Chapter 29: Unrealistic Aspirations

When Michael first saw the ten-meter tall ‘Chaotic Feline Treant, Level-49, Rank-D, Super-Elite,’ he immediately stored Sarah into his second Companion-Storage slot. However, when he attempted to do the same to Elina, he received a notice: “Warning: Cannot store or summon Companions during combat.”

Fortunately, he was able to send his blood-soaked rabbit-fur kilt and boots into his last two bag-slots. While completely naked, he told the depressed Priestess to take her clothes off, while being awkwardly close to her.

However, she didn’t even hesitate to store her enchanted pure-white, self-cleaning, silk-robe. She still had her ‘Adventurer’s Guild Identification Bracelet’, and a silver necklace that was basically just a thin chain, but her most valuable piece of equipment was safely placed in her only bag-slot.

Michael was gazing into her catlike, yellow eyes, as he looked past her short and matted, curly black hair with his peripheral vision. She was taller than him by a few inches, but the colossal, bright-red panther behind her was just too large for him to miss.

Elina was shivering because she could feel the ground shaking with each ‘soft’ step that it took, and all the hairs on her tail were sticking out. The aura of that vine-covered feline was so potent and violent, that she actually lost five points of health when it just glanced at her, with its gigantic, crystalline eyes.

He snickered and asked her “Are you a virgin?” but before she had the chance to answer, a slimy tendril, with the thickness of her arm, passed straight through her back, out the center of her chest, and then into Michael’s abdomen. Her health instantly plummeted down to zero, but he was still alive for long enough to feel as if his entire body was being struck by lightning.

However, after they were both killed in less than a second of each-other. In his pitch-black wisp-form, he witnessed the panther-shaped treant retract its tentacle-like tongue, sucking both of their entire bodies into its colossal maw.

Then it just casually prowled away, heading towards the south. Michael sighed and muttered “Must have been a random patrol, huh?”

Once it was long gone, he respawned a few meters away from the pool of blood and gore. As soon as he removed the naked cat-girl from his third Companion-slot, she yelled “Of course I am! We’re about to die, and you’re asking me about my chastity?!”

After laughing hysterically for a few moments, the naked man instantly put his filthy kilt and stained boots back on, before saying “Nah, you just lost your death-virginity.”

It was only then that she noticed the pop-up window, which stated: “Title Earned: Of the Undying Light. After losing everyone you’ve ever loved and cared about, you have experienced death together with your Companion; yet your soul is undaunted and refused to pass-on, determined to stay in this world for an eternity if necessary, to achieve your dreams. Willpower and Luck have increased by three points each.”

He sighed and grumbled “Such bullshit; I had to die seven times before I got ‘The Immortal’ title. Hell, that was number fourteen and I didn’t even get anything from it! Ugh, is it because I don’t have any aspirations or lofty goals? Well, I obviously wanna make it to ‘SSS’ and reach the the soft-cap, since there’s no max-level… It would be nice to have a set of Legendary gear, and I’d like to fuck a dragon of some sort. Wait, is that considered bestiality? Actually, is it even physically possible to have sex with non-humanoids in this world? I guess I could settle for an anthropomorphic dragoness, but I feel like these are all pretty high-class dreams, right?”

After listening to that slew of ridiculous statements and questions, Elina started giggling, as she instantly equipped her loose, white-robe. Then her smile froze as she asked “Wait, you aren’t joking… Do you have any idea how impossibly difficult any of those things are? Ah, wait, why don’t I remember dying?”

MIchael snickered and told her “Well, you basically got insta-killed by a giant tentacle through the spine and heart. Anyway, of course it’ll be fucking hard. What, you think this is the first time I ever tried to farm for legendaries, grinded levels, and… Actually, I’ve never tried to have sex with a dragon before, because they didn’t really exist in the world I came from, but that’s beside the point. By the way, you lost your necklace and bracelet…”

Immediately touching her jugular notch with both hands, she sighed and muttered “It’s fine… just something my mother gave me. There were no enchantments placed on it, so it only had a bit of sentimental value.”

He smirked and said “Ah, that sucks… If it makes you feel better, I was brought into this world completely naked. Well, anyway, it’s about time I let the little worm-girl back out.” Unlike when using his bag or prison, summoning or storing Companions didn’t require him to be in physical contact with them.

