Chapter 227: Alice’s OP Alchemy

Alice finished concocting a bubbling, pitch-black, inky potion, which emitted toxic fumes constantly. It was so unstable that the first three tries had resulted in Chaotic explosions, even before she had a chance to try it out.

Thus, she already had the ‘test subject’ prepared ahead of time. A small, fleshy-pink, slime-monster was resting on the table. While Jasmine wasn’t able to speak, the negative effects of her transformation had diminished slightly over the last twelve hours of ‘practice’.

“Slime-Form Level 2: The caster’s entire body liquifies and congeals into a mesh of flesh and bone, held together by nothing but a tiny nucleus. Disrupts ‘Identification’ techniques. Perception decreases by 95%. Vitality and Endurance increase by 200%. Strength, Agility, Dexterity, Charisma, Intelligence and Wisdom decreases by 90%. Duration is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs 50% of the caster’s maximum health to cast.”

She could actually move around by herself, but her mind wasn’t quite developed enough for her to ‘want’ to do anything at all. Which meant that, when Alice placed the goopy body into her draconic mouth, Jasmine didn’t even react or care enough to launch an escape attempt.

After swallowing the slime, the orange-scaled dragoness muttered “Please, please, please don’t explode in my stomach…” and drank that caustic, demonic potion.

The effects were instantaneous and extraordinarily volatile. Fortunately, since she was expecting it, Alice was already sprinting towards the lake before her body even began expanding.

Freezing-cold pitch-black flames were being released from her gills, mouth and nostrils uncontrollably. However, at the same time, incredibly hot, pure-white mist was emanating from her orange scales.

Once she dove into the water, a block of ice encased her head, while her body was being burned by the superheated steam. Jasmine was lucky that her Perception was so low, or she would have suffered far more than the reckless dragoness.

After blacking-out for a few minutes, she regained consciousness after the transformation was complete. The six-meter tall, white-scaled dragoness, slowly stood upon the obsidian sands.

Her features all remained about the same, just that her eyes became golden, the feathers on her head had been replaced by long black hair and there were fluffy cat-like ears as well. Aside from that, she still appeared similar to a serpentine lizard-woman.

[Companion Information

Name: Alice Jade
Titles: The Neet, The Nudist, The Junkie, The Insane, The Heretic, Kingslayer, Of the Infinite Chaos
Level: 51(Temporary)
Remaining Time: 3 hours
Age: Elite
Race: Draconic Chaos-Fairy
Rank: D
Class: Elemental Gunslinger
Specialization: Ranged and Melee Damage Dealer, Tank, Hexer
Profession: Intermediate Alchemist Level 7]


Health: 660/660
Mana: 500/500
Stamina: 330/330
Mana Regen per minute: 600
Health Regen per hour: 660

Strength: 33
Vitality: 33
Endurance: 33
Dexterity: 24
Agility: 48
Intelligence: 50
Wisdom: 30
Perception: 20
Charisma: 25

Willpower: 50
Luck: 34
Aura: 173(+173)

Attack Power: 330(+330)
Defense Rating: 33]


Dragon Blood Level 6: Organs, bones, tissues and even entire limbs can be completely restored, through Health Regeneration. Immunity from all diseases, curses, poisons, and toxins within 30 levels of your current level. Negates 30% of environmental damage. Reduces magical damage taken by 30%.

Underwater Breathing Level 8: Able to breathe through gills in oxygen-rich water.

Intermediate Fire Affinity Level 4: Increases mana and health regeneration dramatically, when in hot and dry environments by 100%. Increases damage against enemies of the Wind Affinity by 100%. Decreases damage taken from enemies of the Water Affinity by 40%.

Intermediate Water Affinity Level 2: Increases mana and health regeneration dramatically, when in moist environments or underwater by 100%. Increases damage against enemies of the Fire Affinity by 100%. Decreases damage taken from enemies who are of the Earth Affinity by 20%.

Wind Affinity Level 8: Increases mana and health regeneration dramatically, when exposed to windy environments by 80%. Increases damage against enemies of the Earth Affinity by 80%.

