Chapter 283: Nadja Giese

When Nadja opened her pitch-black eyes, she immediately yelled “What the fuck… Is this supposed to be Heaven?! Shit, I didn’t think they’d let ‘Humans’ into Heaven… Wait, this place is totally empty besides the two of us; damn it, I went to Hell!”

Michael complained “Oi, that’s racist! Do I really look like a fucking Human? I’m a goddamn Nephilim! Here, I’ll show you my awesome transformation!” Then four dove-like wings erupted from his back, spraying crimson blood behind him. After that, he activated ‘Lightening’: His hair turned silver, irises became golden, skin went from tan to porcelain-white, and a halo even appeared above his head.

“Holy shit!” The rat-woman was fairly surprised by the sudden change, since such radical physical alterations would have been nearly impossible in her original world.

He snickered, “Wait, more importantly, this ain’t Heaven or Hell, but a planet called Arcana. Ah, well, this awesome room is actually a place where I ‘store’ souls… So yeah, you’re welcome by the way. Not sure if you noticed, but I seriously spent like, two whole fucking hours creating the body you’re ‘wearing’ at the moment.”


[Target Information

Name: Nadja Giese
Level: 0
Experience: 0/1
Age: Adult
Race: Primal Rat-Tribe
Rank: G
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Unemployed]


Health: 10/10
Mana: 50/50
Stamina: 5/5
Mana Regen per minute: 90
Health Regen per hour: 10

Strength: 1
Vitality: 1
Endurance: 1
Dexterity: 4
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 9
Perception: 2
Charisma: 1

Willpower: 10
Luck: 5
Aura: 10

Attack Power: 5
Defense Rating: .5]


The rat-girl stared at her hands, arms, small but perky breasts, the smooth pink tail and then she even ‘examined’ her groin for a few seconds before shouting “What the fuck?! I have no idea what those numbers mean, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good before… I’m getting kind of dizzy from being in this weird room though. You’re saying you actually ‘made’ this body for me? Why? You lookin for some kind of sex-slave? Cause I don’t care if you’re God, or The Devil, I don’t bow to anyone. I’d sooner kill myself than become a shitty servant-”

Michael interjected “First of all, slavery and rape are ‘almost’ impossible in this world. Like, there is a ‘System’ that will physically stop it from happening. If that doesn’t work, there are Goddesses and Dungeon Masters, probably some other people too. If I wanted to hire you for a job, you’d have to willingly accept it… I’m sure there are ways to get around that, like I could ‘coerce’ you through violence, drugs, food, sex, etcetera. However, practically everything is constantly being watched by nearly omniscient and omnipotent beings who would likely step in and smite me.

“Anyway, I already have two wives, three girlfriends and a shapeshifting fox, plus a room filled with all kinds of horrifying and weird living-ish sex-toys; you’re cute, but I’m not interested in fucking you… no offense. So~, my reason for giving you a new body was pretty simple: practice. You don’t remember it, but when you were just a soul, we had a little chat about how I wrote a story one time and you were a character in it. The point is~, you don’t owe me anything, except maybe a ‘thank-you’. I did spend two hours, one silver coin and a decent amount of effort creating you; the ‘real’ you, not the fictional character, hehe~.”

Nadja sighed, asking “So if you don’t want anything from me, then I was just a ‘test subject’ for you?”

He smirked, nodding and holding out his right hand; a single gold coin appeared and he casually tossed it to the naked woman. “Welcome to Luxiana, you should be able to live off of that for a while. I’ve made you a Citizen and there are a ton of empty houses, so just pick one. If you wanna leave, that’s fine too, but you’ll probably die. Like, once upon a time, this zone was pretty ‘safe’… Nowadays, not so much. Your stats are really high for a level-zero, but well, even if you ‘did’ leave town, you’d still be within my territory. Here, I’ll show you a map.”

A large video-feed of a huge target was displayed above Michael’s palm; the view was taken from one of his ‘Heavenly Sentinels’, which was positioned directly above the ‘Holy Mountain’. From an altitude of three miles, it was easy to view the entire ‘city’: all three walls and far beyond that in every direction.

“See that little circle in the middle? There’s like, a bit of jungle there too… some lights; yeah, well, that’s Luxiana, or at least the part of it that’s inhabited at the moment. There’s a decent amount of new residents coming in from, oh shit! I just realized something… I put in all those giant walls, but there aren’t any gatekeepers. Umm, well, I’ll deal with that tomorrow. So~, inside of the second layer, there’s quite a bit of magical-beasts. Actually, there’s a fuck-ton of dangerous shit, just lurking inside of my house. My point is, if you wanna leave, you’re gonna need to use one of the two teleportation devices that can take you to other cities. Not that you’ll be very safe in any of those places though, cause the entire world is in a state of chaotic warfare. You could go to Nekoshire, but I think they’ll probably be shut down for a while; there was a bit of an incident, with me, an army of angels, a giant dragon, some Storm Bitches…” As he was speaking, the rat-woman was completely tuning him out and excitedly examining the strange holographic map.