With a wave of Michael’s left hand, the leather-clad Thief suddenly appeared a few feet away from his body. She was standing then normally, and couldn’t even tell that any time had passed, yet she still complained “Can we hurry the fuck up? I wanna make it to at least level-six before we stop for the day.”

Thus, they continued ‘hunting’ where they left off. However, rather than going any farther south, they turned around and started traveling northeast.

Weaker enemies gave less experience, but it was far easier to kill the ‘Bengal Tigers’ that were only level-six for two experience-points per person, than the level-nine ones that only gave three. The best part, was that with Elina’s increased Willpower and level advantage over them, she couldn’t even be feared.

Their endurance and health was also much lower, so Michael could bash their skulls in far easier. In fact, on several occasions, Sarah would teleport onto the beast’s back, and stab both knives directly into the base of its skull, or sever its spinal cord.

With her relatively slow mana-recovery, she could only use ‘Shadow-Step’ once per minute. However, it took them ten or twenty minutes to find their prey, so there was never a situation where she couldn’t immediately stun or kill the enemy.

After Michael used telekinesis to fire a tiny pebble through the left eye-socket of the fifth tiger, he was enveloped in a bright-white light. Sarah yelled “Damn it! How the hell did you manage to get ahead of me?!”

[Player Information

Name: Michael
Titles: The Nudist, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor
Level: 6
Experience: 0/60
Age: Adult
Race: Human
Rank: F
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Leatherworker Level 2]


Health: 42.5/42.5
Mana: 20/20
Stamina: 20/20
Mana Regen per minute: 30
Health Regen per hour: 45

Strength: 6
Vitality: 4.5
Endurance: 4
Dexterity: 3
Agility: 4(+1)
Intelligence: 4
Wisdom: 3
Perception: 1
Charisma: 1

Willpower: 14
Luck: 14
Aura: 1.9

Attack Power: 30
Defense Rating: 2(+2)]

Michael snickered as he decided to just increase his Strength by two points, since he typically ended up just using brute force to fight anyway. Then he told the Goblin-girl, “Calm down, we only need to slaughter three more kitty-cats and you’ll… Ah, what the fuck?! No way…”

After he stored the tiger-carcass, there was a small black object laying on the ground. Elina was the first to run over and pick it up, while using her ‘Scan’ ability, to read “Obsidian Ring: Grants the user two points of Perception and increases their training speed of the Darkness Affinity by ten-percent. Soulbound to Sarah Carelia, and can only be worn by her. Rare Quality, requires level-five.”

She immediately handed it to the blind-girl, and said “It appears that the Goddess of Darkness really favors you.” The Thief held it in her hands for a moment, before putting it on her right ring-finger.

Suddenly, a wave of darkness surrounded her body, and then her pure-white eyes turned pitch-black: as if they were giant pupils. Sarah shouted “Holy shit! I can actually see! Wait, what the fuck… I thought you were Human, so you were a Warbeast? Well, whatever, there isn’t really much of a difference anyway. I pretty much hate all races equally.”

Michael furrowed his brows and stared intently at Elina’s chest, until she finally asked “Is there a problem with my breasts?” while smirking.

He sighed and said “Nah, your tits are fine, but I was trying to ‘Scan’ your robe… Since I can’t get it to work, that must be a Rare piece, right? Hmmm, so can items just randomly drop off of magical-beasts? I kinda assumed that you were just wearing normal cloth, which you enchanted a bit.”

She giggled and then explained “There are two kinds of items in this world: those that are created by mortals, and those that are bestowed upon us by the Goddesses. The differences between them are-”

Michael quickly interrupted “Yeah-yeah, I get the point already. Conventional and Soulbound, the former is made by humanoids and the latter comes from the syst-er Goddesses.  Hmmm~, this is really convenient…”

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 29: Unrealistic Aspirations

  1. “…I’d like to fuck a dragon of some sort. Wait, is that considered bestiality..”
    I’m writing a personal novel of some sort and that was my MC first thought. We think alike.


  2. >that creature vine-covered feline
    remove “creature”

    > she couldn’t even be feared
    feared → “made afraid” or “receive the fear debuff” or something like that


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