Chapter 120: Another Cat in the House

“Ah, when we start making porn, you should definitely use the stage name Little Lina, hahaha~!” Ignoring the cackling skeleton, the angelic cat-girl brought her mother into the kitchen, so that they could talk.

When they sat down at the crystalline table, Laura immediately asked “Honey, how did I get here? The last thing I remember was falling asleep in my bed, and now…”

Elina sighed, before looking at her mother apologetically and explaining “It’s Michael-er, the one who’s controlling that undead golem in the other room. I was feeling depressed, so he kind of… kidnapped you, and brought you to me as a present? I’m really sorry about this.”

The naked woman reached across the table and grasped her daughter’s amazingly soft hands, while shaking her head. “Lina, you don’t need to apologize for anything. Even if I would have liked to have been asked first, I’m still thankful that he brought me to you… Where is this place anyway? My ‘Scan’ ability isn’t very powerful, but I can still tell that all of these things seem to be priceless artifacts, just from a glance! Even the walls… oh my goodness, this kitchen is bigger than my whole house!”

Once she had finally noticed her surroundings, Laura was obviously very surprised. The angelic cat-girl giggled, and told her “I know! This place is even more amazing that you can possibly imagine! Hehehe~, oh, I bet you’ve never had one of these before!”

She quickly got up and literally flew over the table and her mother, before lightly crashing into the refrigerator. Elina opened it up, grabbed a bright-red fruit, and turned around, while closing the door.

Laura asked “What is that strange device? Even when I lived in the city, I can’t remember seeing anything like that…” as her daughter peeled open the round object, and revealed dozens of scarlet, juice-covered beads.

Elina handed it to her, after picking off a few pieces and eating them. “Mom, Taylortown isn’t a city… Anyway, it’s delicious, right? Hmm~, that’s called a ‘refrigerator’ and I have seen something slightly similar before; however, the two are just far too different in quality.”

The nude Priestess closed her eyes, while savoring the tasty fruit, “Mmm~, it’s certainly very yummy… Where is this mansion? It feels really chilly… somewhere in the southern mountains?”

Her daughter giggled, sitting down next to her, and revealing “Nope, we’re actually four-hundred and twenty-nine miles northwest of Luxiana, in the Forbidden Forest. Michael has a weird fireplace that makes it cooler inside, because we’re in a ridiculously hot jungle.”

At that point, a pair of level-one, Human Skeletons entered the kitchen, and sat across from the two Priestesses. Kelsey had a baby, unranked, brightly-glowing, yellow lemur crawling inside of her rib-cage; while Roycerus had a small brown snake in his hands, which was desperately trying to escape.

The four ‘people’ were awkwardly staring at each-other for a few moments, before Laura fainted and Elina yelled “Michael~! What did you do?!” Her ‘Identification’ had revealed some rather disturbing backstories for those two ‘monsters.’

From the other room, he started singing “In~ another~ world~! I am in~ another~ world~! And every time~, I seem to die~, I come back to life! I’m Immortal~, but I still die~ every fucking day~! Overpowered~, my OP-ness will never fade away~! I’m a skeleton~, and I need to find a way~, to save the world~… Just kidding~! I~, have~, no fuck’s to give~, but~, my~, ow! Shit, cunt, goddamn it! Arg~! Sarah, what the hell are you doing to my asshole?!”

His song was cut short, when his real body was forced awake by excruciating pain, and his wisp-form was drawn back into the basement. Thus, the mindless golem was left with no orders and simply sat at the piano, eerily ‘staring’ at the keys.

Elina sighed dramatically, as she struggled to pick up her unconscious mother and carry her out of the kitchen. She muttered “He’s so good at singing… but why do his lyrics always have to be so obnoxious?”

Once the angelic cat-girl finally made it up the stairs, she somehow managed to take Laura into her own bedroom and lay her down onto the left side of the king-sized mattress. Then a naked man suddenly appeared on the right; his genitals were rapidly regenerating, but he was still in a fairly large amount of discomfort.

Michael complained “Even if I have a disturbingly high tolerance for pain… I definitely can’t sleep while my intestines are being devouring and my dicks getting chewed off. Anyway, I’m sleeping with you and apparently your mother, tonight. Hmmm~, oh yeah, I brought a bunch of her shit, cause I wasn’t planning on taking her back to that town any time soon.” as he removed a bunch of robes, underwear, and even a couple wooden staves from his inventory.

Using ‘Telekinesis,’ he sent everything ‘gently’ flying into the corner of the room. Elina smiled faintly, while crawling on top of him and cuddling against his relatively large body.

