Taking a Break Tomorrow

As many of you have noticed, I’ve been working(Writing and Editing) every day for the past two months!  Before that, I was also writing nonstop at a terrifying pace, for at least a month… but even before that, I was constantly working on Immortal Soul.  Before that, I was working on Questing, and before that was Immortal Soul, lmfao.

However, when I was writing Immortal Soul and Questing, I had a lot more time and there wasn’t nearly as much pressure for me to release chapters consistently.  Anyway, I need a break, and by that, I mean that I’m gonna go a day without posting.

In six hours, I’m still going to release two chapters, but after that, it’ll be 48 hours before I post again.  This is just a heads up, so that people don’t ruin my break by constantly asking stupid questions like “When are you gonna post the next chapter?” or complain about how I went a day without posting lol.

Sigh, yes, I am sighing in reality at this moment, because while I say it’s a break… I’m still gonna be writing!  For fuck’s sake, it’s an illusory break!  The break doesn’t even exist for me!

Ugh, the alternative was cutting down the posts to 1 a day, but I don’t want that to become a habit lol.  Basically, what happened, was that I’ve been binge-reading lately, and it’s making me get all fucked up as far as the days are concerned.  So~, while it seems like 1 day for me, it actually turned into 2, and even though I wrote 2 chapters, I was starting to fall behind.

Thus, I need to have a post-less day, where I can focus on only writing, and not be under any pressure.  In a sense, it’s kind of like a break for me too, because I won’t have to edit or worry about answering people’s comments(Which takes more time than editing) rofl.

Maybe I should think about getting someone to help me moderate and deal with the site?  The incentive would be that they would read the chapters a little earlier than other people, since I schedule them ahead of when they’re released lol.  If anyone’s interested in something like that, let me know.

Also, for those of you who are supporting me on Patreon and paying me ten dollars a month to write… Well, there’s never a break for you, cause you can read at least ten or so days ahead of everyone else lol.  Although, there’s only 2 people doing that at the moment.

If you’d rather just of ten dollars or more, then you can still get that same treatment.  Remember, these are unedited chapters that may be subject to change lol.  If you have already made a donation of ten dollars or more, then let me know in a comment and I’ll send you an email.

If you’d rather judge me for giving preferential treatment to people who donate money… Then go ahead, because I’m too poor to afford a new goddamn computer, and when this one dies, I definitely won’t be able to keep writing roflmao.  If you’re getting me to post over a hundred chapters for free, the least you could do is not complain about the methods I need to use so that I can keep writing :P.

31 thoughts on “Taking a Break Tomorrow

  1. ‘If you’d rather judge me for giving preferential treatment to people who donate money…’

    People do that? Complain?

    I mean, giving people stuff when they provide you money is the basis of capitalism. It is like going into a supermarket and saying ‘How dare you give him food just cos he gave you money! Give me food too!’

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    • Did you email me yet? When a person pledges 10 or more, they should get a message that tells them to email me, and then I share the doc with their email. If, for whatever reason, I’m taking a while to respond, it’s because I’m sleeping lol. Just woke up right now though 🙂


  2. Enjoy the ‘Break’.
    How about every once in a while your write four chapters in a day so the next day you can have a real break?
    It can give you some r&r and it will help the story catch up.
    Just a suggestion though.

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  3. Oi, you said you’re taking a break tomorrow. What about today? Snap to it. Gimme my chapter!

    jk, Wouldn’t hurt to take an actual break. As long as you don’t take one of those “breaks” that has you disappear for months or forever like soooo many others all is good.

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  4. I can help administrate the site if you wish, do be aware that this will be a first for me so allow for a bit of a learning process :P, but it shouldn’t be too bad. So just hit me up with an email with the details if the offer is still open.

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  5. Break. Superb. Have a nice day.

    Mike, I have a problem. Could you post a link as a reply? I’m adding this story to my Notebook and i need an adequate graphic as a “cover”.
    My novel list is quite long and have very good format and info thus i want a graphic related to this title.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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      • I drank a little bit of wine(less than an ounce) mixed with a bunch of iced tea and fruit-juice, last month… Nope, I am not a person that can drink alcohol lol. Just a few sips of that made me feel tipsy, and nauseous, gave me a headache, among other things. I might be a hypochondriac, or maybe I’m allergic to alcohol lol. Can’t afford to go to the beach, and the break is practically nonexistent roflmao.


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