Eventually, Nadja ‘zoomed in’ on the town and muttered “The structure kind of reminds me of Lorthon, except far smaller. Hmmm, I’ve never really liked living in the city, but all of these houses are pretty high-class. You’re saying it’s fine for me to just pick an empty one and start living there? What about this place?”

Michael snickered as he casually cast ‘Astral Leap’ and sent the two of them directly inside of a three-story mansion, near the middle of the northwestern edge of town. A one-hundred meter high wall was practically right outside of her backyard, but she did have a sizable amount of land.

“I have no idea why you wanted a place so far away, but I hope you realize that you’re gonna have to walk like three miles, if you wanna get to a clothing shop or restaurant. Anyway~, there should be a ‘deed’ inside of the house, which you’ll have to ‘sign’ with a thumbprint of your blood. After that, it’d be considered your property according to the laws of Luxiana, probably. I honestly don’t know how any of that shit really works, so you’re on your own. Good luck~!” After dropping Nadja off on the short green lawn, the Nephilim gave her a bit of unhelpful advice and teleported back to the Arcane Prison.

After glancing around for a few moments, he reached his right hand out and telekinetically grabbed a random pitch-black wisp. It floated above his palm for a few moments, before transforming into the form of a terrified Demi-Goblin man.

Michael whispered “I want you to go back, revert to your original, oldest memories, from before you arrived in this world.” However, there was no response, so he changed the ‘telepathic’ order a bit: “Just think about who or ‘what’ you were, before you were born in that shitty, crippled and deformed, piece of garbage… no offense. I assume you don’t wanna be resurrected in such a trashy state, right? Show me who you were, before you were born.”

Seemingly understanding his command, the spirit took on the shape of a tall ogress, then a small pale-skinned gnome, after that was a giant cockroach, and finally, a beautiful bird. When he read the description, the Nephilim sighed dramatically, grumbling “This is gonna be a pain in the fucking asshole…”


[Perry O’Brien

Golden Phoenix Embryo Level 0: Requires up to 10 years to hatch from its egg. No memories, inherent spells, or Passives from previous incarnations. Costs 1,000 MP. Total base stats: 10

Golden Phoenix Infant Level 0: No memories or inherent spells, may retain some random Passives from previous incarnations. Costs 100,000 MP. Total base stats: 20

Golden Phoenix Toddler Level 0: Some memories and inherent spells, retains a few random Passives from previous incarnations. Costs 10,000,000 MP or 10 copper. Total base stats: 40

Golden Phoenix Child Level 0: Full set of memories and inherent spells from the first incarnation. Retains several random Passives from the second, third and fourth incarnations. Costs 1,000,000,000 MP or 1 silver. Total base stats: 80

Golden Phoenix Adolescent Level 0: Full set of memories and inherent spells from the first incarnation. Retains random Passives and spells from the second, third and fourth incarnations. Costs 100,000,000,000 MP or 1 gold. Total base stats: 160

Golden Phoenix Adult Level 0: Full set of memories and inherent spells from the first incarnation. Retains random Passives and spells from the second, third and fourth incarnations. Costs 10,000,000,000,000 MP or 100 gold. Total base stats: 320

Golden Phoenix Elder Level 0: Retains all memories, Passives, and spells from every incarnation. Costs 100,000,000,000 MP or 1 gold. Total base stats: 160]


After shoving a single copper coin into the soul and creating a simple rank-G mana-core, he wondered “Now how long is it gonna take to build this giant flaming bastard?”

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      • The layouts are both pretty similar, it’s just that this one is optimized for additional ads. If I switched it back, with the widgets on the sidebar, it actually looks pretty similar… so I decided to just stick with this one. There are other layouts, but most of them look awful imo.


      • I wrote the chapter like a month or so ago… Unless you told me to make a phoenix a month ago and I just forgot about it lol. I already have a bunch of dragons, I figured a Phoenix would be neat :P. Probably super easy to ‘make’ too, since the only thing that really makes them fancier than normal birds is their flames lmao.