Even though they were around the same height, their statures were radically different. Her wings were huge, but when she furrowed them, it wasn’t too bad. However, it was still much more comfortable for her to lay on her stomach. His taut and bulky muscles weren’t particularly soft, but when he cast ‘Lightening,’ his skin gave her a similar feeling as the fluffy mattress.

She murmured “The last time I slept in the same bed as my mother… Dad was still alive, and I was a little kid. Hehe~, my baby sisters were there too… Michael, why do people die?”

The Nephilim wrapped his arms around her and whispered “Death is only an illusion… probably. Fuck if I know? Do NPCs-er, the people of this world, actually die? Even if they get reincarnated, from what I read, their personality data remains the same; basically, it’s just like the person get’s amnesia, except they get put into a different body. Not sure if you know what amnesia is, but whatever; the point is… very few of your kind actually pass on from this world. It probably has something to do with the Goddesses, most likely Arcana, and… okay then~, you’re already unconscious.”

He carefully lifted himself off the bed slightly and then pulled the comforter over both of them, while leaving Laura on the outside, since he thought that it might end up being a little awkward. After a few minutes of listening to her quietly breathing against his left ear, Michael finally entered ‘REM’ sleep for the third time.

However, compared to the disturbing nightmares he experienced in the Necropolis, sleeping on that ‘Bed of Light’ was much more pleasant. Even though the sheets, pillows, and even the angelic cat-girl in his embrace were all brightly glowing, when he closed his eyelids, there was total darkness.

Thus, the only non-undead person in the house who was still awake, happened to be a certain High-Elven Huntress. In a brightly lit, pure-white, cubic kilometer room, a beautiful woman was freely flying around.

Using only ‘Air Manipulation,’ her nude body was able to soar with ease. Even though she had originally cursed Michael for tricking her into cleaning up the impossibly large area, her mentality quickly changed. It was essentially a form of training after all, and in another sense, an amazing experience that she would never be able to have, if she hadn’t met him.

She was literally ‘dancing’ though that space, and casually casting ‘Eroding Winds’ whenever she saw a spec of ‘filth.’ Unfortunately, the tiger-fur armor that she had been wearing, was completely destroyed as well.

The spell was relatively similar to ‘Devouring Shadow,’ in that it was mainly used as a means to ‘clean,’ rather than attack. However, given how high her Aura stat was, it was fairly easy for her to accidentally obliterate her own equipment if she wasn’t careful.

Of course, the main problem was simply that the Quality and Level of the clothing was just too low. Also, she ‘attempted’ to remove some strange fluids, which attached itself to her skirt.

Yet, at some point, she had become exhausted and fell asleep in the comfort of that weightless Arcane Prison. Talia had no idea that without some form of teleportation, it was actually impossible for her to ever escape. The most terrifying concept, was that she could never starve to death or dehydrate within the Player-House, even though she could still become hungry and thirsty. If, for whatever reason, Michael happened to forget about her…

34 thoughts on “Chapter 120: Another Cat in the House

  1. Well… I guess now they have grandma to babysit the baby… after it hatches… How confusing is that to look after the egg of your daughter when your species doesn’t even lay eggs in the first place…

    E: “By the way Mom, I’m pregnant.”
    M: “In my defence, it was Lux who forced things a bit.”
    L: “…oh. Well, it’s alright then.”
    M: “…”

    Aaaand I am more than curious of why the lolicon goddess would arrange for one of her past favourite to have a child… I have some theories though.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Lmao, I know right? Ugh, idfk how, but I lost a day… I might have to cut back on releases soon. I can’t keep up with this pace of 2 a day for very much longer lol. It’s almost been three months. When I started, it was 4-5 a day, then 3-4 a day, and by the time I started posting them it dropped down to 2-3 a day… but there were breaks at least. Now it’s like, I’ve been working for at least 2 months without a break rofl.


      • Or are you talking about Sarah? Cause, she likes eating meat, especially when it’s alive, and can feel pain. lol For most men, the penis is the most sensitive part of the body, thus, it would feel the most excruciating pain when being chomped on 😛


      • I somehow want to be teleported right now.. I wonder how the schools are going to work if corona virus is lingering around..

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      • Lmao, they won’t. Though it’s kinda funny that it takes a world-wide pandemic to realize that like 80% of jobs we have now can either be done at home or aren’t even necessary for anything aside from ’employing’ people.


  2. I hope that last sentence isn’t hinting at too much. I can see Michael getting distracted by a series of battlegrounds or something extremely urgent, but he’s a surprisingly responsible character for how much of a walking shitstorm clusterfuck of insanity he is.

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