Intermediate Earth Affinity Level 2: Increases mana and health regeneration dramatically, when underground, within metallic or stone structures, and while surrounded by rocky terrain by 100%. Increases damage against enemies of the Water Affinity by 100%. Decreases damage taken from enemies who are of the Wind Affinity by 20%.

Potion Mastery Level 9: Increases the likelihood of creating perfect potions, elixirs, remedies and other alchemical products by 90%. Raises the effectiveness of potions, elixirs, remedies and other alchemical products when used by the creator by 90%.

Elemental Attunement Level 6: Able to train 60% faster in Fire, Wind, Earth and Water Affinities.

Intermediate Unarmed Combat Level 1: Increases Attack Rating by 100% when no weapons are equipped and bypasses 5% of the enemy’s Defense Rating.

Body of Slime Level 6: The brain is constantly in a liquid state and is circulated throughout the bloodstream, able to rapidly repair damaged organs and tissues. Increases flexibility and elasticity of muscles and skin dramatically. Able to dissolve and consume any parasites, bacteria, viruses, prions, fungi and other organisms within the organs and blood. Able to expand and contract the entire body to a certain degree. Able to move in Slime-Form.

Light Affinity Level 10: Mana and Health recovery increases dramatically when exposed to Sunlight and Moonlight by 100%. Increases damage done to enemies of the Darkness Affinity by 100%.

Intermediate Chaos Affinity Level 4: Mana, Health and Stamina regeneration increase while in combat by 100%. Increases damage done to enemies of the Nature Affinity by 140%.

Succubus Blood Level 5: Increases arousal by 50%, Willpower by 25 and Charisma by 5. Can increase the Aura stat by ingesting blood, saliva, semen and vaginal secretions from Companions.

Divine Protection of Chaos Level 1: Chaos is a very fickle Goddess and may or may not decide to take possession over your body when you are in dire need of ‘salvation.’ When under the influence of the Chaos Goddess, all stats increase by 100000%, but various side-effects may occur afterwards. Warning: Chaos is unpredictable and extremely volatile. Allowing her to possess your body is not advised unless there are no allies in the vicinity of 100 miles.

Intermediate Pistol Mastery Level 3: Increases damage with all types of pistols, by 100%. Bypasses 15% of the enemy’s Defense Rating.]

Alice read her own ‘character sheet’ and muttered “Seems like my ‘intuition’ was right, hehe~… I didn’t expect that the ‘level’ value would change though. Hmmm, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but at least I maintained primary control over the body. Nyah~, we’re ginormous! Ugh, unfortunately, it looks like Jasmine’s ‘Slime-Form’ stats weren’t carried over. Well, it’s likely that she would have still been sentient while sharing mine either way, meow~. What the hell?”

“Nyahaha~! Let’s go~ play~ in the volcano~! Lava~, lava~! Yay~!” The giantess suddenly started skipping across the obsidian shore and splashing around in the various streams of molten lava.

Regaining control over ‘their’ body, Alice roared “Stop! Damn it, be quiet! Arg~! Jasmine, cut it out!” as her irises turned bright-blue. Then she laid down on the sand and started using that extremely long, serpentine tongue to ‘clean’ her body off. Eventually, she began furiously licking the inside of her genitals and managed to ‘come’ to her senses.

She groaned and stretched, before diving into the lake and swimming towards the bottom. Even with her size doubled, it still took her a while to make it there and when she did, her mind started to clear up.

It was difficult, but she eventually managed to suppress the cat-girl’s insanity and returned to the surface. After crawling onto the northern shore of her relatively small island, Alice yawned loudly and stood-upright while stretching her arms, tail and legs.

Finally, it was time to test her other theory. There were tattoo’s of bright-blue kittens all over her pure-white scales, along with the two bronze dragons on the back of her hands and the red torch on her sternum. The question was whether she could actually equip those ‘soulbound’ items or not.

First, a fiery robe appeared, covering her arms, legs, and revealed a decent amount of cleavage from her chest. However, it didn’t have a hood, plus her hands and feet were still revealed.

