Chapter 172: Companionship?

“Well, it isn’t cheating if you bukkake a dragon-girl, right? No, it probably is… Ugh, if you weren’t completely naked right now, It’d be a lot easier for me to think properly!” Alice was no longer sitting on that large stone bench, but instead, laying down and attempting to ‘seduce’ him: though she didn’t exactly know how.

Michael complained “No, wait a second, isn’t this whole situation really suspicious? Chaos… is that you? Is this another one of your tricks to get me to do weird shit with you?!”

The serpentine woman’s dark-brown eyes were scanning his body, and she could easily tell that he was incredibly aroused. She scratched her blue and grey, feathery mane with her left hand, and told him “We’ve known each other for a few days now. We’re both sufficiently attracted to each other… I might not ‘love’ you, but we’re Companions, right? My parents always told me that becoming Companions was even more intimate than becoming mates. Just activate that spell… the one that turns you into a demon. The other one as well… those four arms are pretty convenient, and you’ll be closer to my size.”

He sighed dramatically, “You’re awfully fucking assertive for a virgin hikikomori… You know that once I go into crazy-horny-angry-mode, I definitely won’t be able to control myself anymore. What the hell do you wanna have an angelic lizardman demon-baby for?”

Alice finally sat upright again, and stood up, walking over to another table and telling him “Here, ejaculate into this container for me. Don’t worry, I don’t really want to reproduce at the moment. I was just getting a little turned on… I’m strangely attracted to that cute Dark-Goblin as well. The others… I don’t really get the same feeling from them? It’s interesting though; maybe it has something to do with the way they smell? You and Sarah have a similar scent…”

As she was speaking, he unhesitantly unequipped his gear and accepted the beaker from her with his left hand. The Nephilim muttered “Well, I was kinda hoping to try out this ‘Legendary’ weapon of mine anyway.”

Michael smiled at her, “Fine~, I’ll cum for you, but I’m not going into demon-mode. I’m gonna stay in angel-form… Hmm, I don’t need to physically hold this, ya know? I can just use ‘Telekinesis’ on the jizz, or you could probably do the same with your ‘Water Manipulation’. With that being the case, I’m gonna just put this on the ground for now…”

The orange-scaled dragoness chuckled, feeling a little awkward and nervous, but pretending to be relatively calm. They were at least a few meters apart, but his scent was incredibly strong, causing her to slightly lose control of her aura.

Then he told her “Alright, if you want me to jerk off, then it’s your job to be the porn. If you’re horny, ya might as well masturbate, right? Get down on your hands and knees, I want a good view of your scaly-asshole… Well, I could just use my wisp-form, but seeing things with my own eyes is just, kinkier, I guess?”

The giantess slowly followed his instructions and he walked around behind her, gently caressing her massive serpentine tail. Alice moaned, “What do you want me to do now?” as her chin was resting against the sand, as if she were an alligator.

Michael ran his fingers down to the base of her tail, and continued to fondle those bright-red orifices. He answered “Since you were asking me to fuck you a few seconds ago, I doubt you have any problem with a bit of… well, fisting? You’re probably ‘tight’, but I definitely just shoved half my left arm into your pussy and you didn’t even wince.”

She snickered, “Go ahead~, I can actually fit most of my tail inside of my vagina, I’m not so sure about the other hole though. Ah~, go deeper~…”
In the living-room, a certain naked cat-girl had just finished her nap on Talia’s bed, and was heading towards the kitchen, since she smelled food cooking. Rather than Laura, the one that was preparing a meal was actually Sarah.

The two tiny nudists stared at each-other for a moment, before the irritated Dark-Goblin asked “Dafuck are you looking at, bitch?” She had placed a handful of golden Lesser Angel hearts into a large pot, and was boiling them in pitch-black Demonic Boar blood, which produced a surprisingly alluring aroma.

Her experiences with cooking included campfires and sticks, but it wasn’t that hard for the little girl to figure it out. Jasmine’s golden eyes scanned the woman’s bright-blue tattoo-covered, obsidian skin, “Nyah~, Mahou Shoujo Kuro-chan is so~ cool~! Hehe~, feasting on the souls of her enemies! Muahahahaha~, I wanna try some too~!”

