Chapter 121: The Start of a ‘Normal’ Day

Michael awoke to the sound of high-pitched moaning and an extremely tight, warm, and tingling sensation around a certain part of his body. Without opening his eyes, that pitch-black wisp had left his forehead and scanned the room.

It was almost the evening, and the sun had risen, Laura wasn’t laying on the bed, but he certainly wasn’t alone. In fact, there was a beautiful, golden-eyed and lipped, dove-winged, cat-girl who was still laying on top of his chest.

They were under the comforter, but she wasn’t exactly sleeping. She was completely naked, and slowly rubbing her body against him; licking his neck, pressing her cheek against his face, using her hands to touch his chest and back.

Elina purred softly, while undulating her hips and gently ‘mating’ with her ‘partner.’ However, he was curious: “Wait a second… I’m kinda confused about the rules of consensuality. I was definitely unconscious when this little ritual started, so does the ‘system’ just assume that I would be fine with this? Well, of course I am, but that’s beside the point. Hmmm~, mysterious~… Huh~, why do I give a fuck?”

When he finished talking to himself, Michael used his hands to firmly grab the cat-girl’s sensitive buttocks, while activating ‘Lightening’ and becoming a bit more ‘angelic.’ She didn’t even realize that he was awake, until he opened his eyes and whispered “It appears that you’ve lost your virginity since last night…” into her fluffy ears.

At first, she was both embarrassed and surprised, but Elina quickly regained her ‘composure.’ The cat-girl muttered “It’s pointless for me to keep suppressing my desires… especially since we did all those things yesterday, and you even fertilized my egg. I didn’t even know that Angels laid eggs, but there’s no reason for me to worry about that now. What’s done is done, and I wanted to make you mine, before you had the chance to say something stupid enough to make me change my mind.”

Michael snickered quietly and looked over towards the door, noticing that it was locked. Only he could forcefully open them from the other side, so there was no chance in someone barging in: unless they were a Goddess, or could teleport.

He asked her “What about Jasmine? Don’t cha think that she’ll be a little upset about this?”

Elina murmured “Maybe if it was the her from ten years ago… but she’s different now. Well, she was always childish, just not to such an extreme. Besides that, even if the time I spent with her was way longer than what we’ve shared so far together… I’ve never felt like ‘this’ with anyone before. Not that there was anyone other than the two of you, but-”

“Yeah, yeah, I get the point, hehehe~. I’ve told ya my story already; there was one girl in the other world, and that was it. To be completely honest, if I didn’t get summoned here, I probably would have gone the next five or ten years of my life, without any kinda relationships: remaining a ‘pure’ re-virgin and regaining my chance at achieving Wizard-status. Aside from you and Sarah, I really don’t plan on fucking or sucking anyone else. I think Inari might try something when she gets older, and I have no idea what kinda freaky shit Alice is into; the crazy cat-brat is your own pocket-pussy, and… Hmmm~, I feel like I’m forgetting something really important.” After that, the two of them continued to ‘mate’ for an entire hour, before finally equipping their clothes and heading downstairs together.

Michael sighed dramatically, as he saw the two skeletons ‘sleeping’ on his floor, and even the mindless one was ‘passed-out’ while sitting at the crystalline piano. Elina complained “I can’t believe you actually reanimated your own corpse-es…”

He snickered, “Heh~, you think this is bad, but you have no idea how fucked up the process was. Well, whatever, it doesn’t seem like anyone else is here… Oi, why the fuck is there a goddamn monkey in my house!?”

As soon as he yelled, the little critter quickly crawled inside of Kelsey’s rib-cage and attempted to hide from the terrifying Nephilim. The Priestess shouted “It’s just a baby! Stop scaring it!” as she walked over and knelt down, reached inside of the bony prison and gently grabbing the adorable glowing, yellow-furred mouse lemur.

Rather than a monkey, it appeared much closer to a squirrel or other fluffy rodent. Thus, even though he was irritated by the urine and feces on his floor, Michael was forced to say “Daw~… Shit, the cuteness is overloading my brainbox!”

However, it was at that moment when Elina screamed “Wah~! Why is there a snake in my house?!” The brown, adolescent adder was attempting to hide within Roycerus’ ribs, but Michael quickly grabbed it and stared into the serpents bright-blue eyes.

He turned to the frightened Priestess and asked “Isn’t it cute though?” while letting the squirming critter crawl all over his right arm. It was merely an unranked, level-zero animal without even the slightest possibility of harming even those unconscious skeletons.

The angelic cat-girl frowned, then told him “Let it go outside, even if it is kind of adorable, I don’t think it will be able to survive in here. It’s way too cold, especially in the living-room.” Without arguing, the two of them went out the front door and he released the slithering serpent into the relatively tall grass.

Wearing a gray robe, Laura was holding a wooden staff in her left hand, while gazing out towards the eastern horizon. Since the front door was only thirty meters away from the edge of the cliff, Michael and Elina immediately saw her standing there.

It was noon, and a thick mist was floating above the jungle canopy, so it wasn’t possible to see more than a mile away. The angelic cat-girl had a baby mouse-lemur on her left shoulder, as she called out “Mom~! What are you looking at?”