When a thick bronze plating materialized on her arms and hands, she wasn’t too surprised; both of those items had originally been able to fit her gigantic body anyway. Thus, she proceeded to try-on Jasmine’s ‘gear’.

Even with her draconic feet, the bright-pink sneakers were still able to be worn; it just seemed like she was standing on her toes all the time. The ‘Titty Terminator’ didn’t do much to her muscular breasts, but the ‘Pussy Protector’ did make her genitals vanish appropriately.

Alice had to remove the robe, so that she could see what the ‘Belly Shirt’ and ‘Slutty Yoga-Shorts’ looked like. Fortunately, while they were extremely tight, they didn’t have any signs of tearing or other damage. It was amazing that such thin cloth could actually provide any Defense Rating at all though.

Then she started gagging uncontrollably and after a few seconds, vomited out a colossal, bright-blue, explosive kitten. The little critter suddenly yelled “Meow~! This is so weird nyah~!” and began looking around anxiously. Even under all of that suppression, Jasmine was still able to literally emerge from the dragon-girl’s body.

Ignoring the sentient ‘Chilly Meow-Meow Exploder’, Alice made a relatively small, pink pistol materialize out of her left palm. “Adorable Revolver of Gratuitous Violence: +210 Attack Rating, +10 Agility, +8 Dexterity, +5 Vitality, +5 Endurance, -4 Perception. Can hold four .36 Caliber rounds at a time. Maximum effective range is 300 meters. Soulbound to Jasmine Jade. Epic Quality, requires level-20.”

The barrel was incredibly short and her index finger could just barely fit inside of the trigger-guard, but it was still usable. However, both the bullet-size and the accuracy had been tripled.

In her right hand appeared a truly massive gun, which was practically a cannon. “Angelic Desert Eagle of Justice: +180 Attack Rating, +5 Strength, +5 Dexterity, +5 Perception, +3 Charisma, +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, +1 Luck, +1 Willpower. Increases the damage of Light magic by 20%. Can hold seven 40mm rounds at a time. Maximum effective range is 600 meters. Soulbound to Jasmine Jade. Epic Quality, requires level-20.”

Considering the dramatic difference in caliber, if she wanted to truly ‘test’ either of the firearms, she needed to utilize her ‘borrowed’ skill: “Intermediate Blood Bullet Level 3: Sacrifices the caster’s life-force to create 30 projectiles, out of hardened, chaotic blood, which curses the enemy upon contact. Possible curses include: Hallucination, Fear, Paralysis, Arousal, Paranoia, Hate, Fury, Silence and Dyslexia. Quality of the bullets is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs 15 points of Health.”

27 thoughts on “Chapter 227: Alice’s OP Alchemy

    • Well, if you’re 6 meters tall and you scale up a .50 caliber a few times, and don’t have to worry as much about the material being able to contain the explosive force, the gun and bullets would probably look about the same… just way bigger lol.


      • the .50 AE is a powerful round but I would prefer the 10mm auto (full power).
        I think I did the math right, It was quick and dirty. Using cube law, a rough estimate would be a 2.745 pound projectile going around 1500 feet per second, and the caliber would be around 50.8mm. That is if she started at 1.5 meters tall.

        You don’t have to trust me.

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      • Yeah, but you’re assuming that the caliber is scaled up totally. The size of the gun and length of the barrel would scale up completely, but that doesn’t meant that the bullets will too. Also, you might notice that the Attack Rating didn’t change, regardless of the increased size lol. That doesn’t mean that the damage is lower though, similar to how a tiny .50 caliber bullet wouldn’t do nearly as much damage to giant dragon-form Long Dong, a gigantic bullet would do more damage to a smaller target, though it does depend on the circumstances rofl.


      • Well, on the plus side, her chances of failing one of those low level potions isn’t very high. Actually, she has barely ‘failed’ at all, during the clinical trials lol. Unless you count all of the narcotic side-effects, like addiction, hallucinations, etcetera… but that’s not necessarily a ‘failure’ rofl.


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