Chapter 248: A Bit of Backstory

Lucrecia wasn’t the only golem who managed to gain sentience; every time one of the Stoneguard absorbed two rank-E mana-cores, they would evolve. During the process, a soul from a recently deceased ‘Citizen’ of Luxiana, would swiftly enter inside. Continue reading

Chapter 229: Family Reunion

“I’m a vampire, obviously! Also, I work for a Battleground news station now… With the way your boyfriend has been going around massacring people lately, it’d be stranger if I couldn’t find you! Damn, you always acted so reserved and ‘innocent’, what the fuck happened? I’m not trying to be judgy, but I seriously just saw a video of you and your ‘Companions’ having an orgy in a Dungeon… Sure, I’ve been with a decent amount of guys, but never more than one at a time! Besides that, I’ve definitely never had so little self-confidence that I was willing to share my man with a bunch of other girls!” The first thing that Lily did was obviously to try and publicly humiliate her angelic sister in the middle of a crowded restaurant. Continue reading