Chapter 287: A ‘Peaceful’ Family Lunch

Michael, Elina, Jasmine, Laura, Sarah and Maria were each sitting around the huge crystalline dinner table, as Talia was dicing some leeks, carrots, celery and demonic hell-peppers at the kitchen counter. The surprisingly chipper High-Elf was humming quietly, as she dexterously prepared a host of ingredients for the upcoming family lunch. Rachael was playing with a tiny, adorable, bright-green vixen on the middle of the table. Continue reading

Chapter 284: Hardcore Summoning Practice

“Thank you, I shall never forget this kindness!” After a grueling and nerve-wracking three hours of intense aura manipulation, Michael had finally resurrected the Golden Phoenix to its former glory. At least, he was able to recreate a small portion of its original power, with a few extra perks added into the mix. Continue reading

Chapter 282: The OP-ness of Summoning

“So~, does this mean that I wrote you into existence, or did I simply tap into some kinda… memory wave thingy? Oh, maybe one of my past, present or future lives was over there? Well, I never did finish that story, so it’s more likely that I didn’t ‘create’ a universe by simply thinking about it, right? Ah, I guess I might have? If there really are higher and lower planes of existence, then it’d kinda make sense for someone up here to just, ya know, do it… Anyway, it doesn’t really matter; the important thing, is that I wanna figure out a way to do something useful with this Summoning Profession. Hmm~, it’s weird that your soul actually has data stored on it, regarding that old and decrepit body you had in your ‘first’ life. Continue reading

Chapter 279: Mother-Daughter Action?

Talia shouted “Mamá, no puedo creer que usted está realmente aquí!” as she swiftly embraced her mother in a tight hug. They had been separated for sixty years, so it wasn’t strange for them to be overcome by emotions. Continue reading

Chapter 267: Making Plans for the Future?

Within the Huntress’ mind, she was reliving a scene from her past. A gorgeous High-Elven woman, with bright-blue eyes and short-blonde hair was teaching an adorable boy and girl how to fence. Continue reading