Chapter 278: An Ominous Patch

Michael felt a little dizzy, then he was engulfed in a blinding light and reached level thirty-three. All of the nausea and discomfort was instantly quelled and he invested all four stat-points into Intelligence. Continue reading

Chapter 251: Hardcore Foreshadowing

Laying on Elina’s bed were four eggs, two cat-girls and a baby Lamia. Within a pure-white, brightly-glowing ‘Mysterious Cat Egg’ were three embryos, each of them were fairly early in development, so it was difficult to tell exactly what they were going to look like eventually. Continue reading

Chapter 250: The New Necropolis

There was an ominous obsidian gateway in the cavern that Kelsey and Roycerus lived in, which was a portal to and from the eastern side of the Necropolis. The two skeletal humanoids were ‘playing’ in the jungle, so they weren’t there to notice the small horde of undead traveling in and out of their home. Continue reading

Chapter 248: A Bit of Backstory

Lucrecia wasn’t the only golem who managed to gain sentience; every time one of the Stoneguard absorbed two rank-E mana-cores, they would evolve. During the process, a soul from a recently deceased ‘Citizen’ of Luxiana, would swiftly enter inside. Continue reading

Chapter 243: Drama Before the BG

“Okay~, you guys should stop freaking out now; you’re scaring and-or annoying Rachael with all the drama. Besides, it ain’t like she’s gonna remember any of this… Even if she does, so what? I’ve been watching all kinds of fucked up shit since I was like five or six, and I turned out fine. Anyway, the noodles look done and the weird tentacle-monster calamari should be finished by now as well. Oi, Sarah, get your ass back here and eat with us!” Michael completely disregarded all the nonsense that had just happened, and somehow managed to convince the angry little girl to return to the kitchen telepathically. Continue reading