Chapter 171: Alice’s Alchemy Laboratory

“Umm… I can’t fit inside.” Alice was attempting to squeeze through the freezer door, but it was simply too narrow. It was obviously designed for people who were relatively small, or at least not the size of ogres.

Michael snickered, walking forward and placing his palm against hers. After removing the rhinos from her inventory, he began throwing them out into the room.

The massive beasts were sent flying with his ridiculous Strength, amplified by his Telekinesis. It required a few minutes, but he finally finished.

Within his bag-space, he kept nearly four-hundred of their rank-G mana-cores. Then he teleported inside of the kitchen, and had to help the dragoness squeeze out of the freezer’s entrance.

She gazed longingly at the gigantic Demonic Raptor of Darkness, and various other magical-beasts. There were even hundreds of naked Lesser Angel corpses, piled up as if they were nothing but meat.

He casually pulled her away and closed the door, then pointed towards the buttons near the handle, explaining “Here, this is Arcane tech, so it all works off of mana and thoughts…” Michael grabbed her wrist and pressed her left hand against the panel.

“Wow, I can actually see inside of there? Umm, I want a few livers and brains from the Lesser Angels, and obviously all of their mana-cores. Oh, it, I think it just entered directly into my inventory? If that’s possible, than why would you even need to go in?” She quickly filled her bag spaces with various ‘items’ of great importance to her research.

The Nephilim muttered “Ah, yeah, that’s a good point. Why did I need to go in there? Meh, whatever, let’s go~.” He already knew that it was possible, yet he still performed such unnecessary actions anyway.

Alice followed behind Michael, as he led her up the stairs and towards a mysterious stone door. It seemed completely out of place, since there were wooden walls and flooring around it, but to the dragoness, it appeared fairly ‘normal’.

She asked “What is this place anyway?” However, right before he was about to push it open, the strange man began heading towards the glass door across the hall.

His movements suddenly began to quicken, as he yelled “Shit~! No you fucking don’t! Damn it~, I’ll be right back~!” The hundreds of souls that were trapped within his mana-core, were all attempting to escape at the same time.

For him, it felt as if his head was going to explode from the strange pressure, but he managed to make it inside of the Arcane Prison in time. Only after arriving in that weightless place, could he ‘release’ those rhinoceros, Lesser Angels, and other miscellaneous souls. The wisps exploded outwards from his eyes, mouth, nostrils, forehead and ears, but there was no physical sensation, since they weren’t even corporeal in the first place.

In less than a minute, he had already teleported back next to the impatient dragoness. Yet, when he was about to open the door, he yelled “BRB!” as he swiftly entered into Elina’s room and grabbed the five ‘skill-books’ from her library.

Then he was finally ready for the grand opening of Alice’s Alchemy Lab… but she had already gone inside ahead of him. Michael grumbled “Ugh, fine~, don’t wait for me!” and entered the mysterious cavern.

Walking through a long tunnel, he eventually reached the exit and found the beautiful orange-scaled dragoness, gazing out at the incredible scene before her. She was standing on a beach with obsidian sand, and there was a lake of blue water, surrounding a strange island.

All along the horizon were walls of volcanic mountains, which were constantly erupting and at the center of the sky was a blazing fireball. She asked “What is this place?” while taking a few steps forwards.

“This is your new ‘lair’. Meet me over there, cause I’m just gonna teleport.” Michael only said a few words, and when he pointed to the distant island, he immediately appeared there.

After unequipping her fiery-red robe, Alice began casually swimming across the lake. She even dove under the surface a several times and utilized her Water Manipulation to propel her body like a torpedo.

After reaching the island, she giggled, “With how huge I used to be, I would have never been able to swim so casually before! Ah~, this place is so amazing as well… It feels as if I’m being constantly bombarded by Earth, Wind, Fire and Water mana! Oh! What are all of these things?!”

Watching the naked dragoness excitedly ‘Scanning’ everything, Michael couldn’t help but snicker. He suddenly pulled out a relatively ‘normal’ leather-bound tome, and she saw: “Magical Chemistry: Cooking with Mana­-Cores. An Alchemy skill-book, which contains hundreds of beginner, intermediate, and advanced recipes. There are also a few dozen at the master level. The author was an ancient Alchemist known by the pen-name ‘Slimy Peter’. Epic Quality, requires the Alchemy Profession to read.”

