Chapter 282: The OP-ness of Summoning

“So~, does this mean that I wrote you into existence, or did I simply tap into some kinda… memory wave thingy? Oh, maybe one of my past, present or future lives was over there? Well, I never did finish that story, so it’s more likely that I didn’t ‘create’ a universe by simply thinking about it, right? Ah, I guess I might have? If there really are higher and lower planes of existence, then it’d kinda make sense for someone up here to just, ya know, do it… Anyway, it doesn’t really matter; the important thing, is that I wanna figure out a way to do something useful with this Summoning Profession. Hmm~, it’s weird that your soul actually has data stored on it, regarding that old and decrepit body you had in your ‘first’ life.

“I probably wouldn’t be able to do this for your angelic or draconic forms, but it shouldn’t really take ‘that’ much effort to recreate your original furry rat-woman body. Let’s see~, according to this, you were actually rankless… Holy shit, you were weak as fuck. Oh, hmm, maybe not? It’s weird, your stats aren’t that bad for the most part, but you didn’t have a mana-core. Hell, that world probably didn’t even have em; I know ‘mine’ didn’t.” Michael was holding Nadja’s soul in the palm of his left hand, as he slowly began gathering copious amounts of mana into his right.

However, the amount of time required to fabricate the organic materials was simply too high. At least, with only his chest armor and underwear equipped, his mana-regen was relatively low.

Unfortunately, even if he did wear all of his gear, it still would have taken quite a while to gather over one-hundred thousand mana-points. Thus, the Nephilim smirked and removed a single copper coin from his currency-tab.

With that piece of metal hovering above his palm, he tilted his head and wondered “How the fuck do I get the mana out?” for a moment, before shrugging and clapping both of his hands together. His oppressive Arcane aura crushed and melded the screaming rat-woman’s soul into that melting piece of copper.

The coin and spirit both transformed into a spherical shape, which swirled around and eventually settled in the form of a crystal-clear, bright-blue bead. Michael smirked, muttering “Welp, now comes the ‘hard’ part, I guess? Time to create a proper shape… I was never really good at art, but luckily, this thing comes with instructions.”

Right when he was about to start ‘building’ Nadja’s body, Rachael began crying loudly. When he ‘Identified’ the problem, he grumbled “Oi, how the hell are you still hungry?! You’ve literally eaten so much that you’ve gotten fat… You were skinny this morning! Ugh, whatever, I can’t use ‘Human’ biological logic when dealing with baby Lamias or really anything at all within this magical RPG world.”

Luckily, the brutal and terrifying mother-daughter sparring match was finally over; which meant that he had a ‘Grandmaster Babysitter’ to rely on. He quickly ‘Astral Leaped’ into the ‘royal’ bathroom and tossed the crying snake-girl into the huge bath.

The naked Jungle Fairy didn’t even have time to blush or scream, before he teleported back to the Arcane Prison. Of course, before he started ‘working’, he took the time to ‘Whisper’ “Talia, why does your mom have a bunch of vaginas tattooed all over her body?”

“Miguel, they are obviously flowers, but more importantly… Why were you in the bathroom with mi mama?” His wife’s response was filled with plenty of irritation, but she didn’t seem too surprised by his actions.

Michael snickered, “I was just dropping Rei-Rei off at the pool. Anyway, why don’t you try going into Dryad-mode and looking at your pussy… Does it look like a flower or a vagina? Exactly, she has a shit-ton of twats tattooed all over her body; sure, they aren’t ‘all’ like that, just the ones on her ass, groin, legs and just about everywhere else that she could easily cover-up with clothes. Well, I gotta get back to ‘work’, so I’ll talk you later~! Love ya, bye~!”

As he floated in the center of the room, a pure-blue bead hovered a few meters in front of him. The Nephilim muttered “Now that I’ve fundamentally altered her original body-construction, by creating the mana-core, I don’t think the original blueprints will still work… Well, even if I didn’t do that, she would have simply died of old age again and yeah, that’d be kinda redundant. Hmmm, oh, sweet, a menu!”

[Nadja Giese

Primal Rat-Tribe Embryo Level 0: Requires a surrogate womb to survive. No memories, inherent spells, or Passives from previous incarnations. Costs 10 MP. Total base stats: 1

Primal Rat-Tribe Infant Level 0: No memories or inherent spells, may retain some random Passives from previous incarnations. Costs 1,000 MP. Total base stats: 2

Primal Rat-Tribe Toddler Level 0: Some memories and inherent spells, retains a few random Passives from previous incarnations. Costs 100,000 MP. Total base stats: 4

Primal Rat-Tribe Child Level 0: Full set of memories and inherent spells from the first incarnation. Retains several random Passives from the second, third and fourth incarnations. Costs 1,000,000 MP or 1 copper. Total base stats: 8

Primal Rat-Tribe Adolescent Level 0: Full set of memories and inherent spells from the first incarnation. Retains random Passives and spells from the second, third and fourth incarnations. Costs 10,000,000 MP or 10 copper. Total base stats: 16

