Schedules FTL

Okay then, I just woke up, edited and posted chapter 226, but I don’t know if I’ll edit/release chapter 227 today.  The past few days I’ve been really burnt-out and haven’t gotten nearly enough sleep, plus the fact that every day it seems like I’m awake at completely different hours lol.

If I’m able to write 2 chapters today, then I’ll edit and post a second chapter as well, but it won’t be for at least 12 hours from now.  I probably haven’t been eating enough either… pretty sure I went to sleep feeling like I was starving to death, but now I’m not hungry?  I wonder how that works?

Anyway, I haven’t done this in months, but here is a list of ‘Youtubers’ that I’ve been listening to lately :).

Caleb Hyles: He performs vocal covers of just about everything from video game themes, to anime, to pop-music.  My only problem is that he usually talks a lot at the end of the video, so it’s hard to just read/write and listen to a playlist.  Another Song.

The L-Train: He/She(No idea) does symphonic metal cover compilations, which are awesome lol.

Google Translate Sings: She basically takes a song in English, then puts it through a few layers of google translate and takes it out again… Yeah, anyone who has ever tried to read a story through GT will probably find her videos hilarious :).

Boyce Avenue: He’s a great singer and a decent guitarist, and he does tons of covers of popular music.  Not overly complicated, but he definitely has a great voice. Here’s compilation link.

Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui: They’ve done a ton of covers and even a decent amount of original songs together.  KHS works with a ton of other talented people though, and usually does all of the instrumentals, directing, etc.  While Sam Tsui mainly focuses on singing and playing piano, from what I’ve seen.  They’re both amazing artists though and two of my favorites.  Compilation Link.

Victoria Justice and Max: They do a lot of videos together with KHS, but they also do plenty of stuff on their own.  I just really like that Justin Timberlake cover compilation video rofl.

Alex Goot: Plays all kinds of instruments and is an awesome singer.  Compilation Link :P.

Tyler Ward: He’s another great singer and a decent guitarist, not sure if he plays any other instruments though.

Animenz Piano Sheets: Probably my favorite OP pianist?  Definitely has some of the best quality audio and insane technique.

Theishter: My second favorite OP pianist, but he’s pretty damn close to Animenz.  Listening to the two of them made me start playing keyboards lol.

Marasy8: An incredible pianist :P.

Kokoko6891: Another awesome pianist lol.

KatsuraNK: She’s an amazing pianist :).

Rlemon17: He’s obviously just starting out, but I really like his Steven Universe Medley lol.

ThePandaTooth: A great pianist, also has a Steven Universe Medley rofl.

I’m sure I left out a ton of amazing musicians, but this list is getting way too long, so I’m gonna stop now rofl.  Almost forgot to put the Donation page link :P.


10 thoughts on “Schedules FTL

    • Now that’s what I was waiting for! :3

      But seriously, I rarely check this site anymore, mainly come here hoping for Immortal Soul and have no time to start a new novel… at least until I get through my long list of planned books to read… and finish the multiple series I’m part way through. No really, I’m at least 1 or 2 books in to around 10 different series, (most of them long as hell), and on top of that I have all these wonderful Xianxia’s to read that come out multiple times a day *cough* ISSTH *cough* But seriously, more people should read ISSTH. 😛 Gah, Why am I such a slow reader? WHY?!? D:

      Anyways, commenting on the main post, have to agree on the animenz piano sheets. Really good covers, Especially his collabs with other people. If you haven’t checked them out from my previous response to one of these recommendation posts all those months ago, I still recommend The Piano Guys. Great music.

      Wow this post was all over the place. xD

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      • Yeah, I forgot about The Piano Guys roflmao. They’re definitely awesome, and I can’t even imagine how expensive it must be for them to rent a helicopter to move that giant piano around in so many videos rofl. Anyway, yeah, I agree that ISSTH is awesome :).


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