Chapter 228: The Start of Another ‘Peaceful’ Day

“Nothing lasts forever… so nothing ever truly ends. Existence is eternal, but life is ephemeral… Michael, you need to wake up now; you’re running out of time.” The Nephilim was mumbling to himself as he slowly opened his eyes. His body had ended up at the center of the Arcane Prison and was surprisingly not moving at all, regardless of the nearly zero-gravity.

He groaned, complaining “Ow~, my brain feels like Jasmine’s looks… Damn, I think I forgot something really fucking important, but I can’t remember. Well, whatever, at least I didn’t get my soul destroyed or… no idea what actually would have happened. Hmmm, I really need to piss!”

Teleporting into Talia’s bathroom, he immediately heard a loud “Ah~!” However, he ignored the beautiful, bathing High-Elf and began urinating into her large porcelain toilet.

“Could you at least warn me before you decide to suddenly appear?!” Even if she was fairly used to the Nephilim’s shenanigans, it was impossible for her to not be startled when something shocking and unexpected happens.

Michael glanced over at her and snickered, “Sorry, I’m a little out of it right now… Ugh, please remind me never to store over a hundred-thousand angry souls inside of my brainbox again. Seriously, I should generally be a bit pickier about who I add to my collection!”

Talia scowled, grumbling “You should not be ‘collecting’ souls in the first place! Was that not the reason that the Battleground Sanctuary collapsed?!”

Hearing that, he frowned and asked “Wait, who told you that?”

“You! Perhaps you have forgotten your incessant ramblings, but unlike you, I have an excellent memory! Especially when it comes to you… Miguel.” The Huntress actually started blushing during that last sentence and swiftly dove beneath the soapy water. Her bathtub was more like a swimming-pool and the deepest end was over three-meters, though she was near the shallow side.

The naked Nephilim snickered, finally flushing the toilet and casually entering the bath with her. It was still fairly painful, but he activated ‘Luxian Innocence’ and shrunk his body down, to suit his girlfriend’s specific tastes.

Of course, her own personal perversion was likely caused by that angelic boy she had known all those years ago. It was the form that she was most familiar being around, and also the only one that could comfortably ‘fit’ inside of her.

Talia popped her head out of the water in front of his and smiled wryly as he gently pulled her body against his. Michael asked “So~, what are your plans for today? I’m honestly a little run-down from all the killing and fighting lately… Well, that probably has more to do with the fact that we were exposed to tons of people who were way higher level than us. Ninety-nine percent sure that I caught like, angelic influenza or some such bullshit. Although, I haven’t really been coughing and I don’t feel nauseous, just a headache and probably a mild fever.”

She blushed, while murmuring “If you are sick, then does that mean you are attempting to infect me as well? As far as my ‘plans’ go, I honestly just wanted to make a nice breakfast for the two of us; perhaps we could play a few songs together… like we used to? Aside from that, I have not been able to meditate peacefully for a while now. I doubt that it would even have much of an effect, now that my Aura has reached this point, but it relaxes me none the less. Umm, if you wish for me to… I could dance for you. Miguel always used to love watching me dance and meditate, though I am fairly certain now, that he simply enjoyed observing my unclothed body.”

The boy’s tanned skin abruptly became porcelain, his long hair turned silver, and those bright-red eyes were suddenly golden. Immediately after activating ‘Lightening’, Michael pressed his lips against hers and inserted his tongue inside her mouth. She moaned quietly and her relatively large hands began wandering across his tiny body.

He pulled his face away and targeted her extremely long, left elven ear, using his golden tongue to lick from her lobe, all the way up to the tip. Then he whispered “I’d love to spend all day ‘playing’ with you…”
Meanwhile, Elina and Jasmine were going on something akin to a date, in Luxiana. The little girl was wearing her ‘Pink Meow-Meow Brand’ clothing and the angelic woman wore her similarly revealing Oracle attire.