Primal Rat-Tribe Adult Level 0: Full set of memories and inherent spells from the first incarnation. Retains random Passives and spells from the second, third and fourth incarnations. Costs 100,000,000 MP or 1 silver. Total base stats: 32

Primal Rat-Tribe Elder Level 0: Retains all memories, Passives, and spells from every incarnation. Costs 10,000,000 MP or 10 copper. Total base stats: 16]


“The efficiency is really shitty at the moment, but that’s probably because my Summoning is only just barely Intermediate… Hell, when I reach Arcana’s OP-ness, I’d probably be able to create entire planets by accidentally imagining them, heh-heh~, ugh, that’d actually be really bad. When I write stories or even just think about… Oh god, that’s horrifying. No, even she told me that it required a lot of effort for her to create that lower-plane universe she showed me. Of course, she also lies like a motherfucker, so it’s best not to trust anything she’s told me so far to be ‘facts’. Hmmm~, anyway~, for some reason it doesn’t give me a ‘time requirement’… I guess that means there isn’t one?” Michael talked to himself for a few seconds, before finally choosing ‘Primal Rat-Tribe Adult Level 0’.

He was worried that if the woman remembered all of her other incarnations, she might try to cause trouble for him later on. However, unlike the ‘System’ assistance that he had received for Leatherworking, his Summoning was much different.

After picking out the ‘blueprint’, a holographic image of a naked anthropomorphic black-furred rat-woman appeared in front of him. The mana-core was positioned in the center of the illusory rodent-shaped head, and was the starting point he would be working from.

Michael murmured “Okay~, the first thing I need is a brain, obviously. So~, let’s turn off the outer schematics and just focus on the vital organs, etcetera. If I wasn’t in a zero-G environment, I’d definitely have ta do the skin first, but luckily, I’m not, hehehe~.”

A piece of silver was somehow shoved inside of the tiny sapphire-sphere and his aura took on a form that exactly matched the displayed, illusory brain; it included the capillaries and even part of the spinal cord. Then he moved onto the optical nerves, eyes, interior of the snout, tongue, esophagus, trachea, jugular veins, carotid arteries, and slowly created the head.

Only once everything else was finished, did he form the bones, muscles, skin and finally the thin black fur. Fortunately, he didn’t need to worry about the smallest details, because he was essentially just guiding the mana-core; regarding DNA, molecular structures, and ‘how’ Nadja’s body was ‘actually’ being created, it didn’t really matter.

After two hours of manipulating his aura, Michael heaved out a long sigh of relief and felt a strange sense of accomplishment. He reached out with his right hand and sent an ‘activation’ order into the four-foot tall, rat-woman’s mind.

“Intermediate Summoner Level 2: Capable of absorbing the souls of the dead, and can temporarily store them within their own mana-core. Able to place those souls into new, rank-D vessels, under level-20. Passives and Spells below Intermediate may be kept and 10% of stats may be carried over from their previous form. The Summoner may banish souls from their spacetime and send them into the past, future or an alternate universe depending on the circumstances.

Can create mana-cores by infusing copious amounts of mana directly into a soul. The Summoner will have access to blueprints regarding the creation of a new body for the soul. However, options and prices will be limited depending on the level of Summoning. Experience, items, stats, Passives, spells, and memories may be stripped from the soul during the creation of a new body.”

Once the process was finally finished, his Profession leveled-up, and he received a notification: “Stats have increased: +5 Aura, +2 Perception, +1 Intellect, +1 Wisdom, +1 Dexterity. You have gained +100 experience.”

19 thoughts on “Chapter 282: The OP-ness of Summoning

  1. I can already see the next chapter..
    Michael:” Holy cunsause! This shit gives free stats? HAHAHAHA~”
    Begins to mass reproduce bodies for all his soul collection.
    3 days later he is level 100 with 2K+ on all stats…
    And since he has more money than sex-drive (at least at the moment) he should be able to empower himself silly.

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  2. Figuring all that out I thought he might get a bigger boost in wisdom or intelligence than he did. Though it did seem like he just said fuck it and clapped his hands together much like kicking the side of the AC to get it to work again.. But i’m sure he figured it out properly.

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    • Well, there are people who would try to create human DNA from scratch, one gene at a time… and then there are people who just have sex and accidentally make a fetus that grows automatically and eventually transforms into a baby lol.

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  3. Remember when I said that you would probably maybe kinda-sorta understand the relationship between “Immortal Soul” and Hardcore OP-ness” by the end of the first book of “Hardcore OP-ness”? Well yeah, I lied, it’s still ambiguous as fuck, lmfao. Anyway, I really like this medley of English-translated song covers from ‘Your Lie In April’ a lot more than I enjoyed the anime itself lol. I hate tragedies but love music, so I always had mixed feelings about that particular anime… Oh well, I’m not releasing any more chapters today btw. There’s only like 13 chapters left, so if I did 2 each day, it’d be done in 6-ish days. I’ll probably drag it out a bit though :P.

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