Chapter 287: A ‘Peaceful’ Family Lunch

Michael, Elina, Jasmine, Laura, Sarah and Maria were each sitting around the huge crystalline dinner table, as Talia was dicing some leeks, carrots, celery and demonic hell-peppers at the kitchen counter. The surprisingly chipper High-Elf was humming quietly, as she dexterously prepared a host of ingredients for the upcoming family lunch. Rachael was playing with a tiny, adorable, bright-green vixen on the middle of the table. Continue reading

Chapter 272: Divine Info-Dump?

After Jasmine fell asleep, Elina went downstairs to find Rachael; however, she quickly noticed that the baby’s map-marker had swiftly left the house. She ‘Whispered’ “Inari! Where do you think you’re taking my daughter?!” as she flapped her wings and flew out the front door. Continue reading

Chapter 252: Premature Evolution?

“Congratulations! Your daughter Rachael has evolved into a rank-G, Angelic Lamia Fairy. Stats have improved: +5 Aura, +2 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma, +1 Agility.” Continue reading

Chapter 251: Hardcore Foreshadowing

Laying on Elina’s bed were four eggs, two cat-girls and a baby Lamia. Within a pure-white, brightly-glowing ‘Mysterious Cat Egg’ were three embryos, each of them were fairly early in development, so it was difficult to tell exactly what they were going to look like eventually. Continue reading

Chapter 88: Twice in One Bathroom?

Michael growled “That fucking evil whore-cunt! It’s bad enough that you killed me and raped my corpse, but you even murdered my mana-core babies!” After his rage died down, he sighed dramatically, before grumbling “Ugh, now I have to clean this shit up…” Continue reading