He immediately placed it on an empty metallic table, which had a relatively large stone bench attached to it. Obviously, she quickly sat down and was about to open it up, when he told her “Ah, I also have these four~…”

He unraveled each of the scrolls on the table and they each radiated a different elemental aura. Michael complained “Huh, that’s lame, I thought they’d be like my touch screen… Well, whatever, they probably have some kinda shit written on them, but I just can’t see or read it.”

While he only saw something that looked like Japanese characters, Alice witnessed a single holographic projection, floating in the air in front of her face. It was something that she had never encountered before and had no idea what it was. However, the Nephilim would have instantly recognized it as a solar system of some sort.

There was a huge yellow star, then seven planets orbiting around it, and a gentle, feminine voice whispered “This is the Archean Star System… Our birthplace, and our homeland. My name is Terra, though, lately it seems as if people started calling me The Goddess of Earth, heh~. How absurd that is… do they even remember Earth? My younger brother Ignis, my older sister Aeris, my best friend Aqua and I, have decided to finally leave. I’ve entrusted these scrolls to my pet turtle, Goliath. If you, happened to kill him and received these scrolls that way, then you are about to die. If not, then he must have really liked you for whatever reason, and you will be able to fully utilize this training manual…”

Hearing all of that, Alice stared at Michael in amazement and he asked “What the fuck are ya lookin at me like that for? I told ya that I would give you an Alchemy book and some other shit, didn’t I? I never said they’d be amazing or anything. If you can’t read that nonsense, I’m sorry, but it all looks like Japanese to me. Well, I can kinda-sorta read this one, cause I took a few Spanish classes in school… That one looks Chinese-ish, this… Russian, maybe? They probably say something about the four Elements, hopefully.”

Since she couldn’t ‘Scan’ it, he obviously had no idea how incredible those ‘miscellaneous skill-books’ were. Alice muttered “This… these are actually Legendary items? Interesting… heh-heh~, I definitely made the right choice in… What exactly do you expect me to do for you anyway?”

When the dragoness turned her head towards him, the holographic display, along with its audio recording, had automatically paused. The Nephilim smirked, “Hmm~, well, to be completely honest, I ‘may’ have had some crazy fantasies about having sex with a seven-meter tall lizard-woman… but things have changed a lot since then. Hell, I’ve got like two and a half girlfriends at the moment, if you include a certain crazy loli-cat, and Elina just publically announced that the two of us were married.

“I really do love that beautiful moron, along with that psychotic cunt, and the little brat is just too adorable to dislike… You on the other hand, well, we barely even know each-other. In fact, I have a stronger emotional connection to Blondie than you. So~, even if you are ridiculously sexy, I’m not ready for that kind of relationship. Actually, I don’t even know what you’re into… Since you’ve never left your cave, and supposedly, the only people you’ve ever known are your parents, I doubt that you have much experience in that department. Unless you fucked them? Nah, ya probably didn’t… Anyway, the main thing I want from you is obviously your Alchemical OP-ness, hehehe~. Other than that, you’re definitely going to end up being a hardcore badass in the near future, so we’ll be going to Battlegrounds and doing Dungeons~!”

She murmured “That’s a shame… It would have been interesting to find out what sort of offspring we could produce together. Hehe~, my attempts to artificially inseminate myself with a magical-beast failed, but I never really attempted it with another humanoid.”

Michael sighed, asking “Why the hell would ya wanna have a kid so badly? Loneliness?”

Alice smirked, revealing all of the teeth on the left side of her draconic mouth, “Nope, just curious… I wanted to try out some ideas I had. Incest isn’t that strange within the Flameborn Clan that my parents used to live in. That was actually one of the reasons why they left… so it would have been a little awkward to ask my father to have sex with me. Not that I wanted to, it’s just… never-mind. Umm, so if, in the future, you happen to have some blood, sweat or semen you want to ‘donate’ to me, let me know.”

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  1. Lol she wants a kid out of curiosity and even tried magical beast sperm (which based on the physics of the world might actually be possible, even if low probability without high luck) bet she just wanted a easy source of test subjects. BTW with the amount of monster cores he gets and an alchemist it probably wouldn’t be hard to turn the entire town into a fairly high rank army

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