Every hour, hundreds of people at a time were flooding into the town, but it still wasn’t too crowded compared to the cities in The Dwarven Republic. Besides that, both of them could literally fly away if they felt uncomfortable. Though, there were actually dozens of harpies and Lesser Feline Angels taking up the air-space. There were also Warbeasts who were closer to birds than humans in appearance, that were soaring around rather than walking.

Of course, during the chaos on the day before, only the villages who were on the western edge of Richard’s Lowlands had decided to head towards Luxiana; everyone else retreated inwards, gathering in their capital and other fortified cities. They were thankful for the assistance, but only the more ‘severe’ cases were willing to abandon their country and move somewhere else.

However, as the two cat-girls were casually walking down the streets, many people were shocked and awed. After all, while the five-foot tall Jasmine wasn’t very recognizable to them, Elina was an even bigger celebrity than Michael.

Often times ‘He’ was referred to as the ‘Heroic-Monster’ or the ‘Nice Demonic-Abomination’, there was also the nickname ‘The Tiny Cherub of Righteousness’. Yet, the cat-girl was usually known as ‘The Oracle of Lux’, ‘The Humble Savior’, ‘Anael, the Angel of Beauty’ and a host of other flattering ‘stage names’.

It wasn’t particularly surprising, considering that Michael typically went around massacring people and was relatively rude to anyone he rescued, while Elina literally brought people back from the dead. Some of the more fanatical fans had actually started secretly worshipping her as the ‘new’ Goddess of Light. The cult was very small and their members weren’t particularly powerful, so the angelic cat-girl merely felt a little giddier than usual; yet, there were still subtle changes to her Aura stat.

Thus, as Jasmine and Elina cheerfully wandered around, checking out the various stores and several restaurants, everyone was typically staring at them. Laura and Luxiana were also idolized and treated like celebrities, as well as anyone who knew them personally.

After those showy battles across Richard’s Lowlands, it was obvious that they would garner plenty of attention from some of the more powerful nations around the continent. Even a few Dungeon Masters and their ‘employees’ decided to pay a visit to the relatively small city. Not to mention all the tourists who were coming in through the Golden Bonzai of Chu Xu and looking to purchase the various items that were taken from the disbanded Long Dong Sect.
The two cat-girls were sitting down in a quaint restaurant by the docks, across the river from that majestic waterfall. Unlike the residential buildings, many of the commercial ones came equipped with the necessary furniture and appliances so that they could do business immediately.

Jasmine was drinking orange-juice out of a fancy golden goblet and Elina was sipping white-wine from a champagne glass. Once the little girl finished guzzling her beverage, she said “Nyah~, so then, I was like ‘Hmph~! When my Daddy gets here, he’s gonna play ping-pong with your eyeballs and pour battery-acid into your buttholes!’ but the bad-guy was just like ‘Huhuhuh~, you sure are an arrogant fucking brat! Hmmm~, even if you have a pretty impressive tolerance for pain, I wonder how you’ll handle watching your best friend suffer instead?’ and then I was like ‘Nyah~, I’ve never even seen that lady before…’ and then, and then… Un~, something happened, but I can’t really remember. Meow~, so what was ‘your’ eighteenth birthday like Lina?”

After giggling and gently caressing her girlfriend’s fluffy ears, Elina sighed and muttered “I don’t really remember…”

“Hahaha~, well, you might not remember, but I sure as hell do!” An incredibly pale-skinned, black-haired cat-woman casually sat down beside them, placing both of her elbows and enormous breasts onto the small table. Her crimson eyes scanned the two of them slowly and a sinister smirk appeared on her bright-red lips.

That ebony dress actually sparkled in the sunlight and there was so much cleavage, that Jasmine couldn’t bear to gaze up at that familiar face. However, Elina immediately yelled “Lily! You’re really alive! I mean, I knew you were, but I’m still surprised you look so good! When Michael told me you were an undead, I assumed you would be more… umm, wait, what are you doing here? How did you even find me?”

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