Chapter 229: Family Reunion

“I’m a vampire, obviously! Also, I work for a Battleground news station now… With the way your boyfriend has been going around massacring people lately, it’d be stranger if I couldn’t find you! Damn, you always acted so reserved and ‘innocent’, what the fuck happened? I’m not trying to be judgy, but I seriously just saw a video of you and your ‘Companions’ having an orgy in a Dungeon… Sure, I’ve been with a decent amount of guys, but never more than one at a time! Besides that, I’ve definitely never had so little self-confidence that I was willing to share my man with a bunch of other girls!” The first thing that Lily did was obviously to try and publicly humiliate her angelic sister in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

Elina scowled, shouting “I don’t want to hear that from you! I have never and will never be with another man besides my ‘husband’ Michael! You on the other hand; can you even remember how many guys you’ve dated in the past eight years?! I lost count after it left the double-digits!”

Jasmine yelled “Nyah~, don’t pinch my ears~! Owwy~! Wah~! Elly~, kiss me and make it better~!”

However, the little cat-girl was ignored, because Lily screamed “You fucking bisexual bitch!” as she slapped her beautiful sister across her face.

Then the angelic woman stood up and shouted “How dare you, you, you harlot!” There were quite a few people in the restaurant who were preparing to defend the Oracle of Lux, but once Elina punched her vampiric sibling in the face, they realized that it was unnecessary. After spending a week in that Battleground Sanctuary, it wasn’t surprising that she had learned a bit from her violent Companions.

Lily’s nose was broken and she gasped, before glaring at her sister and chanting “Goddess of Darkness, allow me to release the flames of my hatred!” A pitch-black and violent vortex of fire started to swirl around the vampiric cat-girl’s body, as she slowly started using ‘Telekinesis’ to float a few feet from the ground.

Elina sighed and without even speaking, a pure-white staff appeared in her hands. Rather than using any spells, she simply shoved the stick into her sister’s mouth and kept her from finishing the chant. Not only that, but her seductive lips and gorgeous face were both harshly burned by an excessive amount of Light mana.

“Damn, seriously ladies, don’t you think this sibling cat-fight is going a bit too far?” A relatively short, bearded Human man suddenly appeared out of thin air and telekinetically removed the glowing stick from Lily’s mouth. With a wave of his left hand, the horrible burns all over her face vanished and with a thought, the destroyed tables and chairs were instantly repaired back to peak condition.

The mysterious newcomer sat down across from Jasmine and grumbled “So how’s the little family reunion going thus far? Hmm~, actually, I honestly don’t give a shit about that. I came here ‘personally’, because you bastards seemed to have completely forgotten about something really~ important that you were supposed to do… Oh, I’m sorry, did you forget about the whole Dungeon thing? Yeah, well, selling your sex-tapes brings in plenty of gold, but it isn’t quite as lucrative as the ‘actual’ Dungeon battles.”

Lily glared fiercely at her angelic sister, before sitting back in her chair, crossing her arms and pouting dramatically. Elina stared at that man for a few moments, then sat down and asked “Are you Johnny? I’m sorry, we were going to get to that eventually but… things happened and we were a little busy.”

He snickered, telling her “Yeah, ‘normally’ it wouldn’t really matter, since most people don’t level very often, but you guys are a bit different. Unfortunately, past level twenty-nine, it becomes impossible to enter a level-twenty Dungeon. For raids you have an extra ten levels until you reach the cut-off, but as you might have noticed, your boyfriend-slash-girlfriends managed to nearly reach that limit yesterday. I saw it on the news and decided to drop by to say ‘Stop fucking around and get your asses back into my Dungeon! Please~…’ Well, if this was a millennia ago, I’d be so damn busy that I wouldn’t even have time to deal with this bullshit, but now-days, you’re basically my only source of income.”

Hearing that, the vampiric cat-girl swiftly used ‘Identification’ on her sister and yelled “How the hell did you reach level twenty-four?!”

Jasmine suddenly complained “Nyah~, why is our food taking so long~! I wanna eat sushi~!”

Johnny groaned and shook his head, grumbling “I really hate kids, so I’m going to go home now… Make sure you tell your boyfriend and girlfriends that I found a new Princess Carrabelle and don’t let them reach level-thirty!”

Once the Dungeon Master vanished, a chubby Priestess quickly ran over and hugged Lily tightly. At first she was about to push the woman away, but after sniffing her, the busty vampire asked “Mom, is that you?”

Elina smiled wryly and muttered “We’ve all changed a lot recently…” Thus, the four of them had a touching family reunion, while eating delicious fresh sushi at that riverside seafood restaurant.
Sarah was sitting in the Necropolis, surrounded by dozens of Warbeast corpses. There were men, women, boys, girls, infants and even the elderly, but all of them had something rather significant in common with each-other: the Darkness Affinity.