She suddenly skipped over to the Dark-Goblin, and hugged her tightly, rubbing her face against Sarah’s nonexistent breasts. Obviously, she was immediately pushed away, and even smacked across the face with a whip-like worm-tail.

However, instead of crying, those golden irises started to turn orange. A sinister smile appeared on her adorable face, as she licked the blood off of her lips slowly.

Sarah shouted “Fuck off, ya annoying cunt!” before turning back around and continuing to stir the pot with her Legendary weapon: which was taking the shape of a large spoon.

Jasmine swiftly began approaching the aggravated woman again, her frame suddenly expanded, until she was about the same height. Then she wrapped one arm around that incredibly thin waist, and the other around her chest, placing her chin on the girl’s left shoulder. She whispered “Don’t be like that, nyah~… Haven’t we already had babies together?”

That spoon was immediately stabbed through the cat-girl’s right eye-socket, but instead of screaming in pain, she purred loudly. Her brain was in a liquid state, and even such a vicious physical attack, didn’t actually cause any damage to her ‘vital’ organs.

Since they were within the house, as soon as the weapon was removed from the gaping hole in her face, Jasmine’s wound was completely healed. Sarah complained “What the hell are you talkin about?! I never fucked ya! Damn it, don’t shove my tail in your pussy!”

The cat-girl giggled, her orange irises changing back to yellow, “Nyah~, Kuro-chan is such a tsundere~. What’s it feel like inside meow~? My tummy is all tingly and my happy-place is going, nyan-nyan~, but does your tentacle feel good?”

Even after those tiny hands stopped holding onto the slimy black worm, it still kept moving in and out rapidly. Sarah grumbled “Ugh, whatever, just don’t get so close to me… I’m tryin ta cook here for fuck’s sake. If ya wanna use my tail, fine, but keep your shitty mouth shut! That bastard gets to fuck around with all these annoying bitches… If he can do it, then why can’t I?! Grah~, it pisses me off, but I doubt that he’ll even care! That one cunt, Blondie… He still hasn’t done anything with her yet, hehehe~. Before he gets the chance, I need ta steal that dumbass’ virginity! Hahaha~, she acts like such a frigid twat, but I bet she still rubs herself each night, just like everyone else…”

“Nyah~, I don’t think Old Lady Lia’s a lolicon though? Un~, sides~, she’s got a super-power… which makes her happy-place stay sad all the time~! Meow~, nya-nyah~! Ewwy~, all the sticky sauce is squirting out inside of me~!” Jasmine pulled the tentacle out quickly and the inky juices began spraying all over the glass-like floor.

A moment before then, Talia finally stopped flying around and entered the house. However, upon walking into the kitchen, she smelled a horrible stench, combined with the disgusting sight of that pitch-black sludge painting the ground.

When she saw that liquid covering the lower-half of the tiny cat-girl’s body, she let out an excruciatingly long sigh. Then she gagged a few times, and eventually left the room without saying anything. “Nyah~, I don’t think Lia likes us…” Jasmine was slightly depressed, but Sarah just let out an ominous and quiet snickering.
Around that time, Michael and Alice were both sitting on that stone bench. Since she had never learned how to read, he was helping her: “Holy shitballs, this… Experience Potions are actually a thing?! They’re even one of the easiest recipes! There’s also a bunch of permanent stat-boosting elixirs… Resurrection Powder, antibiotic pills? Hmmm, this, is there even a syringe in this place? Ah, there’s a few over there… but yeah, there are even a bunch of intravenous drugs that give temporary boosts to various things. Oh, this one is what you were trying to do, a concoction containing blood, semen and melted mana-cores… You basically use a pipet to squirt the gunk into your uterus, and it not only increases the chance of pregnancy, but even makes the baby more powerful! Hahahaha~, what the fuck, this one… Wow, this is actually pretty dark, hahaha~! It requires you to use your own miscarriage to make, and the elixir can help someone improve their Darkness aura by a hundred… Well, it’s kinda pointless for you though.”

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  1. Michael says the loli cat is his gf, but i feel like loli cat actually doesnt like michael since she keeps interrupting when him and elina do it (which honestly is getting a bit annoying in my opinion, like every fucking time she pops out of nowhere) and she also gets pissed when he does it with elina, she also never has given the image she wanted to do it with michael so im confused, and now she seems to be trying to kinds mister steal yo girl with sarah

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