The woman turned around and her daughter was shocked. Even though she was still overweight, it was clearly dramatically reduced since the night before, and more importantly… all of the wrinkles around her eyes, forehead, cheeks and lips were completely gone. Not only that, her slightly graying hair had turned completely black.

Laura smiled and told her “I’m not looking at anything in particular… Just amazed at this view. Since I woke up, I’ve felt at least twenty years younger!” There were obviously no mirrors in the house, so she still hadn’t had the chance to see her own reflection yet.

Michael retorted “That’s definitely cause you are, hahahah~! It figures though, that damn light-bed had a fucking reverse-aging feature…” Elina quickly ran over and hugged her incredibly short mother in a tight embrace, and he muttered “Okay~ then, I’ll leave you kids to your own devices. Hasta luego~!” before utilizing Astral-Step.

Instantly arriving at the peak of the relatively small mountain, he sat down on the grass and quietly said “If ya wanted ta play so badly, ya should’ve reminded me yourself…” The space in front of him suddenly distorted and an overpowering aura saturated the vicinity.

Then, a mysterious, translucent woman appeared before him, whispering “Don’t take Umbra’s words too seriously… Michael. For us, a day is but a fleeting-”

“There’s no point lying to me, ya know? Hell, for someone who can manipulate time so freely, it definitely could pass by in an instant… but if ya did that, ya wouldn’t be able ta stalk me very easily. Besides, this is just one of your avatars, right? Depending on how many of them you have, you could potentially experience thousands of hours, for every second that actually passes. That’s just under normal temporal conditions though… Theoretically, every moment, might seem like an eternity for someone like you.” It was typically considered a very bad idea to contradict a Goddess, but Arcana wasn’t as childish as Lux.

She smiled at him, while murmuring “Indeed… However, you are not taking into account, the concept of compartmentalization. Not all of these avatars are constantly uploading data to our main forms. Of course, even if they were… I am not the same as the others. Hmmm, perhaps I should not reveal this to you so soon…”

Michael asked “Were the other eight Goddesses originally Players that you summoned?” Hearing his guess, the illusory woman nodded slowly.

Arcana whispered “Your deductive reasoning is truly amazing, for someone with such low Intelligence. Although, I suspected that you had been given enough clues already, to make such an assumption.”

“Hehehe~, I’m also pretty sure that you don’t actually need to wait a hundred years to create another one of me. Hell, there are plenty of souls in this world that you could fuck around with, if ya wanted to. Even if there were certain temporal windows that you had to be there for, ya could just keep a huge stockpile… Oi, so that’s how you did it during that huge wave! If you really did have to wait, then you could easily grab a handful of souls, over the course of a fuck-ton of years, and then start the game when you reached a certain amount. Although, the Goddesses were probably more like alpha-testers… Then, there were likely a lot more than eight of them at the start.” The Nephilim continued to amuse the ephemeral woman, by making wild speculation and conjecture.

However, she reinforced his guesses, by stating “Originally, the ‘game’ was far easier, and I foolishly granted one-hundred Humans from your world, an extraordinary amount of power. From my perspective at the time, I did not understand anything about the nature of such beings. In fact, I created this ‘universe’ in accordance with their desires. Before then, there was nothing but the endless void, and myself.

“Those souls were not chosen specifically, as I did not have the means to comprehend humanity. However, I quickly learned… violence, cruelty, hate, despair, love, rage, pain, suffering, happiness; they showed me many great and terrible spectacles before I finally decided that there needed to be rules. Then I obliterated all of them and started over again.”

18 thoughts on “Chapter 121: The Start of a ‘Normal’ Day

  1. Whilst reading this chapter, the only thing I could think of are mechanics.
    Like: “Wait, so if the Goddesses themselves are players, just how much can one freely create things by themselves and completely divorce themselves from the System? Other than creating Magic and Classes, it seems like they can even create the Elements / Affinities themselves. Just how far the rabbit hole goes, and when will the MC finally create something new within the system?”

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    • Not really lol. If I was the owner of this universe, and saw the way that the majority of humans act, I’d probably say “Hmm, this experiment was a obviously a failure.” and then ‘delete’ them all. Then I’d probably try again, but put some limitations on what people are allowed to do lol.


      • After that I would probably be like her and bring in a bunch of other people and let them do the rest of the work rofl. It’s a ‘Sandbox,’ so have fun building and making things, or whatever~ lol. Well, I think Arcana ended up having to do all the ‘real’ work in the end, but that’s beside the point lmfao.


  2. Well that answers one question I had: How did players from so many years ago know of the anime songs Lux hymns were based on? Or about refrigerators and other kitchen appliances? If Arcana could control the passage of time relative to Mike’s original world then this starts to make sense. The other explanation was that time passes at an absurdly higher rate here than it did on Earth/

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. That makes a great deal of sense. It explains why the goddesses (other than arcana) are so divorced from their actual domains. They are people who just took up those roles.

    It also makes me feel a bit sorry for Arcana. She must know that as the only truly eternal being in this existance she will eventually end up alone again. That must suck.

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  4. Awesome chapter, really like hearing about(well reading about) the storys backstory. Oh also does anyone else think michaels way of speaking changed since the begining, or has is stayed the same?

    P.s have a nice pseudo break author.

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