They weren’t organized in any specific position, though their ‘parts’ needed to be attached for the most part. She didn’t particularly care about whether those people lived or died, but they were convenient practice tools for her to improve her Necromancy skills.

Some of them possessed mana-cores, but even the rankless ones were inhabited by souls, so they wouldn’t become puppets upon undead resurrection. However, the fact that they would owe the little Dark-Goblin a favor was fairly obvious.

As Sarah was calmly meditating and circulating her pitch-black aura, it would occasionally turn bright-blue or dark-red. Her control over ‘heat’ was growing stronger, though she wasn’t particularly focusing on it at that moment.

“Hohoho~, it seems that your friends have finally revealed my little secret while I was sorting out that silly dragon-war…” Umbra’s raspy voice echoed out within the Necropolis, and her shadowy figure abruptly materialized in front of her daughter’s naked body.

The irritated Necromancer opened her beautiful azure and violet eyes, coldly glaring at her ‘Goddess’. She asked “Why would you let those pathetic fucking Humans kill you?”

A smirk appeared on the obsidian woman’s bright-blue lips, as she casually sat down with her legs crossed. “Hmmm~, didn’t you receive a Quest to find that out on your own? Well, I suppose it wouldn’t really matter if I give a few spoilers… Your mother was one of my many Avatars, but she wasn’t particularly powerful. She had no idea who she really was until after her death and once she merged into my consciousness, it was already too late to bring her back the way she was. Of course, it did give me an excuse to wipe-out Carrabelle Plains and that annoying Goblin Empire… Enough about the past, for now, we have something much more important to discuss; I believe you’ve been yearning for your next evolution, right? Last time, I wasn’t allowed to give you a very good ‘gift’, because you barely had to do anything to ‘earn’ it.”

Sarah frowned, “You’re right, fuck the past, power is more important than anything else. What did you need me to do exactly?”

Extending her right hand towards her daughter, Umbra grinned, whispering “This isn’t exactly a ‘Quest’, so I’ll just give you the reward ahead of time… Don’t worry, I won’t need you to do anything ‘too’ extreme, heh-heh~. Let’s just say, each of us ‘Goddesses’ have a certain ‘stake’ in Michael’s very-near future. Didn’t you ever wonder why we all cared so much about him? If he was really ‘just’ a Player, would that warrant so much attention? Well, you’ll all figure it out soon enough, but for now, I’ll give you this piece of motherly advice: Love is far more powerful than hate, so use it wisely. As for what you have to do and when you’ll be doing it… Keep practicing your Necromancy, because you’re going to need it very soon.”

After placing the pitch-black mana-core into Sarah’s left palm, the shadowy woman disappeared. The little girl didn’t even bother to examine it, since she couldn’t, but she did teleport a few hundred meters away from her practice-corpses: just in case something happened during the evolution.

Once she arrived at her destination, she casually swallowed the bead and closed her eyes.

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  1. hmmm for some reason the ending made me think that mike and his companions are going to be given the god and goddess positions they are related to. (well not exactly “given”, it’s probably going to take quite a lot of pain, battles and orgies)

    thanks for the chapter

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  2. danm, i finally caught up….. now im bored again.
    looking at the way the story is going, im not even sure if those weird dreams Mike keep having are real or fake anymore. they are a little to weird for my normal brain to cope with


  3. Still wondering why the hell did all 7 goddess need to combine their power just to summon Michael. Hmm. Still fishy. Welp, that’s for the future soooo….i’ll enjoy my read~~
    Thanks for the chapter Mike~~

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    • Not sure, I mean, I’ll try, but it’s getting harder for me to write 2 chapters a day. I don’t know why, it just feels like the whole day vanishes by the time I finish the first chapter and then I have to stay up for another 6 hours before I can finished the second… I used to be able to write 1 chapter in an hour or 2; I think I’m probably burnt-out at the moment :(. Well, today should be a good day, cause I slept for like 13 hours rofl. For a while I was only getting like 6-8 hours and it was way harder to concentrate on anything :(.


      • well, burnout is burnout, just relax, do something else that bring some mental calmness (whichever you want except that it just should bring your mind in a peacefull state)
        and when you’ll feel writing just get back to it 🙂

        in the meanwhile, thanks a lot for all this story, it’s just so friggin exhilarating to read such a trope messup 🙂

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      • I spend most of the time I’m not writing, on reading and watching the various T.V. shows that are in season now… but I haven’t really had time to keep up with everything lol.


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