asked “Why do all of you refuse to wear clothing?” though she already knew the reason.

Michael pointed towards the Alchemy book, “Blondie, you should teach our beautiful dragoness here, how to read. Also, laziness, mostly, but maybe cause it’s easier to have sex that way? Not that the two of us were fucking… Anyway, unlike you, nobody else has a crazy ass anti-hornyness passive: not that we would ever want one.”

Talia sighed, but when she casually ‘Scanned’ those four scrolls, her expression changed from disgust to amazement. There was one in particular, which made her entire body tremble from excitement.

“Some Stuff About Wind Magic: An ancient divine scripture, created by Aeris Angelica Ramirez. When used in conjunction with ‘Memoirs of an Earth Goddess’, ‘Ravings of an Irritated Demon Lord’, and ‘Water Is Awesome’, it will reveal some secrets of the universe, along with bestowing an enormous amount of power upon the owner. Legendary Quality, requires the Wind Affinity.”

The Nephilim casually grabbed the piece of nearly indestructible papyrus and tossed it to the stunned woman, who instinctively caught it in her hands. He asked “You’re hispanic-ish, right? You at least know how to curse in Spanish, so you should be able to read that, probably? Your Goddess really has a shitty naming sense though… Actually, according to that description, all four of them probably do, hahaha~!”

She nervously and carefully opened the scroll and began reading aloud slowly, “All four Elements are actually capable of producing effects that are similar to each-other. It’s also pretty obvious, but those ‘weaknesses’ are a bunch of horseshit. Wind is essentially just air, and other gasses… some of which are flammable, others aren’t, and without oxygen, fire is typically useless. If you’re reading this, and happen to be related to me in some way, recite these words ‘Aeris is the best and Ignis is a little bitch!’ in English.”

Suddenly a potent aura exited from the strange material and entered inside of her nostrils, forcefully traveling through her bloodstream and eventually reaching the mana-core in her brain. Not only did her ‘Intermediate Wind Affinity’ level-up twice, she also received a very helpful Support spell.

“Vacuum Barrier Level 1: The caster utilizes their aura to prevent one Fire spell from reaching the target. Able to nullify up to 100 Fire damage. Range is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs 1 mana per second to channel.”

Then she received a message: “Your mana-core has accumulated enough Wind essence; would you like to evolve to rank-D while maintaining your current race? You will receive +25 Aura, +5 Willpower, +5 Luck, +5 Dexterity, +5 Agility, +5 Charisma.”

Talia muttered “Forty-three years… I have been lingering at rank-E for so long, and just like that… Why does it feel like I have done nothing my entire life, before I met you?”

Michael frowned, “If you’re about to start confessing your undying love for me, I hate ta break it to ya, but I’m married, have a girlfriend and a cat.”

She glared at him, “Thank you… for allowing me to become your Companion. Also, for rescuing me from the circumstances that surrounded our meeting. I believe that I have made myself perfectly clear on the matter of my morality. However, I am willing to assist Ms. Flameborn in her studies… In fact, I became an Intermediate Alchemist in my youth, though it has been over forty years since I gave it up to focus on my musical career.”

Alice snickered, asking “Aren’t you still technically in your youth? At least as far as High-Elves are concerned.”

“Indeed… you are correct. Even a rank-G High-Elf has a natural lifespan of at least three centuries. Now that I have become rank-D, I am still incredibly young.” Talia was smiling wryly, as she placed the scroll upon the table and sat down next to the dragoness.

Since the two of them seemed to be getting along, Michael told them “More important than learning how to read, is manufacturing potions, pills, elixirs and… holy shit, we’re actually going to become drug-dealers, huh? Well, whatever, focus on becoming better at Alchemy… You might wanna learn some new spells if you have the chance. Remember, in two or three days, we’re heading back into the Dungeon to complete it.

“Hmmm~, I want my ‘Citizens’ and ‘Residents’ to start becoming more OP, but I don’t want them to idiotically go out and die, trying to get stronger the hard way. Also, there’s definitely a bunch of Evolution Pill recipes in there, so try to make as many as possible out of those angelic mana-cores. I’m sure those religious zealots would like to evolve, right? Hehehehe~… Exp Pots as well.” After that, he stood up and walked over to a table full of empty beakers, and almost completely emptied his inventory of mana-cores.

He placed each type in different containers, but kept one-hundred of the rank-F Demonic Boar mana-cores. Lieutenant Akira’s entire corpse was still within his bags, and as he thought about it for a few moments, he muttered “Ugh, should I really do that? I mean, I probably shouldn’t… but it’d definitely be funny. Hehehe~, I might as well try it out.”

After that, the Nephilim said “Oh yeah, I kinda need to borrow your money… I’ll pay you back sometime, maybe?” as he placed his hands on both the Huntress and Elementalist’s shoulders at the same time.

Talia sighed, grumbling “Sure, just take my whole life’s savings… pendejo.” Alice on the other hand, didn’t even know what gold was in the first place, so she didn’t care either way.

Of course, he didn’t take everything from them, he left each of them with a decent amount, in case they needed to buy something. Then he walked over to the ‘exit’ and teleported to the living-room.

“Nyah~, I don’t like it~! It tastes funny~! Mmmmf~!” He immediately heard the sound of an adorable cat-girl whining, so he decided to head over to the kitchen.

Sarah complained “You’re the one who wanted ta lick my fuckin pussy, and now your bitchin about it? Such an annoying little brat…”

Michael suddenly witnessed the obsidian-skinned Goblin-girl, sitting on Jasmine’s face, as she held her down against the floor: which was covered in a slimy and inky substance. However, his first reaction was: “Oh for fuck’s sake, this weird heart-soup gunk… did you even put any seasonings in it?!”

The flame was set to low, and even though it had been so long, the food still hadn’t been cooked sufficiently. He muttered “Ugh, seriously Sarah, use your Devouring Shadow to clean this shit up. I’ll finish making this for you brats… by the way, I kinda-sorta fisted Alice. Oh yeah, and JJ, stop eating her pussy and swallow this mana-core. You need to evolve again…”

Hearing that, the Dark-Goblin glared at him, with her bright-blue and purple eyes, asking “If I went around fuckin a buncha guys, how would you react?”

He casually replied “You wouldn’t be able to, because I may have disabled that feature? Like, way back before we even met, I already decided that I wouldn’t have sex with anyone that wasn’t a Companion… No, I wasn’t planning on fucking Inari! She’s only a child… maybe when she was older? Hahahaha~, actually, I did it so that she wouldn’t go around screwing random doggies. Anyway~, hypothetically, if you broke-up with me, then I wouldn’t do anything. It’d have nothing to do with me anymore. Of course, I might go on a minor rampage or two, and would probably kill you and everyone you ever fucked… Wow, I’m starting to sound like you, hahaha~!”

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