Chapter 28: The Leeching Healer

Michael snickered as he unhesitantly sacrificed two rank-G mana-cores, which belonged to level-one field-mice. Then both Elina and Sarah suddenly received messages at the same time: “Bag-slot one has been unlocked.”

He wanted to keep adding more, but the second slot required a level-ten rank-G mana-core. The confused Priestess asked “What just happened? Does this mean that I can store things like you do now?”

Without thinking too deeply about it, Sarah immediately placed the tiny black-bead into her newly acquired bag-slot, and hopped down from the tree-branch. Though she swiftly fell from a height of four meters, her relatively high Agility allowed her to avoid any damage or injuries.

However, Elina had to hold her hand again, so that she wouldn’t trip over the various vines or walk into any of the small bushes. Michael finally answered “Yeah, pretty much… Just imagine placing something into it, and it’ll… nice, hahaha~.”

The first thing she tried to store was the robe that she was wearing, which instantly disappeared, and left her with nothing but a golden bracelet, and a thin silver necklace. She started giggling and quickly tried to pull her item out of her inventory again.

Strangely though, when she imagined wearing the gown, rather than simply making it appear in her palm, the white-robe actually appeared onto her body automatically. Which caused Michael to smirk, as he muttered “So there’s even an auto-equip feature, huh? Heh~, isn’t that way too convenient? Well, there might be a restriction for combat situations…”

Sarah completely missed what was happening, so she was grumbled “Can you two idiots stop fucking around? We’re in the middle of a jungle filled with monsters, and I can only just barely make-out their auras… Start paying attention to our surroundings.”

Hearing that, Elina sighed and agreed “Yeah, we really shouldn’t be so incautious… Michael, you might be used to it already, but I’d prefer to avoid dying any time soon.” as she activated her ‘Identification’ skill, and used it to scan their surroundings. After glancing to the left, she saw a handful of different magical-beasts, the same when she looked forward and to their right.

After a few seconds she pointed towards the south and yelled “Tiger!” as a three meter long, relatively normal-sized ‘Bengal Tiger, Level-9, Rank-G,’ started slowly approaching them. It’s fur was orange and white, with black stripes, and it had bright-blue eyes, which glowed fiercely.

The Priestess, with relatively low Willpower, was immediately ‘terrified’ and couldn’t even think rationally, as she just curled up into a ball and started crying. Sarah yelled “How the hell did someone like you even become a fucking adventurer?!”

She immediately teleported behind the majestic beast, and used her rusty blades like a pair of scissors, violently castrating the ‘male’ tiger. It let out a furious roar as it received ‘bleeding,’ ‘stunned,’ and ‘enraged’ debuffs; the creature’s HP had only dropped to 74/90 though.

However, before the giant cat was able to recover, Michael walked over to its head, then casually removed a smooth-stone from his inventory. He frowned and whispered “Sorry kid, but ya shouldn’t have fucked with us…” as he began viciously bashing its snout, and skull apart.

A slew of numbers started to appear: ‘-14,’ ‘-12,’ ‘-15,’ ‘-13,’ ‘17.’ Considering that his Attack Rating was twenty, and he was even using a primitive weapon, the tiger’s Defense Rating was obviously fairly high.

Unfortunately for the beast, each blow increased the ‘stun’ timer, so it was completely unable to retaliate. Then the last three health-points were lost from the blood-loss and poison; thus, the majestic animal was thoroughly slaughtered by the blind Thief, and the immortal, classless Human.

Even though she didn’t actually participate in the one-sided battle, Elina still received ‘+3 Exp’ along with the two who did all the work. Before Sarah had the chance to claim the mana-core, Michael stored the whole carcass into his twelfth bag-slot.

He sighed as he dropped the fragmented and blood-soaked stone onto the ground, muttering “Ugh, I don’t even care anymore… no matter how many times I wash myself off, I’ll just get covered in fucking animal-juice after every goddamn fight.”

After the caster was dead, the fear spell wore-off, and the blushing Priestess stood up, while biting her lip nervously. Michael glanced at her and said “You seem more embarrassed about being feared, than letting me see you naked… Actually, are you a nudist? Cause most ‘normal’ people can’t casually shrug off that kinda shit.”

