CC Prologue 1: Vengeance

“Did you know that one out of five women in this country, are raped at some point in their life? I was talking to these kids the other day… Maybe arguing is a better way to put it. So I suggested that they should learn how to defend themselves, carry weapons and avoid going places alone. I was just trying to give some friendly advice, but instead of accepting what I said at face value… They verbally crucified me! Told me I was ‘victim blaming’ and other such bullshit!”

Within a dark barn, there was a crimson-haired woman, pacing back and forth in front of a middle-aged man with duct tape over his mouth. He was handcuffed to a metal chair, which was bolted to the floor.

As soon as she walked forward and used her black-leather glove-covered hands to remove the tape from his mouth, he furiously growled “Who are you?! What the fuck do you want from me, you crazy bitch?!”

That mysterious woman was wearing a tight leather jacket, zipped up all the way to her neck. Her face was covered by a simple, blank white mask. There was a black hood over her head, but her scarlet hair could slightly be seen, along with her bright-green irises. She reached into her right jean pocket and pulled out a small digital camera. After a few seconds of humming a whimsical melody, she started recording the clean-shaven, grey-haired man, who was wearing nothing but a white undershirt and grey boxers.

Then her voice became much deeper and she said “Gerald Gatsby, forty-nine years old, has a wife and two sons… You’re a pretty successful lawyer, aren’t you, mister Gatsby?”

“Shit! Are you one of that stupid cunt’s attack dogs?! Agh~!” Immediately after the man started shouting, she used the heel of her left black sneaker to smash down onto his right foot.

Once he was silent, she casually responded “No, not exactly~… I didn’t even know Tara Jacovich personally. Hell, I only read a bit about her in the news yesterday, when she killed herself.”

The man desperately screamed “What do you want?! Money? I’ll give you a hundred thousand dollars to let me go! Okay?!”

That woman chuckled, then casually walked up to the second story of the barn. After sitting down onto a metal fold-out chair, she calmly said “You know, I don’t hate lawyers quite as much as politicians, but defense lawyers who use dirty tricks to allow their scumbags to roam free… I do hate them, a lot. Don’t worry though. I don’t want or need your money.”

She suddenly whistled loudly and the door of the barn was opened from the outside. Three men slowly walked inside, they were totally naked and had plenty of tattoos all over their bodies. Gerald yelled “What the fuck?!”

As the three dark-skinned Hispanic men entered into the dim light of the single bulb hanging from the roof, the woman explained “I’m sure you remember Carlos Rodriguez? These are his friends, Jose Santina and Jorge Batista… You know what they say about rapists, right? Hahaha~, you might as well just kill ‘em! ‘Cause the moment you let them out of their cages, they’ll just go right back to doing what they love!”

The eyes of those three men were glazed over and what they saw was totally different from reality. To them, there was a beautiful young girl handcuffed to a metal chair. She was completely helpless and as they surrounded her, she screamed “No, stop, what the hell are you assholes doing?! Stop, please! No! Ow~! Stop! No~! Ugh~ uk~!”

A sinister voice whispered into their minds “Be as rough as you like with her boys~… You’re all going to hell together anyway~!”


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