  1. Given all of time- something that I consider infinite in the multiverse- it seems to me that if Michael goes back far enough ever soul he has would be a super op mythical creature at some point, is there some kind of game mechanic limiting how far back he can go, because otherwise summoner a would be broken. That being said, the whole concept seems highly interesting to me, so I’m hoping for the broken class.

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    • Well, Summoners are actually really rare, and by the way Zachael reacted, it was meant to imply that there are barely any at all. Also, it’s been mentioned a few times, but a lot of the abilities that people are capable of obtaining, rely on their soul and Willpower, more than anything else. Everyone and everything is being ‘restricted’ by the system to an absurd degree, so ‘everyone’ has the capabilities to reach pretty high levels of power if they really put in the effort. However, there are definitely limitations, due to talent, aptitude, interest, and some things are more heavily suppressed than others. For example, ‘time-travel’ is ‘possible’ but only in certain circumstances. Any time someone teleports, they’re moving at the speed of light or faster, sometimes going back in time, intentionally or on purpose. But, if there were loads of people going back in time and trying to change shit; it wouldn’t be possible to actually change anything, but it’d still be annoying for the Game Masters lol. Michael’s case is unique for quite a few reasons… but that’d be spoilers :P.

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      • Is Michael actually going back in time or just dimension hopping? Because theoretically it’s possible to go forward but not backwards. If he was jumping from one dimension to the next (or multi verse) at different timeframes then it might be plausible. Then again magic and souls don’t exist(or something doing a great job at hiding them) in our world and all of this could be just a computer simulation.😁
        Is Nadia the rat women Michael saved in the chaos city and also the thief from Alice lab?

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      • What are you even talking about though? Is he going back in time when and how? In this chapter? I’m confused… Anyway, no, Nadja isn’t Zoe(The random rat-girl Water Element Thief lol).

        If souls and magic did exist in our reality(Which they probably do in one way or another.) we probably just can’t see perceive them. We can measure and monitor things like brainwaves and ‘advanced technology’ always seems like magic to people who don’t understand how it works. Even then, there’s definitely some tech that still seems like magic roflmao.


      • Thanks for the answer about Nadja.
        The question was just a broad based one about time travel and how it relates to the story. I always enjoy people’s interpretations on how and why things work. I’m an atheist who loves fiction so when ever the topic of souls and magic come up I can’t help but to dive into the ‘it might or might not’ discussion. I’m in the might not faction but the truth is I don’t know. Hopefully before I kick the bucket humanity or some other sentient being can find some type of proof and show me. It would be cool to have magic in the reality. Also I’m enjoying book two arc 2 can’t stop laughing. Arc 1 makes me sad in multiple ways. Keep up the great work.

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      • Thanks, and yeah, I think I’m probably technically agnostic? Like, I ‘believe’ in a lot of things, but I’m also really skeptical about everything lmao. Supposedly there’s a ‘god’ gene that makes some people ‘spiritual’ and people that don’t have it, have difficulty believing in anything lol. Anyway, I’m glad you’re liking book 2 so far… I always get worried when I’m starting a ‘new’ story. I mean, book 2 is pretty different for various reasons, so that can either end up being terrible or really good. So far, chapter 28 is probably my favorite in book 2 🙂

        Btw, I think in this book I’m going to do 5-7 fifteen chapter arcs. It won’t be 295 chapters long roflmao.

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      • My ideas about time-travel are basically like this: A reality is a set of general rules or laws that apply to multiverses. Multiverses contain a nearly infinity number of universes which follow the rules and laws of the reality they’re within. Laws and rules can be more complex than just ‘time cannot be reversed’; it would be more like ‘unless certain conditions are met, time cannot be reversed.’ I won’t get into specifics cause that would take forever to explain. The point is, in our reality, we have no fucking clue if traveling backwards in time is possible. Time is just the way we measure the movement of matter and energy; if something could move all the matter and energy in the universe back to a specific point in the ‘perceived’ past, then yeah, you could go back in time within the same universe without crossing into parallel universes. However, there’s also another factor; if you really did go back in time, you already did it. If something different happens, then you can perceive that you’re in a different past; yet, there’s no real way to ever know anything.

        Hell, if you wanna talk about time travel, we’re all traveling through time constantly. We go forward according to how we ‘perceive’ time, but that might not necessarily be ‘true’ from the perspective of the universe itself. Anyway, I don’t have time to talk about time-travel roflmao. If you wanna know my views on the matter, just read any time that Michael talks in circles about the ridiculous slew of possibilities 😛

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  2. So OP that I dont even know what to say o:
    I wonder if 100gold is the maximum he can spent to create a new body or if he will be able to use WJ or Obsidian to create a body with god-know-how-much base stats o_o

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