She immediately retorted “You’re the nudist! You even have a title to prove it! Do you see something like that next to my name? Anyway, I’m an adventurer; which means that I can’t afford to get upset over such petty things… Also, I have to pee, so give me a minute.”

Sarah tilted her head and muttered “That’s weird, I haven’t had to piss or shit since I evolved…” as the cat-girl squatted near a large tree and stored her robe, before starting to urinate.

Michael to began laughing hysterically, as he revealed “Ah, that’s because you’ve been constantly doing both without even realizing it. That tail of yours is also always munching on dirt and leaves, plus you’re probably absorbing a ton of moisture from the air, so I doubt that you even need to eat or drink anything using your actual mouth either. It’s kinda gross, but at the same time, seems pretty convenient.”

The Bloodworm-Goblin was blind, so she couldn’t see what her tail was doing, and since it was unconsciously acting on its own, it was impossible for her to ‘feel’ something like that as well. In the middle of the wilderness, it didn’t really make much of a difference, but if they were in a city… things would be different.

Once the Priestess was finished watering the plants with her stream of surprisingly clear liquid, the three of them began continuing towards the south. If they had kept going west, then they would eventually face enemies that they couldn’t possibly defeat.

Each battle between Michael, Sarah, and the magical-beasts that they faced, was typically ended very quickly. However, upon killing the fifth ‘Bengal Tiger, Level-9, Rank-G,’ Elina was engulfed in a blindly-bright radiance.

She wiped the tears off of her face, as she recovered from the ‘terrify’ debuff, and yelled “Ah, I actually reached level-seven so quickly!? This is amazing!” Normally, a party of adventurers would be much larger, so each kill gave far less experience per person; most importantly though, was the fact that no one would risk their lives, fighting against magical-beasts that were several levels above them.

Sarah immediately screamed “What the fuck?! I’ve been working my ass off, while she hasn’t even cast a single healing spell, and she’s the first one to level-up?! Hey, Dumbass, why don’t you do the same thing to her that you did to the damn dog earlier!?”

Michael snickered and ignored the whiny goblin-girl, asking “Elina, what stats are you gonna pick? Personally, I think you should raise your Endurance a bit, otherwise you’ll run out of Stamina way faster than us… assuming that you ever get around to actually doing anything.”

[Companion Information

Name: Elina
Level: 7
Experience: 1/70
Age: Adult
Race: Cat-Tribe
Rank: G
Class: Priestess of Light
Specialization: Healing
Profession: Enchanter Level 3]


Health: 25/25
Mana: 30/30
Stamina: 10/10
Mana Regen per minute: 40
Health Regen per hour: 30

Strength: 1
Vitality: 2(+1)
Endurance: 2
Dexterity: 2
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 5(+1)
Wisdom: 3(+1)
Perception: 2
Charisma: 1

Willpower: 3
Luck: 2
Aura: 3

Attack Power: 5
Defense Rating: 1(+1)]

She spent twenty minutes thinking about it, but eventually decided on placing the point in Endurance, but regretted not having a second one to invest into Agility. As a Priestess, those two stats were typically considered meaningless, but that was only true for the ones who could leisurely spend their time in the temple: Healing sick and injured followers of the Goddess of Light.

Adventurers needed to be able to move around quickly, and having a gigantic mana-pool was pointless, if the sluggish healer died because he or she couldn’t move fast enough. In the worst case scenario, they might even pass-out from fatigue, while their comrades were desperately fighting for their lives.

When she glanced at her level again, Elina’s cheerful mood suddenly disappeared. She muttered “I’m sorry Big Brother… but it looks like your little sister’s finally going to beat you.”

Michael sighed and told her “I don’t really expect you to just ‘get-over’ losing your family; I mean, it hasn’t even been a whole day since they died. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a while for it to actually sink it…”

She sighed and then shook her head a few times, before replying “No, I’ve been an adventurer for three years now…” She sniffled loudly and continued “This isn’t the first time that I’ve lost people that I loved and cared about.”

Michael gave her a warm smile, while telling her “Take off your robe… we’re about to die.”

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